reposting an endorsement.

We usually only rally the Intertubes troops and point out company names when something goes Horribly Wrong, so it’s nice to read a positive customer service experience by Stingray over at Atomic Nerds.

I’m pretty impressed by that account, and I’ll look up C.M.M.G. when I get my next Evil Black Rifle.  If you’re in the market for an AR-15, or an upper or parts for one, I’d suggest you do the same.  Prompt, courteous customer service that goes Above and Beyond deserves some good P.R. and lots of business.  There are plenty of companies who will take your money without the “prompt and courteous” component to their customer service, so let’s patronize the ones that don’t think their customers are merely a necessary nuisance. 


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  1. Al T. says:

    Good to hear. I have several uppers and they are working great.

  2. jimbob86 says:

    I was in the market until my DC adventure and a handgun purchase wiped out the discretionary fundage……..

    I like the prices! How long are the waits and what is the quality? You generally have 3 variables: cost, quality and timely availability. Cost is low, so is quality good and I have to wait 6 months? I could live with that.

  3. Stingray says:

    Jim: The wait I ran into was about half of what they said to expect. It was two weeks and one day from placing the order to having it in my hot little hands (and I ordered on a Sunday).

    Your mileage may vary of course depending on work load, but since they said to expect it to ship in 4-5 weeks, 14 days blew my hair back nicely. Quality so far seems great. It hasn’t been to the range yet, but aside from the front sight hiccup, I don’t see anything alarming.

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  5. I’ve really liked my CMMG upper as well. Great gun and built exactly how I wanted it.

  6. rfortier1796 says:

    I’ve heard nothing but good from CMMG, and I’m building most of my rifle around them. The lower is Anvil Arms, gonna do a CMMG 14.7in upper and CMMG parts kits, and only because I’m tacticool I’ll get Magpul furniture (unless I can manage to scrunch together $300 for a PRI front end). CMMG was always a good look becuase of the prices (not quite $600 for a 1:7 twist, chrome lined, 5.56 chamber), and good customer service is the last bit I need to push me to order from them.

  7. perlhaqr says:

    14.7? Jesus.

    I presume you have to register that as a DD?

  8. Isaiah Kellogg says:

    CMMG is a Missouri company, and they have been active in gun rights legislation locally. Good business practices, good products and decent prices, and legislative activism. Good company.

    If I remember correctly, they are largely responsible for getting suppressors legalized in Missouri.

  9. jimbob86 says:

    I am busted for cash at the moment, but I shall pass the good word.

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