don’t fwoosh me, bro!

“This man is soaked in gasoline and resisting arrest.  Whatever shall I do?  Oh! I know!  I’ll just fire this spark-emitting device at the guy covered in a highly flammable substance.  What could possibly go wrong?”


13 thoughts on “don’t fwoosh me, bro!

  1. Whitebread says:

    I mean, sure, it’s somewhat comical, but really, a Taser would seem to be the best choice. Best case, he goes down immediately and you’re able to get any other ignition sources away from him. Worst case, he’d likely be just as screwed if you’d shot him, anyway.

    • williamthecoroner says:

      Uh, actually the individual is still at risk for dying from this. Having severe third degree burns is not compatible with a normal life span, due to a whole host of things, including shock, dehydration, infection, blood clots. This can last for years. If shot, well, I would think there would be fewer complications, or he dies right away, and not lingers in agony for a while and either lives or dies.

      • Whitebread says:

        Oh, I understand that the burns are bad. My point was that there are two potential outcomes from the use of the taser, but only one from use of a pistol, and the one of the taser outcomes was potentially positive:

        – Taser works, man goes down, no fwoosh. Clean guy up and process him.

        – Taser causes fwoosh, man is grievously injured.

        As opposed to just shooting him, which has the following single outcome:

        – Man is grievously injured.

  2. rick says:

    Ah! You’re one of those LFG readers, aren’t you?

    Don’t fwoosh me, indeed!

  3. dave says:

    For pony!

  4. Sendarius says:

    From what I know of the story, the victim was an habitual drunk and acting stupidly in an open public space, but was not much of a danger to anyone if the tension had been allowed to subside.

    The police knew who he was and where he lived.

    They could have returned the next day to collect him if they really felt that they needed to do so.

    The officers involved should have simply walked away – but that isn’t likely to happen when “authorita” is questioned, is it?

    • Whitebread says:

      Pssst, you disdain for cops is showing.

      He was a drunk running around with a gas can and a lighter. He had already spilled/poured some onto himself and the area around him. Do you think it would have been alright to just say “boys will be boys” and check up on him the next day?

      • Sendarius says:

        You mis-read; that’s disdain for idiocy.

        The police were there on another matter.
        The guy had a “can of gas” – well of COURSE he did, he’s a known petrol-sniffer.
        He had spilled some on himself and the surrounding area – well of COURSE he had, he’s a known petrol-sniffer who is off his face.
        He reacted like a spoiled kid whose mother takes his cream-cake when the police tried to take his “can of gas” – well of COURSE he did, he’s a brain-damaged known petrol-sniffer who is off his face.

        Do you know what he was charged with?
        “Possession of a sniffable substance.”

        I have difficulty believing that is even illegal – heck, I bet the police who arrested him had GALLONS of the exact same stuff in their car at the time.

        Right now I have a full tank of it in MY car, and I bought it in a perfectly legal transaction from a licensed business owner who operates over the road from a police station.

        The situation deteriorated BECAUSE of the police actions – leading to the decision to shock him.

  5. Assrot says:

    Now see? If he’d have just shot the jackass with a 9mm or a 40SW everyone would be much better off.

    When it comes to idjuts like this (not sure who was the idjut, the cop or the kook) I say shoot them all and let God sort them out.

    Stupid is as stupid does. There was a whole lot of stupid on both sides here.

    Flame on.


    • Tam says:

      Moral Of The Story: Once the Po-Po shows up, your mouth will only get you in trouble. If you keep it shut, your lawyer’s mouth can make you a millionaire. Verdict? Smile, nod, and keep your piehole shut. If Johnny Law is dicking up on an epic scale, you can get into the back seat of a squad car with a beatific smile on your face, knowing that in six months you’ll be using this dweeb’s badge for an ashtray.

  6. john b says:

    Tam! A quote…..

    …..I had the right to remain silent!
    I just didn’t have the ability.
    Ron White

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