a novel approach to embedded content.

News from the publishing front:  Entertainment Weekly to embed video-displaying LCDs in their September issue.


THE SCENE: A horse buggy manufacturer’s office, circa 1909.

HORSE BUGGY EXEC #1:  Those new-fangled motor-cars are getting dreadfully popular these days.  Fewer and fewer people buy our solid and proven technology, and everyone is spending their money on those new contraptions instead.  Let’s have some ideas here, gentlemen.

EXEC #2:  Well, we can emulate the motor-car experience, can’t we?

EXEC #1: I’m listening.

EXEC #2:  We could put one of those combustion engines into our horse buggies.  You know, to give them the same sounds and smells.

EXEC #1:  Too expensive.  One of those things costs more than our least expensive buggies.  We might as well start building motor-cars ourselves.

EXEC #3:  How about putting a horn on the buggies?  Those motor-car drivers seem to be awfully fond of theirs.

EXEC #1:  I like it.  I really do.

EXEC #4:  Ooh! And maybe put a phonograph under the seat bench!  With a record that plays…

EXEC #1:  …motor sounds!  Brilliant!

(smiles and nods all around)

EXEC #1: Make it so, then.  That should show our customers that we are boldly embracing the Twentieth Century!


<sigh> The American publishing industry…so close, and yet so far.  Shackling video content to dead tree, with all the distribution and device costs attached thereto…


6 thoughts on “a novel approach to embedded content.

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I may have to look for this issue with one of these gadgets in it and play with it. Toss the rag and see how the little screen can be hacked and see what I can do with it!

  2. Don Gwinn says:

    You lie. Captain Picard would never do such a thing!

  3. MarkHB says:

    Too bad there’s no way to have some kind of hand-held text and video device which could receive new content over some form of ad-hoc wireless network.

    Sent from my iPhone.

  4. Kevin S says:

    I thought it sounded kinda cool – reminded me of an episode of Firefly where the “English” bad guy holds up a wanted poster that’s moving…

  5. MarkHB says:


    Couldn’t agree more… except that it’s meant to be thrown away. Whereas Badger’s flimsy was probably a good few years old. Hell, being honest for the sake of a few sovs and a subscription fee, I would buy One Copy of the flexible, digital New Scientist. It would go with my One Copy of The Independant, and One Copy of SFX. Your titles may vary, but you get the idea; for that kind of proprietary, I wouldn’t actually mind. Nor would a lot of people, to be honest; it would be smarter to have One Flimsy for them all, but…. screw it.

    Marko, can you please pick me up a few copies of that, I’ve got some experiments I want to run with the screens – especially if they’re flexible. Two mags = 1 pair VR gogs 😉

  6. Ken says:

    Wizard-world photography a la Harry Potter.

    Also, a squirrel seems to have got into your banner.

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