progressive, my ass.

When your home state hands out longer jail sentences for owning the wrong sort of sheet metal tube than for repeatedly molesting a young child, you have to start looking for a new name for your legal department, because “justice” it ain’t.


4 thoughts on “progressive, my ass.

  1. PlanetCaveman says:

    I worked on a case in MA where the Defendant pled guilty to multiple counts of rape of a 9yr, he got 2yrs in jail and 2 yrs house arrest.

    A few weeks later I worked on a case where the state was charging a woman with manslaughter, they wanted her to serve 10yrs. When she entered her apartment her Ex-boyfriend attacked her, he was drunk/high and she hit him in the head with a frying pan, the key here was that he had already punched the crap out of her and she jumped through a 2nd story window to get away from him. Once she was able she went back inside to get her kids.

    Since she was already outside and therefore in a position of safety upon re-entering she became the aggressor in the situation which is why she was being charged. A sane society would give her a medal.

  2. theflatwhite says:

    Somebody hook up a magnet and coil to John Adams’ corpse – energy win.

  3. Kevin S says:

    Defiance of the state is always the greater crime.

  4. T.Stahl says:

    Until not too long ago in Germany, the minimum sentence for the illegal possession of a single forbidden cartridge (e.g. a 7.62×51 AP-T) was 12 months.
    The minimum sentence for molesting a child was six months…

    It shows one thing:
    How much German politicians were concerned about their own safety during the time of the Red Army Faction – and how little they cared about children.

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