two to the body, one to the head…

Another movie on my to-watch list I finally got around to spinning up in iTunes: Collateral.

Hot damn.  Somebody gave Wacky Tommy some excellent lessons on how to properly handle a pistol in general, and the execution of a Mozambique Drill in particular.  He comes across as such a badass in the movie that it almost made me forget about his affliction with midichlorians, or thetans, or whatever the hell Xenu calls it.

Bonus points: running his USP dry after precisely the sixteenth shot, and then doing a right lickety-split reload. Also, carrying a spare mag in a properly placed belt holder in the first place.

That one’s going to have to go on the shelf into the Gun Geek section, right between Way of the Gun and Heat.


24 thoughts on “two to the body, one to the head…

  1. Rumor has it he spent some time at Thunder Ranch to gear up for this film.

  2. Jason says:

    “Way of the Gun”??? Who brings a Galil to a gunfight with no spare magazines, but DOES manage to remember approximately 30x 1911 mags?

    But seriously, WotG was pretty good. Except for that part…

  3. Matt from St Paul says:

    Michael Mann, the director, insists on good gun training for his actors. If you haven’t seen Thief, with Jimmy Cann, I’d highly recommend it. Old school, but great handling.

  4. ChrisB says:

    Tom Cruise has an ability to pick up skills and perform that at a very high level in a short amount of time, his sword work in “Last Samurai” and bottle flipping in “Cocktail” were first rate.

    I wonder if he’s that skilled in spite of being crazy or because of it.

  5. Lissa says:

    I like the pretty header! Is it new, or am I just damn unobservant?

  6. SemperGumby says:

    So I’m the adviser to a tactical shooting club at a military college in Vermont and am looking for movies that exemplify realistic shooting skills and situations for a weekly class I’m going to hold. The goal being to show examples of good weapons handling in a variety of situations with a variety of weapons while still keeping the kids entertained. We can’t afford to bring in big names to train so I figure with limited hands on training and some examples from these movies I can have an effective curriculum set up for the fall. I can also demonstrate what is done wrong.

    Anywho, I’d love to see some ideas from Marko and his followers of what movies fit the description above. My current list is below:

    SWAT, Heat, Blackhawk Down, Proof of Life, Blood Diamond, The Way of the Gun, Generation Kill, The Kingdom, and (now) Collateral.

    Thanks for your help,

    • Tam says:

      Tommy Cruise is a punk:

      • aczarnowski says:

        Watched that before but this was the first time I noticed he’s got a bit of a hollywood setup on his side.

        At 2:09 it’s clear he’s got more than a few bottom shirt buttons undone. No way those guys getting in the limo would’ve missed that grip profile…

  7. SemperGumby says:

    Sorry, wanted to be notified of comments as well.

  8. SemperGumby says:

    Ha, great example of what not to do…

  9. rfortier1796 says:

    SemperGumby, might wanna add Miami Vice (the most recent movie) to the list as well. The movie was a crap fest, yeah, but in true Michael Mann fashion, the gun play was very well done.

  10. SemperGumby says:

    Good call…

  11. Kommander says:

    SemperGumby there is no better film that you could show you students than Band of Brothers. Since it’s a 10 hour mini series showing the whole thing would be pretty hard. If you can I recommend the first two episodes. If you only have an hour I would show just the second one. If your time is measured in minuets the taking of the artillery position in the second episode would be the best pick.

    As far as your current selections the bank shootout in Heat is excellent, Blood Diamond and The Kingdom are OK but not great, and The Way of the Gun is ok for being mostly Hollywood shooting. I don’t remember allot about the movie SWAT but I vaguely recall it being Hollywood as well. Proof of Life is ok for what little shooting there is.

    Collateral is AWSOME except for the fact that Mann flubbed the ending and killed the wrong people. I have not seen Generation Kill however the books is somewhat controversial in that, well to be honest some of the people who were there have said it is simple not an accurate representation of what happened.

    rfortier1796: Minor correction, the most recent Mann movie is Public Enemies which came out a few weeks ago. This is just as well because it’s not going to work as a training film since the jittery handcam makes it FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to see what the fuck is going on.

  12. rfortier1796 says:

    Kommander: Yeah, I know. I was saying the most recent movie as in not the Don Johnson movie. Though supposedly the shooting of the limmo was pretty spot on with the way you should go.

    Gen Kill doesn’t have much action from a “tacticool shoot ’em up” level like Heat or WotG, but it would be apropos for a military college as thier is some pretty good “fighting from military vehicles” action. Also, one episode has a pretty fun scene of some Marines from 1st Recon breaking into a building that some other Marines have secured. Climbing the building, dropping in, clearing the hallways and stacking up/kicking in a door.

    As far as the “not an accurate representation”…I try to stay away from that argument. My understanding is that everyone who said that about the book were the people who the book portrayed in an unfavorable light. However, at the same time, at the end of themost recent edition it goes on to say a number of those that you can tell you were supposed to not “like” ended up doing some pretty amazing and good things later on.

    It is kind of like “Body of Lies”, at least the movie. You can tell you aren’t supposed to like Russel Crowe’s character, but when I walked away from it he was the only one I did like.

  13. off-topic, mw, but since we’re talking entertainment and you twittered this:

    “Oh Em Gee. I just tried a Hot Pocket. Like eating a meatball-scented soggy sock, heated in the microwave.”

    then if you haven’t already, you gotta see this:


  14. George Smith says:

    On another blog (Conservativism with a Heart), Dee blogged about seeing the Valkyrie flick with Tom Cruise. I commented on two things … the important one being that actors should be recognized and rewarded for their screen performances. Otherwise, they don’t exist. Why on Earth we applaud their non-acting personae, I will never know.

    Secondly, I recommended Collateral for the excellent job Cruise was directed to do.


  15. Mr. Bruce says:

    That one’s going to have to go on the shelf into the Gun Geek section, right between Way of the Gun and Heat.

    Your alphabetization…ask your kids.

  16. weer'd Beard says:

    Nobody seems to mention the 2004 Remake of Dawn of the Dead.

    Ok, Zombies aren’t exactly realistic, but the guns used and the gunplay and hadling is all very legit!

  17. Evan Price says:

    This is just a short clip, but you also need to look for an episode of “Miami Vice” called “Hit List” which features Jim Zubiena, an actor who was also an IDPA shooter, performing a truly awesome cold-draw and shoot, ending with a mag drop and show clear. The action beforehand with him shooting up a Caddy with a SPAS-12 was typical Hollyweird crap but the 1911 scene was poetry wrote in John Moses Browning steel.

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