monday search term safari LXVIII.

.40 s&w disadvantages

.40 S&W has a pretty snappy recoil, and tends to be hard on guns—both due to the fact that it’s a high-pressure cartridge, and popular in compact and subcompact flyweight pistols.  It also has a tendency for bullet setback, and it’s 50% more expensive than 9mm for a 10% performance increase.  On the plus side, it’s a reasonably fat, reasonably heavy bullet moving at reasonable speeds, and it manages to incorporate many of the advantages of the 10mm Auto in a smaller case.

advantages stories written in present tense

A story written in present tense can make the narrative feel more immediate, which is why those Pick-Your-Own-Adventure novels are almost all written that way.  It’s hard to do well outside of a Pick-Your-Own-Adventure, and some people absolutely hate present-tense narrative (especially when coupled with first-person perspective.)  In fact, if you set up a poll for Most Hated Tense/Perspective combination, First Person/Present Tense would probably be the undisputed winner by a wide margin.

lautenberg amendment retroactive

Yes, the provisions of the Lautenberg Amendment are retroactive.  Anyone with a domestic violence misdemeanor conviction cannot legally own a gun, even if that conviction was in 1982 for getting into it with your brother on the front lawn after Thanksgiving dinner. 

can a 4 year old have a toy gun

Whether you let them have one or not, they can make their own out of everyday objects if they want to, so preschooler gun control is generally ineffective.  Even if you take anything gun-shaped away from them, they’ll make pretend guns out of non-gun-shaped objects…or just use their thumbs and forefingers.

irish penance or irish pennants

It’s “Irish Pennants”, and it refers to the ends of threads sticking out from clothing.  When you’re Irish Pennanting your ball cap, you’re plucking off all the loose threads to make it look neat again.

"ibm model m space saver" windows driver

Model M keyboards don’t need a special driver to work in Windows.  If you plug them into the PS/2 keyboard port, they’ll work as a standard PS/2 keyboard.  If you use a PS/2-to-USB dongle, they’ll work as a standard USB keyboard.

why love new hampshire

No income tax, no sales tax, very low crime, generally libertarian mindset with a culture of self-sufficiency and small government, beautiful scenery, proximity to mountains and ocean, clearly defined seasons…the list goes on.  Your mileage may vary, of course.  Not everybody values these attributes, which is OK, because otherwise everybody would want to live here.

(Also, NH has the best license plate motto: “Live Free Or Die”.  I always imagine it as a command, spoken in Clint Eastwood’s voice.)

i want to be on marko kloos’s monday search

Congratulations!  You made the MSTS!  How does it feel to have made the Big Time?  Will you share your identity with the audience?  I’m sad to inform you there aren’t any fabulous cash prizes attached to your win, but you may get a backlink to your blog or personal site out of it.

best writers keyboard

“Best” is always subjective.  That said, writers need sturdy keyboards that don’t feel like a box of stale marshmallow Peeps under the fingers, and the IBM Model M seems to enjoy unbroken popularity with the “Type Hard” crowd.  I know for a fact that Elizabeth Bear swears by her Model M, and she’s the only person I know who’s worn out two or three of the nearly indestructible things.  (She types a lot.)


That’s all I have for the moment.  Now I get to pack up the kids and head out to get the Tactical Munchkin Mover (a.k.a. “Battlestar Galactica”) serviced, and you get to do whatever it is you’re trying to avoid by reading blogs on this fine Monday morning…


15 thoughts on “monday search term safari LXVIII.

  1. Tam says:

    It’s “Irish Pennants”, and it refers to the ends of threads sticking out from clothing.

    Right. “Irish Penance” is the morning after too much Bushmills.

  2. perlhaqr says:

    she’s the only person I know who’s worn out two or three of the nearly indestructible things. (She types a lot.)

    Jesus. I’m a professional software developer, and I’ve been using the same Model M for roughly the last 10 years. I practically live on the internet. I can’t imagine how she’s worn three of them out. (Or still had fingers left to type with…)

    • perlhaqr says:

      As for .40 s&w disadvantages, I’d probably put “has the same space penalty over 9mm that 10mm does, without the subsequent advantage of kicking so much more ass”.

  3. Reuben says:

    Ok, first off a disclaimer. I am not a big fan of .40, but since the onset of the great ammo shortage of ’09 it has been much easier to find than 9mm or .45 and cheaper too.

    But not as enjoyable to shoot however. Entirely too flippy.

  4. Glamdring says:

    The 40 also gives you 38-40 ballistics in a ugly but tough glock if you want/need it, say for a modern cowboy.

  5. Jamie says:

    Marko –

    I admit it, I googled the “I want to be on Marko Kloos’s Monday Search.”

    You can shoot me an email at if you wanna cross-reference IP or location, etc.

  6. Rob says:

    Toy guns are a fun outlet – not just for kids, but any adult. More than likely, people play with toy guns because they are not violent and have no interest in harming anyone with the real thing.

  7. Sigivald says:

    Third person, Future tense?

    I don’t know if anyone’s ever successfully done it, but I’m cringing just thinking about it.

  8. jbrock says:

    Re ‘Irish pennants’, while on active duty I occasionally gave myself a subdued giggle over the idea of protesting the term for its obvious ethnic insensitivity.

    I had better sense than to actually try it.

  9. totwtytr says:

    I hate present tense narrative, especially when it’s done on TV news. I know it’s supposed to be more dramatic than plain old past tense narrative, but I prefer facts over drama in my TV news. Which is why I don’t watch much TV news any more.

    I like 9mm because I have better control when I shoot it. Which means that I hit more of what I am aiming at. Which is the first thing you need to do in order to be an effective shooter.

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