“dachshund” is german for “roomba”.


I call this composition “Hope Springs Eternal”. (Alternately: “Gravity, Do Your Thing!”)


7 thoughts on ““dachshund” is german for “roomba”.

  1. Chang says:

    Isn’t that cannibalism?

  2. Less says:

    Where is the curry?

  3. Marko Kloos says:

    No curry tonight. The sausage was a component of the cassoulet I put together earlier. With some luck, it may even turn out edible.

  4. Gabe says:

    Another possible title: “WANT.”

  5. joated says:

    You’ve got what, four, five of the wiener dogs? A little team work and they might succeed in reaching the top of that counter.

  6. Chris says:

    Ooh, cassoulet. I made one of those a few years ago. It took the entire day, but the results were worth it.

  7. O Bloody Hell says:

    “dachshund” is german for “roomba”.

    I’d say it’s more of a “woofba”, and I don’t think that’s a matter of breed. You can train a dog to not play “food-vacuum” but you have to actually do it. Most people won’t exercise the needed restraint (hard enough to get some peeps to do it at the dinner table, much less the kitchen area).

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