monday search term safari LXXIV.

finding subliminal messages rattatouille

I know there are people who go through animated movies frame by frame to find objectionable content, like a cloud of dust that briefly, maybe, possibly (if you squint really hard) spells out the word SEX, the spotting of which for 1/100th of a second will surely turn our kids into prostitutes and adulterers.

The only messages I got out of Ratatouille were these: 1.) Pixar rocks. 2.) Anyone can cook. 3.) Garbage is a sub-optimal dietary choice.

there is no such thing as states rights

No, there isn’t. States have powers, not rights.  People have rights, groups don’t. (States have delegated powers that can be revoked by the citizens.)

does alphasmart work through usb

Yes, the Alphasmart works as a USB keyboard, and transfers its data to the host PC through a standard USB cable.

comfortable shoulder holster glock19

My favorite is the Galco Jackass, which has wide shoulder straps that aren’t a bother even after wearing the rig with a two-pound pistol in it all day long.  Just be prepared to endure Sonny Crockett jokes if your buddies find out you’re toting in a shoulder rig.

mk4 no1 lee enfield production codes

Those are a bit tricky to figure out. My No.4 has markings on the receiver that read No.4 Mk.I* LONG BRANCH 1943, which is a complicated code that means I own a No.4 Mark I* rifle that was made at Long Branch Arsenal in Canada in the year 1943.

one person hot tub

Around here, we call that a bathtub.

springfield 9mm xdm does the barrel move

Yes, it does. The XD utilizes the Browning short recoil system, which has the barrel both move and tilt up during the recoil process.  Do not be alarmed; it is working as designed.

can i use hard candy in a mouse trap?

Sure, but bait seems to be strictly optional.  I’ve caught dozens of mice around here with unbaited traps.  I set them up in narrow passages as spring-loaded trip mines, and you don’t need to bait those any more than you have to place hard candy on Claymore mines to attract insurgents.

nvidia ion psu

The ION platform is ridiculously cheap when it comes to energy consumption: around 30W under load, and 4-5W idle.  Most micro-ITX cases come with an external 40-60W power supply, which wouldn’t reliably feed most of the laptops on sale at Best Buy.  Mine came with an internal 250W PSU, which is complete overkill for the system.

demonic entities

The best way to get close to some heavy-caliber demonic entities is to go to Ticketmaster, and search for “Miley Cyrus” and “The Jonas Brothers”.

what do air marshals do on flights

They are required to loudly sing the “I’m A Federal Air Marshal” song.  It’s sung to the same tune as “I am Henry the Eighth, I Am”.

cheap handgun ammo 10mm

The word “cheap” looks downright wrong next to the caliber designation “10mm”.  It’s a bit of a niche cartridge, and the bullets have some weight to them, so the average box of 10mm practice ammo found in the wild is usually half again as expensive as the cheapest box of .40S&W the store will have on the shelf.

Back when I was still behind a gun shop counter, a box of lead flatnose 10mm Auto was considered a bargain at $13.  $DEITY only knows what the cheap stuff in that caliber is up to by now, but I’d be surprised if it’s less than $20 per box of 50.

writing a novel alphasmart

I think the Alphasmart is a great tool for writing a novel, even better than a laptop.  You have limitless battery life, the whole thing weighs less than two pounds, and you don’t have built-in Intertubes distractions to get you off track.


That’s the take for this Monday morning!  You may now return to gorging on those bags of candy you bought in bulk at MalWart  just in case  you get a battalion of trick-or-treaters.


6 thoughts on “monday search term safari LXXIV.

  1. David says:

    Awesome! I’ve been searching for a way to get rid of the insurgents rummaging around in my kitchen cupboards at night.

  2. Retardo says:

    I think the ratatouille guy is concerned about his food talking to him, not a movie. He’s wrong to be concerned. Unlike your dog, your dinner will never tell you to kill anybody who doesn’t need killing. That has been my consistent experience over many years.

  3. perlhaqr says:

    Oh yeah. “10mm” and “cheap” don’t belong in the same sentence, unless there’s some sort of negation in there too.

    10mm is running about $0.50 a round these days. Damn the FBI for not sticking with it! 😉

  4. NYEMT says:

    I have to fly to Nebraska in December. Should I ask for a special performance of the Air Marshal song?

    Is it OK to sing along?

  5. Mongol says:

    Would you please post the words for the Air Marshal Song? I think I need to add that to my repertoire.

    Also, I think that you need to get some of our military folks to attempt to gather empirical evidence on your theory on mousetrap/claymore usage. I would LOVE to see pictures of claymores baited in one way or another. Then we could see which claymore is most effective. 🙂

  6. O Bloody Hell says:

    > can i use hard candy in a mouse trap?

    A friend of mine who was in pest control for years indicates that, if you want to draw them specifically in, a mixture of peanut butter and honey drives them totally bonkers. They can’t resist it at all. It’s the rodent form of catnip — call it ratnip.

    This might matter less for your spring trap than it would for a capture trap.

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