monday search term safari LXI.

public jack-off bar

Eeewww.  Whatever you do in there, don’t order the pale ale. <rimshot>

maj. l. caudill usmc (ret)

He’s my nemesis.  If I were a superhero, he’d be my evil counterpart, but instead of wreaking havoc, he’d run around claiming credit for all the bank robbers I caught, or the cats I plucked out of trees.  His costume would be vaguely militaristic, and it would have a stylized picture of a photocopier on the chest.

alvin york’s rifle

Alvin York did his deeds with an Enfield Model 1917, according to his own diary.

ibm model m swap keycaps

All the letter keycaps on the Model M are the same size, and removable.  Pull them off with two fingers, and swap them around as needed.

alphasmart neo macbook pro infrared

I’m pretty sure the MacBook Pro doesn’t have an IrDA lens.  Infrared has been superseded by Bluetooth a good long while ago—faster, more reliable, and it doesn’t require a line-of-sight between the transmitting devices’ lenses.

how many watts to run a pellet stove

Right around 500 watts at peak load.  If you use the special uranium pellets made from recycled nuclear reactor waste, you actually get 1.21 gigawatts in output in exchange.  (The winters get cold here in the North.)

what its like living with a delorean

Life with a DeLorean as a partner or roomie can get tricky.  The stainless steel chassis hogs a lot of space even in a king-sized bed, and the gullwing doors frequently knock the coffee off the breakfast bar by accident.  Also, DeLoreans call in sick a lot.

munchkin wrangler fountain pen

I have a handful, but my two regular workhorse pens are a Lamy 2000, and a Parker “51”.  I’ve concluded that I like pens that don’t have threads on the section.

how to build up a tolerance to iocane

You’re planning to go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line, aren’t you?

will parker 51 dry out

The fully hooded nib on the “51” makes it rather resistant to drying out, since only the very tip of the nib is exposed to air.  (To a lot of people, a “51” looks like a ballpoint pen.) Of course, any fountain pen will dry up temporarily if you leave it uncapped on your desk for a day or two.

.25 pocket pistol ppk

The Walther PPK never came in .25ACP, only in .22LR, .32ACP, and .380.  Walther made a smaller version of the design called the TPH, which did come chambered in .25ACP (and .22LR.)  I fired a suppressed TPH in .22 once, which was a neat experience.  With one of those, you’d be the most stylishly armed hitman ever, assuming you don’t do hits on anything bigger than a sedated raccoon.

are laptops a bad investment

As investments, laptops are terrible, even worse than Beanie Babies.  They practically lose 50% of their value the moment you break the factory seal on the box.  (Note that very few investment vehicles tout their vast reserves of Dell Inspiron laptops as proof of their financial stability.)


Is Monday! Is time for kulaks to go back to Collective and pluck beets! We must meet our quota for glorious Five-Year-Plan!


11 thoughts on “monday search term safari LXI.

  1. pdb says:

    “maj. l. caudill usmc (ret)”

    One word: Redshirt.

    • Marko says:

      I swear, the MilSF novel I’m writing right now is going to have a Major Caudill in it, and he’s going to die a most horrible death at the hands of the Big Scary Aliens.

  2. Kristopher says:

    Walther also made a Model 9 … looks like a Baby Browning.

  3. OrangeNeckInNY says:

    Wut?? I have a Dell Inspiron. It’s serving me well, well into it’s 5th year of servitude.

    • Marko says:

      But I’ll bet you the purchase price of that Inspiron that it’s no longer worth what you paid for it, much less appreciated in value. 😉

  4. Windy Wilson says:

    Major Caudill ought to be a coward and a wimp (if that is not redundant terminology) before he gets it, IMHO. Use him like Mark Twain used Walter Scott.

    As to Alvin York using an M1917, his son thought he had scrounged an M1903 while in France.
    Where exactly in the diary does it say this? I recall Mr. York saying he did not like the “English rifle”, presumably because it did not cock in the same place on the bolt stroke as the 1903.

  5. Don Gwinn says:

    “munchkin wrangler fountain pen”

    I think that one was me. I’m famous!

  6. Dave Nater says:

    There actually were some prewar .25 caliber Walther PPK pistols. Rare & expensive.

  7. Jake says:

    did you ever come to a resolution with Ted Nugent?

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