overheard at the breakfast table.

Me: “Lyra is at the Far Side Golden Retriever stage when it comes to language comprehension. She understands a lot, but much of what we’re saying is just ‘blah-blah’ to her.”

Robin: “Much of what we’re saying is going to be ‘blah-blah’ to them until they’re about thirty, honey.”


4 thoughts on “overheard at the breakfast table.

  1. joated says:


    Robin is soooo right! Especially when speaking about your daughter.

  2. Kristopher says:

    It’s amazing how smart your parents suddenly become once you hit your late 20’s …

  3. Jay G. says:

    It’s true. It’s all true…

  4. Louise Townsend says:

    still laughing!
    Oh so right she is!

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