on global warmenings.

I’m probably the last person on these Interwebz to link to this, but LabRat at Atomic Nerds has a fabulous post up on the subject of environmentalism, Global Warming Climate Change, and all that good stuff.

Science starts with a question and tries to find the answer.  Dogma starts with an answer, and then tries to find the right questions to match.  I’ve always held the opinion that if you have a dogma, then you have a religion, and a lot of the far-out environmentalist attitudes look, feel, smell, and sound like religion, not science.

Is the planet getting warmer? Yes.  Did human activity play a role in that warming?  Possibly.  Is there anything effective we can do about it that won’t wreck global economy, cause strife on a scale not seen in human history, and toss us all back to 13th century subsistence agriculture? Not likely.  Should we keep fishing our oceans empty and planting so much grain for fuel and cow chow and cornflakes that the runoff turns our coastal zones into giant bowls of algae jelly? Probably not.  Is it important to live a sustainable lifestyle as a society?  Absolutely.

As someone who is neither in the “ZOMG Globul Warminz are a hoax!!11!” nor in the “Weesa Gonna DIE!/Let’s All Move Back Into Caves To Make Gaia Happy” camps, I’ve long tried to condense my thoughts on the issue into essay length, but LabRat is a certified scientist-type, and she says it much better than I could have managed. 

Go and read; you’ll be glad you did.


7 thoughts on “on global warmenings.

  1. pdb says:

    Is the planet getting warmer? Yes.

    You know, I’m not buying that. It’s kind of hard for the scientific process to function properly when the surest way to lose your funding and get ostracized by your peers is to challenge the politically favored hypothesis. Given the absolutely amazing levels of model fudging, number massaging, data-set mashups and other ridiculousness that, amazingly, all point in the same lockstep direction, I think it’s a safer bet that we have no frickin’ clue what the planet is doing.

    I mean, a bunch of organizations who depend on gov’t for their budgets unanimously concur that gov’t should be in charge of everything climate related? Shocking!

    The more algore’s acolytes hysterically demand to burn the heretics, the more I’m reminded of Lysenkoism.

  2. MarkHB says:

    Definately getting warmer around here. There hasn’t been snow in winter in Berkshire for the last 10 years or so, when previously it was reliably deep and crisp and even. So yeah, the planet is getting warmer. Do we know why? Nope. But if we’re going to get a grip on these things we need to be solid on the data.

  3. Rusty P Bucket says:

    It’s the sun, stupid. Other planets are recording record warm temps accordig to NASA.

    If some idiot thinks he can save the world by recycling his pop cans and buying tax credits from Fat Al Gore I suppose there is no harm in it.

    I think you young ones will get bit on the arse by gloabal over population before you drown in melting polar caps myself.

  4. PlanetCaveman says:

    Hippies have been destroying things for thousands of years, smelly hippies were the ones that put Thulsa Doom in power.

    I say we cook and eat hippies.

  5. Kristopher says:

    Don’t eat them … turn them into biodiesel.

    80 gallons per metric ton.

  6. Isaiah Kellogg says:

    As a scientist, researching fuel cells, I have to mention global warming every time I write a paper, or I don’t get published. I have to call upon the spectre of global warming if I write a grant proposal. And if I want other scientists at conferences to take me seriously, I have to pretend to believe in it when they talk about it.

    The reason that most scientists believe in global warming is that they will be fired if they don’t. Kinda hard for a university or research department to stay afloat if none of its scientists can get money from the government, now that the government is the primary source of “science” funding.

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