labor day 2009.

Kids and fleaBay 001

We’re having snacks on the screened-in porch.  What are you up to on this fine day?


16 thoughts on “labor day 2009.

  1. Mike says:

    Sitting here hoping my back will quit hurting so I can go back to work tomorrow.

    Looks like a good time over there at Casa Munchkin.

  2. T.Stahl says:

    Uh, writing applications, arranging an appointment at an MD, posting on my blog, posting on blogs I believed to be dead, nothing too serious.

  3. MarkHB says:

    Working, Vehicular Homicide Lessons, cramming for silly tests. Also just had a lovely, crunchy, squishy TF2 session with a gooey liquid centre.

  4. Doing a ‘lil tune up on Mrs. DT’s Rav.
    Shootin’ a bit.
    Foolin’ around in the garage (always a pleasure 8^).

    BTW, you shouldn’t store/use a propane cylinder inside the house, or porch, as the case may be…

  5. Jen says:

    Caring for 4 year old with the flu, husband who must work tonight, and dogs who decided to put holes in each other. I am about to have a drink.

  6. Louise Townsend says:

    We dipped (stained) 100 square feet of cedar shingles, cut, split and stacked another 1/2 cord of wood.
    We now have a little over 2 cords of wood to enjoy in our new fireplace in our new home.
    Shingles however have a long, long way to go.
    Then we’ll have the pleasure of attaching them to the exterior of our house before snow flies.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Snow flies….hmmm. Snow flies.

      The crisp, cold air rang with the crystal-sharp buzzing of millions of tiny wings…

      • Louise Townsend says:

        that was brilliant!
        If that is not the correct way to spell it, what is pray tell?
        Hippie Please!
        loved the pic of the kids on the porch….
        way cute.

  7. paulcr39 says:

    Primed our bedroom while 15 month old twins had a long nap in late AM. Then followed my far better half to Pep-Boys to get oil changed in her SUV. While that was going on we stopped by Grandma’s house so the twins could hang w/G-Ma. Took MFBH back to Pep-Boys and left her alone so twins and Papa can have a few hours together. Twins and I split a banana and played with giant Legos. MFBH cleaned off the clearance rack at Target of 2T, 3T, & 4T girls apparel. Most expensive item- – – $2.00! After she came home I washed and waxed her SUV. Life is grand!

  8. Jay G. says:

    I bought ammo!


  9. Windy Wilson says:

    Saturday I cleared the garage so I could park the car as well as the truck, Sunday I recovered, mostly, and Monday I worked on converting an old hand truck so it could carry my air compressor and 50 foot hose without breaking. That’ll be finished when I get the correct length bolts from the hardware store.
    A productive, if fatiguing, weekend.

  10. Kristopher says:

    Spent the rainy part of the weekend playing Perfect World … a Bejing based rip-off of WoW … actually very good, and very Asian. And free as well ( you can buy neat gear small amounts of real money, and sell real money token in the AH … so gold spammers are pretty much short-circuited out of the game. Strange, but it works. )

    Once the weather cleared, I was roaring about on my ( new to me ) naked ‘wing.

  11. I’ve been working, of course. Las Vegas is a 24/7/365 kinda town.

    YOU all look like you had fun!

  12. jimbob86 says:

    Cleaned house for Daughters’ B-day party/gathering…… interrupted by a Rescue Call ….. returned just in time for the party, where BILs and Nephew hatched a plot to March on Washington on 9/12 …….. 21 hour drive but we’ll make it!

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