now with moving pictures.

I’m testing the video upload function and YouTube integration of this here blog thingie, so here’s a short vignette from this morning’s play-related activities in my office. 

(For those not interested in watching two kids playing on a bed, this will not be an item of great and compelling importance.)

Forgive the poor quality—I took the video with my crappy little Kodak, and you may need to crank up the brightness a bit.  Also, the bandwidth constraints of satellite Interwebz forced me to convert the whole thing to a lower quality to keep the file size down.


13 thoughts on “now with moving pictures.

  1. MarkHB says:

    It’s somewhat lumpy, old sossidj-scoffer. I get up to syllable 4, then I hang time ’til the end of time.

    I hope your other viewers have more luck.

  2. Mr Fixit says:

    Video never shows for me. Firefox user, latest version.

    Mr Fixit

  3. casey says:

    Works well – Fedora Linux 9, Firefox 3.0.11, noscript. Bit dark. Great kids.

  4. farmist says:

    Plays fine, but much too dark. Full-screen mode makes it watchable, but still dim. Running XP and Firefox 3.0.11

  5. OrangeNeckInNY says:


  6. T.Stahl says:

    XP, some MIE6.0, no probs.

  7. Tam says:

    Apparently XP/Firefox 3.0.11 has a very robust cuteness pipeline.

  8. Marko says:

    Betcha it’s Firefox 3.5. It runs fine on Vista/Firefox 3.0.11, and OS X 10.4.11/Firefox 3.

  9. Weer'd Beard says:


    Hey do they say any words that have your accent to them? Just curious.

  10. Assrot says:

    Those are some cute kids Marko. This video makes me miss the days when my kids were young.

    I’m on vacation and spending time with two of my grandkids right now. They are growing up too fast. My oldest grandson is 14 and he is almost my size (6′-4″, 285 lbs). My oldest granddaughter is already 11.

    Please take every moment to enjoy your children while you can. They grow up fast and move out in the wink of an eye it seems.


  11. Shootin' Buddy says:

    The Year: 2031
    Scene: Shrink’s office in the ‘burbs

    [Adult male rocking back and forth in overstuffed chair]

    “No, for the hundredth time I don’t know why daddy put the home videos on you tube. Bad daddy, bad.”

  12. Wharf Rat says:

    Cute kids :-). Wish mine listened as well as Lyra…if I told him to leave the potpourri alone, odds are he’d immediately grin at me and stuff a big handful in his mouth…

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