monday search term safari LVIII.

seldom seen kid ipod problem

Here’s one: kids who use their iPods as remote controls for the space shuttle they built from common household items.

viable paradise workshop review

Short review: awesome.  Long(er) review: here.  If you are even thinking about applying, I strongly suggest you get that application packet together for next year.  (The application deadline for this year’s Viable Paradise was a few days ago, so you won’t be able to get into VP XIII.) Viable Paradise would be a bargain at twice the tuition.

alphasmart pretentious

It’s just a tool, and its pretentiousness factor entirely depends on the way you use it.  Walking around with an Alphie under your arm at Worldcon?  You may look a bit pretentious.  Working at the local coffee shop, bent over an Alphasmart, oblivious of your surroundings as you’re typing away furiously? Not so pretentious.

As a general rule, you can tell the fakers regardless of their tool of choice by the wear level of their chosen device.  A pretentious wannabe will have a close-to-pristine laptop or Moleskine, and he/she will spend more time looking like a writer than actually writing.  The actual writer will have a well-worn computer festooned with stickers to hold it together, maybe a few missing or rubbed-off keys on the keyboard, or a Moleskine that’s frayed at the corners.  They’ll also be too absorbed in their work to notice whether anyone’s paying attention to them.

current fbi issue sidearm

That would be the Glock 22 or 23, depending on agent preference.

europe prude nude tv

Heh.  Prude Europe?  They have deodorant commercials that would have the American media watchdog groups howling in horror.  Breasts! Naked bodies! Aiiieeeeeee

The ratio of sex and violence on TV is exactly reversed between Europe and the US.  Americans don’t flinch at seeing graphic headshots on CSI: Punxsutawney, but they’ll pitch a fit to the FCC when they see the barest hint of a naked breast on the same show.  Europeans have no problem with showing sex or nudity, but flinch at overly gratuitous depictions of violence.

.17 hmr carried by air marshal

The only scenario where a .17HMR would be useful to an air marshal would be a sudden influx of chipmunk terrorists trying to take over airplanes.

man fukung old women

The game you’re looking for, my dyslexic friend, is called Bingo.

"model m" "too loud"

Yeah, the Model M makes a bit of a racket at full speed.  That’s the price you pay for that lovely buckling spring goodness.  If your fellow housemates or coworkers complain, threaten to switch to a manual typewriter if they don’t shut up.

are mousetraps with fake bait effective

Yes, the fake bait traps will snap mousey necks just as well as the versions with real bait.

labradoodle overheating

Try sticking a heatsink to your labradoodle.  Use a good amount of thermal paste.  If the heatskink doesn’t cool your labradoodle enough, affix a fan to the top of the heatsink, or consider liquid cooling.

fuck under 14

Yeah, fuck those kids.  I’m right there with you.  All they do is hang out, watch Hannah Montana, listen to the Jonas Brothers, and rack up the cell phone bill all damn day.  Good-for-nothing under-14 crowd.

advantages of longhand

Different strokes for different folks, but here’s what I like about writing longhand:

  • It slows you down and makes you compose your sentences more deliberately, since you can’t just backspace and correct on the fly.
  • It forces a complete revision pass as you type in your handwritten material later.
  • It lets you see your crossed-out corrections, and you get a feel for how the page evolved.  You have the option to go back to an older version of the corrected text, whereas the stuff you deleted on the PC is simply gone.
  • It’s not dependent on electricity, and your writing implements are highly portable.  A pad of paper and a pen beat even a netbook in the weight and bulk department.
  • It’s more enjoyable than composing on a keyboard.  Writing with a good pen on nice paper is a pleasing tactile experience.  Also, having a stack of finished pages on your desk gives you a feeling of accomplishment that you don’t quite get in the same way by doing Word Count on your computer-written document.

Well, that’s the take for this morning.  I’m a bit busy with kids and a house guest, so don’t expect a torrent of blog posts before Wednesday.  Hope everyone had a good Independence Day weekend!



7 thoughts on “monday search term safari LVIII.

  1. MarkHB says:

    Another advantage of long hands is the ease of pressing multiple key combinations such as ctrl-alt-delete one-handed.

  2. Brass says:

    We are flying to Vegas in Aug. to celebrate Chinchilli Day. Maybe I should make sure some of the Air Marshalls are armed with .17HMR.

  3. kneil says:

    I don’t know about Scrivener, but MS Word will happily show you all of you revisions tagged with who made them and when. Although you do have to ask it to remember before hand.

  4. Tam says:

    Europeans have no problem with showing sex or nudity, but flinch at overly gratuitous depictions of violence…

    …or guns. Or capitalism. Or doctors making a profit.

    But we’re catching up! We should be as sophisticated as those Yurpeens in about another ten years; you’ll see! :p

  5. T.Stahl says:

    Europe – Well, I can’t talk for my neighbours, but at least in Germany the TV is anything but prude (though I hear that the show on Italian TV are even, uuh, more interesting). The amount of silicone on display in ordinary afternoon talkshows would be enough to seal dozens of bathrooms, and after midnight all the commercials are about phone sex and whatever else some people might need to spice up their sex life. Some (non-pay-TV-)channels even show soft-porn flicks after midnight.

    On the other hand, movies of the other variety get chopped so bad, it’s hard to recognize them if you’ve seen them in the cinema before. Forget about watching Mad Max, Starship Troopers or any other slightly-more-violent-than-average action movie on German TV. Get the DVD instead.

  6. Dave says:

    .17 hmr carried by air marshal

    No, .17 HMR is carried by TSA after you check in at the airport. Usually for about as long as it takes the agent to list it on Gunbroker.

  7. Sendarius says:


    Try watching free-to-air in Malaysia!

    They showed “Dances with Wolves”, and cut out all the parts with the wolf because (in Islam) dogs are unclean.

    Believe me when I say it didn’t make much sense – I had a work colleague ask me, “Why did they call it Dances with Wolves? There wasn’t a wolf in it.”

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