monday search term safari LXIX.

make your own munchkin

You take a prospective Mommy and Daddy, a box of Franzia merlot, and a stack of steamy DVDs, and combine all those ingredients in a bedroom on a cold and rainy Saturday night.

what is collective right

Something that doesn’t exist, except in the minds of statist booger-eaters who want to ignore certain articles in the Bill of Rights by making them dependent on (government-controlled) group membership.  If your right to bear arms is satisfied by having the National Guard around, then your right to free speech ought to be satisfied by the existence of a government-run newspaper, and your right to free exercise of religion by the existence of military chaplains.

future fanny pack

In the future, fanny packs will almost certainly be made from advanced materials, and have built-in electronic gadgets.  They’ll also still be considered fashion faux pas.

she is 17 in a porn

If she’s 17 in a porno, she’s underage, and anyone downloading or distributing that particular thespian effort would be dabbling in child porn.  A child porn conviction may be a slight disadvantage when looking for work or renting a place to live later on in life.

beretta 93fs for sale

Good luck with that.  There are fewer transferable Beretta 93Rs in this country than there are politicians with a grasp on economics.  I’m going to assume that you mistyped, and are really looking for a Beretta 92FS, a model that is pretty thick on the ground.

german beer with coke is called a

…”Drecksack”, which translates to “dirtbag” (because of the dirty appearance of the beer foam).

asset forfeiture abuse stories

Just Google “asset forfeiture abuse” to get a good idea of why it’s not so terribly great for liberty if you give police agencies a financial incentive to seize property on the mere suspicion of drug-related activities.

day care is to expensive

Well, how much would you charge per hour to take care of a pack of kids that aren’t your own, with all the attendant safety requirements and liability issues?

Ooh, I know! We can just pass a law that requires the government to provide day care for every child above the age of two, like they have in all those enlightened European countries like Germany!  That way, child care will be free! </economicsfail>

apache chopper drawing

There’s a drawing to win an Apache?  Where?  That would be just the ticket for a quick dash into town, providing I can find a way to rig kiddie seats onto the thing.  (Maybe on top of the stubby little wings?)


That’s the take for this week, imaginary Intertubes pals.  Tune in again next week for another trip through my blog’s Stats page!  Now back to work with you, kulaks!


4 thoughts on “monday search term safari LXIX.

  1. Kirk says:

    I think you could get away with kiddie slings under each weapons pylon.

    This just begs of a photoshop moment…

  2. Firehand says:

    Son said that in Germany there’s a type of beer commonly drunk mixed with Coke, called it ‘colawiesen’, assuming I have the spelling right.

    Said it wasn’t bad at all.

  3. Desertrat says:

    Daycare? In 1965, my gross salary was $517 per month. My wife was in college, and my son was in a day-care center at $20 per week. Rent was $80/month, two blocks from the UTex campus in a nice 2BR apartment.

    Life was affordable…


  4. Windy Wilson says:

    I thought beer and Coca Cola was a Schwarzenegger, or is that an Austrian logism?

    As for 17 in porn, who was that porn actress about 20 years ago who much to her distributors’ surprise turned 18 after making films for them for three years? Tracy Lords?

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