you go, girl.

BBC brings us the heart-warming story of Rukhsana Kauser, a teenage girl living in Kashmir.  When militants came to her house to force her into marriage with their leader, and started beating her parents, Rukhsana and her brother basically uttered the local version of “Oh no, you di’nt”.  The girl disarmed one of the militants, grabbed his AK-47, and shot the militant commander dead.

Once again we see that a “no” tends to be far more effective against rapists, thieves, and other freelance thugs when it is spoken over the sights of a firearm.

I’ve long held the opinion that if NOW really and truly cared about empowerment, they’d include a .38 with every membership package, along with coupons for gun handling and shooting lessons.  You can’t be free and equal unless you have the tools at hand to cancel out any physical force used against you.  (That’s why gun control is a fool’s errand, by the way—even if you could magically transport all the world’s guns into the heart of the sun, you’d still have force disparity.  A 200-pound man usually doesn’t need a gun to subjugate and dominate a 120-pound woman.)

You want to stop the rapes in Darfur? Send in the Green Berets with planeloads of rifles, and have them teach the women how to use them.


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  1. Eric says:

    Reminds me of The Fifth Element – “Anybody else want to negotiate?” Kudos for capping the leader, a smart move in any self-defense situation.

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  4. aczarnowski says:

    I was not the most popular person at the party (of dark blue urbanites) when I mentioned a way to address Darfur’s problems was to drop AKs and ammo near the refugee camps by the C130 load. Dropping special forces next to them to setup the ranges and training schedules is a nice addition to the aid package Marko.

    “Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill ’em right back! … You got the right same as anyone to live and try to kill people.” –Captain Mal

  5. mikeb302000 says:

    Talk about a fool’s errand, let’s try to encourage women to arm themselves.

    Except for some exceptions, it’s only men, with that special combination of testosterone, insecurity and paranoia, who tend to arm up. You know the type.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      So what kind of self-defense measures do you suggest and endorse for women who are being pestered by those testosterone-fueled, insecure, and paranoid men?

      How could the young woman have handled the situation more constructively?

        • Kristopher says:

          Yep … check out Linoge’s blog. This troll spends a bunch of time pimping socialism and victim disarmament there as well.

          I wonder if we can get him to advocate child rape and kiddie-sex slavery? It seems to be the in thing with the Dems right now.

        • Linoge says:

          I wonder if we can get him to advocate child rape and kiddie-sex slavery?

          Well, by his very own “logic” (gun owners are responsible for “gun crime”), he is directly responsible for kiddie porn (he owns both a camera and a computer), so such an admission would not greatly surprise me…

          Honestly, though, he does not hang out around my corner of the ‘verse that much… I just like showing his bigotry for what it is periodically. You will want to check out 3 Boxes of BS or SiH for what passes as “interaction” with the woman with the earrings.

        • Bob S. says:


          Not quite advocating child rape but darn close.

          September 30th, 2009 at 8:28 AM edit

          I don’t think people are defending him, Bob. I think they’re saying there’s a difference between this, as bad as it is, and say, raping a 7-year-old. That’s all. Don’t you think doing it to a pre-pubescent child would be worse? Or, aren’t you able to think about that? Is it too icky for you, Bob? Are you having too many feelings to even consider such nonsense?

      • mikeb302000 says:

        Yes, Marco, those are tough situations. And in specific instances I applaud the use of guns, especially when it’s a woman protecting herself. But, my idea is that generally, guns do more harm than good.

        • Linoge says:

          So you do not want women to arm themselves, and you do not want concerned males to encourage them to arm themselves, but you have no problems with women protecting themselves… with firearms.

          Amazingly, you do not see the logical incongruity in those statements…

    • perlhaqr says:

      Ah, you’re one of those “If the women are armed, I can’t abuse them with impunity any more” types. I had been wondering what your particular angle was.

      • crankylitprof says:

        Everyone knows the standard Lib playbook is to lay back and take it — don’t fight, just give him what he wants — and hoe that he doesn’t kill you after he’s busted his nut.

        effective self-defense is so passe’.

    • Matt says:

      Well, apparently these men had the special combination of testoserone, insecurity and paranoia to force their will on this woman and they were armed.

      Fits the stereotype so far.

      What isn’t fitting your stereotype is the part where her gun was supposed to be taken from her and used against her. Oh wait, she took THEIR gun and parked a round between the man’s running lights.

      Doesn’t fit the gun control narrative now, does it?

      It seems this woman arming herself did wonders for her safety and that of her family. The additional 7.62x39mm added to her stature seemed to have made all the difference in the world, wouldn’t you say?

      You confuse encouragement with choice. When women have the choice to arm themselves, they can be made equal in case of physical force disparity. Lacking that choice, you get the situation described here usually without the positive outcome of one less victimized woman in the world.

      What a strange world you live in.

    • Linoge says:

      Talk about a fool’s errand, let’s try to encourage women to arm themselves.

      Yup, becuase that turned out so poorly in this particular situation. I have to admit, your continued denial of obvious reality is getting more and more ludicrous at every possible opportunity…

      Of course, that rampant denial is matched in growth by your stereotyping and bigotry… But, then again, incessant logical fallacies are exactly what we have come to expect from you, oh woman with the earrings.

      • mikeb302000 says:

        Yes Linoge, in this particular situation it turned out brilliantly. Of course we don’t know what happened next. But I’m all for someone protecting herself. I just question if the general proliferation of guns that you propose would work in the long run.

        • Linoge says:


          You would just as soon see all women disarmed so they can be easier targets for rapists.

          You would just as soon see all people disarmed so they can be easier targets for any criminals.

