back to work.

The vacation is officially over.

Check out my new novel!  It’s in kit form.



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  1. scotaku says:

    Moleskine? Or equivalent? It doesn’t really matter – it’s what you put into it that counts. Here’s to fair skies and a wind at your back.

    • Marko says:

      It’s a Piccadilly. They’re Moleskine clones at less than half the price. The big one is $5.99 at Borders.

  2. dear acme novel kit co….

    i am in receipt of your deluxe novel kit which is very nice but i regret to inform you that key components are missing.

    i do not mind self-assembly however the key components of muse, motivation, and method are missing, without which i have only a leaky pen, blank book and a blank look. please advise how you will handle this serious oversight on your part.


    • Kristopher says:


      The ACME novel kit does not include software or OS support. Please consult your OS or software vendor for muse acquisition or other tech support.

      If the hardware supplied in the kit fails in any way, please contact us immediately.

      ACME inc.

      • oh. in that case, please expect my timely return of the hardware kit, and promptly exchange it for either your w.e.c. endorsed backpack rocket package (p. 15 of your current catalog), or if that item is not in stock or is also dependent on third-party supplies/support, i will accept the deluxe anvil shown on p. 36 of the same catalog; i trust that at least the anvil can be operated independently as-shipped.

        i am sorry that you feel the need to mislead would-be novelists with your highly-touted novel kit by supplying an inoperable and incomplete package that is guaranteed to disappoint and distress aspiring writers hoping for immediate fame and fortune.

        however i trust that as demonstrated in the many how-to videos featuring mr. coyote, the rocket set or anvil will serve to finally end my misery once and for all and hope that you will be happy then.


  3. Assrot says:

    Is this the one that you shared the first chapter from recently or have you finished another one?

    I’m still looking forward to that novel becoming available. What is the expected date of publication and release for sale?

    Your loyal readers / lurkers are patiently waiting.


    • Marko says:


      I’ve started another one. The assembly part involves using the pen in the picture to draw ink out of the bottle one pen-load at the time, and spreading that ink out in the blank book at the bottom, hopefully ending up with a novel-like text product when the ink is gone.

      The assembly part is a bit tricky and takes a few months.

      The other novel will be on the shelf as soon as Great Big Important Editor decides that he wants to put it under contract, and then puts it into the pipeline at his house. So, not Real Soon(tm). I’ll keep you all posted, though.

      • Assrot says:

        That’s a pretty tricky assembly kit you have there. I prefer a digital voice recorder and then typing my recordings into a computer.

        Although my penmanship is good, I am lazy when it comes to writing. Arthritis in both hands tends to force me into using other means to write.

        I only write and publish research papers so I think my method suffices. I wish I could write fiction however I have found that when something I really love becomes a job, I tend to lose interest.

        If your editor stalls too long or decides not to put your book under contract, you might give some thought to self publishing.

        I’m sure you know more than I do about the publishing field but I know a few former students of mine that have self published at Although it was not their first choice, they seem to be happy with the arrangement there.


  4. Kristopher says:

    Pawnbroker: The anvil is on the way.

    Look to the skies.

  5. CKL says:

    Nice. I love my LAMY fountain pen.

  6. wombatoverlord says:

    Always nice to see someone else who favors fountain pens – you posted this on the same day that I ordered my first new fountain pens in a couple of years (a Pilot Vanishing Point and a few Pilot 78Gs). I’ve never used Lamy ink – what do you think about it?

    I suppose I should also thank you for turning me on to the Piccadilly notebooks – I was annoyed with Moleskine for charging $12 for a pocket size notebook with merely acceptable paper (most of my inks would feather like mad) – and I’ve been using the Piccadillys for a couple months now without any feathering at all. Which reminds me – I should go out and get a couple more today.

  7. MarkHB says:

    An awful lot of the value of a piece of paper is in the method that content is placed on it. It tickles me, though, to play with the mental image of the Big MilSF Opus ramifying down through Mac, Neo, Olympus Typewriter to handwritten text before richocheting off the weave of the paper back into a word-processor.

    It’s a well-travelled novel, that! *grin*

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