the first email warning i’ve ever reposted in this spot.

Forwarded to me via email:

If you receive an email with the title "Nude Photo Of Nancy Pelosi", DO NOT OPEN IT !!!

It contains a nude photo of Nancy Pelosi.

It’s possible that this is a hoax, but I figured the risk is just too great.


10 thoughts on “the first email warning i’ve ever reposted in this spot.

  1. julie says:

    saw the warning over at Maggie’s Farm (!.html) – thought it was hilarious.

  2. Jay G. says:


  3. T.Stahl says:

    I guess the German version warns against nudie pics of Angela Merkel. 😉

  4. LisaK says:

    Ewwwww!!! That’s really scary!

  5. Mike says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to warn about a potential virus…

    “If you receive an email titled ‘Nude pics of Nancy Pelosi’ don’t open it! It may contain a virus. Even if it doesn’t, it may contain nude pics of Nancy Pelosi.”

  6. farmist says:

    They don’t even MAKE eyebleach strong enough for that!

  7. OrangeNeckInNY says:

    Worse would be a nudie pic of Michelle Obama. Ugh!

  8. Assrot says:

    You just made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.



  9. Borepatch says:

    Man, that’s some nasty malware right there.

  10. Man that’s just wrong. Either way you look at it…

    Best regards,
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    My Favorite Turkey Outfitter

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