          You would just as soon create a world where the bigger person gets what he wants, and the smaller person just has to roll over and take it.

          You are the motherfrakking epitome of the “liberal” mindset of “just give them what they want and they will go away”.

          So try not to insult all of us by lying about your intentions, Mikey. You do not want anyone to be able to protect themselves – be honest, and this conversation will proceed much more easily.

    • Acksiom says:

      Congratulations. Your bigoted male-bashing just lost you any possible chance you ever had of convincing me of the validity of your POV.


  6. MarkHB says:

    I love happy endings.

  7. B Woodman says:

    Oh, Lord, here we go again. The troll mikeb leaves behind another ignorent mess that he expects everyone to take as gospel truth.

    mike b, WHY is it a fool’s errand to encourage women to arm themselves? I would think that any real man that loves the women in his life (wife, daughter, mother, aunt, etc) would encourage them to learn to arm themselves. If for nothing else, then out of sheer laziness, so that the big testosterone-laden man, doesn’t have to be everywhere & do everything all by himself. (snark off).

    Tell me, mikeb, how far back does your ancestry go back in North America? Or are you a recent immigrant? Many an pioneer’s ancestors, both men and women, needed to take up arms in self-defense while settling whatever wild and hostile frontier they were in.

    And pray tell and educate me, if you’re up to the task, what is that “special combination of testosterone, insecurity and paranoia” that make all but the exceptional man, tend to arm up? And how to I tell these two different breeds of man apart without a strip search warrent?

    I would think that the armed man is NOT paranoid and insecure, because he has his weapon (whatever it is) with him, and is secure in his ability to handle almost any threat against him.

    B Woodman
    SSG (Ret) US Army

  8. Shootin' Buddy says:

    “Talk about a fool’s errand, let’s try to encourage women to arm themselves.”

    Hmmm, so, women should be passive, submissive and helpless just as the Taliban say?

    Fortunately we do not have to “encourage” women to arm themselves as it is their right to arm themselves.

    Do you discount the rights of women?

    What other rights should women not exercise? Right to contract? Right to vote? Right to travel? We should not teach women to read or drive, right?

  9. DirtCrashr says:

    Women shooters are one of the fastest growing groups, they don’t need men to encourage or train them – so the TrollB302000 is the Fool, and wrong again as usual.

  10. RevolverRob says:

    My favorite thing to do, is teach women to shoot.

    Nothing is more satisfying than teaching someone who thought they were helpless, to defend themselves against attack by potentially bigger and stronger attackers.

    Nothing is more gratifying than having someone thank you, for giving them the ability to empower themselves and take control of their fear.

    I don’t arm women with guns, I arm them with the knowledge, ability, and choice, to use them….


  11. Windy Wilson says:

    A woman I met on a Sierra Club outing, of all places, said in reference to a friend who took her shooting (Pistols, I believe), that she found it empowering.
    This shouldn’t be surprising. As a slightly different example, it is one thing to put a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, but you really get confidence you can handle a small fire if you take a half day class in which you get to spray small trays of fire with fire extinguishers under the tutelage of firemen.

    • Linoge says:

      There are not many things more empowering and confidence-building than realizing that you can effectively and efficiently face threats, counter them, and over come them, whether that threat is a scumbag on the street looking to score, or a spontaneous blow-out at 90 on 95. And, as most people with functioning brains realize, confidence is a force-multiplier in and of itself.

    • Tam says:

      As a slightly different example, it is one thing to put a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, but you really get confidence you can handle a small fire if you take a half day class in which you get to spray small trays of fire with fire extinguishers under the tutelage of firemen.

      Damn skippy. When I worked at a corporate flight department, we had to get certified with the fire extinguishers; I went from vaguely knowing how one works to being confident I could use one to make any reasonably-sized fire my bitch. 😉

      The training came in handy years later when we had a range fire at the indoor range. 🙂

  12. john b says:

    well I don’t know that I can blame the local Taliban boss for his exceptionally good taste. I feel like offering her marriage myself.

    I wonder what she could do with a REAL gun?

  13. theflatwhite says:

    Hardware, training, tactics, mindset: this girl started out with just the last one and yet prevailed.

    Thanks to Ms. Kauser for making the world a better place.

    • Windy Wilson says:

      There was an element of luck, too. Had Mr. Taliban not practiced unsafe gun handling, she might not have been able to correct his thinking before one of his minions shot her.
      She was very lucky he did not have the safety engaged, as happened in 1979 when terrorists took over the OPEC offices in Vienna. There man was able to get the weapon away from a terrorist, but was unable to figure out how to actually make it fire, and was thereafter killed.

  14. john b says:

    Okay she’s 18, not marriage material to my taste. Could I still send her a rifle, and perhaps be considered her Godfather?

  15. Ross says:

    In 2001 the Dalai Lama was speaking at an educational summit in Portland, Oregon, when he was asked by a girl as to how she should react when a shooter takes aim at a classmate.

    His replay was; “If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.”

  16. larry weeks says:

    Babes With Bullets action shooting camps have taught hundreds of women to shoot and introduced them to action pistol shooting at the same time. Many of the campers talk about how empowered they feel afterwards. They’re going to have some segments on later on this year. Have your wives and girlfriends watch. They don’t get into self-defense, just stress having fun with guns. Good bunch.

    • aczarnowski says:

      100% agree. Highly recommended, and cheap for the quality of instruction and way the events are setup. My wife had a great time at the 2008 Phoenix event.

  17. deadcenter says:

    Oh to be a fly on the wall when that dead commander arrives in heaven and asks for his 72 virgins….

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