performance art, in permanent pen.

Office Mural 001

This is the wall of my recently redecorated office, after leaving two kids out of sight for a few minutes.  It took them no time at all to discover the furniture touch-up pen I had so cleverly hidden underneath the ledge of the headboard in the picture.  When I walked into the room, they had not only painted the lovely mural pictured above, but also decorated each other’s faces with whiskers and tribal patterns.

(I didn’t take a picture of the faces because I immediately tried to clean them up, since I had no idea how permanent that touch-up pen would be on skin.)

Now I’m thinking of leaving the wall as is.

Ah, kids.  Children, sanity, a neat house: you can only pick two.

Here’s a picture of the actual “office” half of the office.  (The other half contains a nice queen-sized bed, since the office also serves as a guest bedroom for the occasional visitors.)  The table just edging into the frame on the right is a gen-u-wine typewriter table, holding the Olympia SM-9.  Another Olympia (SM-4) is currently pulling decorative duty on the bookshelf.

Office Mural 002

Lifestyles of the not-so-rich-and-famous…


13 thoughts on “performance art, in permanent pen.

  1. T.Stahl says:

    Better still, hang an empty frame on that wall.

  2. Louise Townsend says:

    it looks very much like the walls of the house where my two grandchildren live.
    Their folks have also decided to leave the work on the walls.
    I also like the idea of the empty frame on the wall.

  3. Tam says:

    I see you have an eMac.

    I took your advice and tracked down a 1.25GHz eMac for less than $100 on FleaBay. It has USB 2.0, which my current media machine (a G3/400 iMac SE) does not, which will make my iPod happy…

    • Marko says:

      Hope you got one with a DVD. Mine was advertised as having one, but only came with a CD-ROM…which means I couldn’t install Tiger, which only comes on DVD.

      I had to yank the DVD toaster from my PC, and teach myself eMac Disassembly and Optical Drive Removal 101 on the fly. Put it back together, installed Tiger, and then pulled it apart again to swap the drives back out.

      Once you know what to do, it takes about five minutes from start to finish. The first time takes a wee bit longer.

  4. Chris Byrne says:

    The last time my office was that empty of stuff was when it was constructed.

    Of course the fact that it is my office for my day job, three small businesses, a gunroom, a reloading bench, and my indoor small project and electronics workshop doesn’t help in that…

    My “desk” is actually a 9 foot long, 38″ high 2×4″ welded steel tube table with a 4″ thick laminated butcherblock top, intended for use as a serious workbench.

  5. Breda says:

    I like it.

    How about a wall painted with chalkboard paint?

  6. FrankC says:

    Appears to be a touch of Picasso in that wall masterpiece.
    Definitely deserves framing.

  7. Regolith says:

    I’ve seen worse in art galleries (seriously).

    Cut it out, hang it up in the appropriate spot (a downtown Manhatten gallery, for instance) and you could probably make $500 or so off of it. Call it “outsider art” (which it technically is) and it will be gone in a flash. XD

  8. OrangeNeckInNY says:

    I like it!!!

    Crayola makes a marker that you can write on the walls with and just wipes off, don’t they? NOT that you’d want to wipe away their creativity.

  9. Ken says:

    I think sunscreen will get the marker off the artists.

  10. Jerry says:

    Marko, one of the reasons I read your blog is your parenting comments. As a Grandfather I truly appreciate your perspective and politics as you notate the development of your children.

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