monday search term safari LXXVII.

parker 51 for sale

If you want a Parker “51” (and good on you if you do, for it is a fine and excellent pen), you have several options.  You can buy a “51” from one of the respected pen restorers/nibmeisters like Richard Binder, troll the “For Sale” section at the Fountain Pen Network (yes, there really is a forum for every special interest under the sun), or roll your dice on eBay.  If you go the fleaBay route, look for an Aerometric “51” (the newer models with the squeeze-bladder filler) instead of the older Vacumatic model (the older models with the little plunger under a blind cap at the back of the pen.) You have a better chance of scoring a functional Aero off the ‘bay, since their “Pli-Glass” sacs are incredibly durable.  The Vacs have rubber diaphragms that are less durable, and many of the Vacs you find in the wild will need restoration after 50+ years.

canned haggis pictures

There’s one place in the U.S. that sells canned haggis, and that’s Caledonian Kitchen.  They also have pictures of their product, so head on over for some Haggis porn. (Oh, God…I wonder what kind of spam I’ll attract with that term.)

piccadilly primo medium 288 pages price

Our local Borders sells the small, medium, and large Primos for $5.99, $6.99, and $7.99, respectively.  I have a few, but I think I prefer the black Piccadillys with the oilcloth cover.  The paper in the Primos is better, but my local Borders only stocks the lined variety, and I’ve come to prefer unlined paper.

use alphasmart as computer keyboard

Just plug in your Alphie via USB, and the PC/Mac will see it as a standard USB keyboard.  The screen of your Alphasmart will read “Emulating PC Keyboard.”  Works just fine, and you can still shuttle files on or off the Alphie any time you want…just fire up the Alphasmart Manager software.

spike strips for my lawn

Do you have a problem in your neighborhood with kids racing their ride-on lawnmowers across people’s yards at high speed?

deter rodents raccoon

Raccoons can’t be deterred easily, because they seem to be rather daft.  I mean, we had one wander into a place that has the scent of death (in dachshund form) all over it, and the little bandit was undeterred.  He was the raccoon version of the dumb little college kid who goes off by himself in a dark and spooky house to “check out that weird noise.”  His fate was predictable.

iwb holster from akj concealco

I have one of those for my Steyr, and I like it a lot.  It’s well-made, comfortable, and durable.  For less than $50 shipped, it was quite the bargain.

writing on walls performance art

Ooooh…then my kids are performance artists.  Maybe I should remove the entire mural-bearing drywall section in the playroom and take it to a gallery, to sell on consignment and pad their college fund.

top plausible porn movies

They’re all plausible, aren’t they?  I mean, the world is positively littered with silicone-enhanced peroxide blondes who just get uncontrollably horny at the sight of a plumber’s crack, right?

44 mag lever gun utility

If you don’t try to pull off 300-yard shots, a .44 Magnum lever gun has as much utility as one chambered in .30-30 or .35 Remington.  They’re both in the same ballpark in terms of muzzle energy, but the .44 launches a heavier bullet with higher sectional density.  If you keep it under a hundred yards, it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.  (For plinking and home defense, I’d say that the .44 has more utility than the .30-30, because it holds more rounds.)

357 sig or 40 sw caliber whats better

One shoots slightly smaller bullets a bit faster, the other shoots heavier bullets of slightly larger diameter.  Both have roughly the same muzzle energy in the top loads.  The .40 is a bit cheaper, and a lot more available, since 175% of police departments these days issue pistols in .40S&W.

is spray cheese fake

It’s made of perfectly natural (read: carbon-based) polymer chains.

best defensive ammo for 44 mag s & w

Don’t load up your .44 Magnum with bear killers because you simply must have the most foot-pounds you can get out of your cannon.  The heavy loads in .44 Magnum have lots of flash and recoil, make quick follow-up shots difficult, and tend to over-penetrate.  (Ideally, you want the lead to stay confined to the Bad Guy, and not zip right through him, two sheetrock walls, a magazine rack, and three innocent bystanders.)  Pick one of the “.44 Magnum Lite” loads with moderate bullet weights and velocities…or just load up with .44 Specials instead.  (Their Silvertips in particular are a fine defensive choice.)  Trivia: Dirty Harry loaded his .44 Magnum with Specials, too, by his own admission.

fountain pen parker sonnet

The  Sonnet is Parker’s entry in the $100-ish fountain pen bracket.  I know some people who absolutely love theirs, and others who can’t get theirs to write properly.  It looks nice and fits my hand well, but for $100, I don’t like rolling the Quality Control dice.  For the same cash, you can get a Pelikan M2xx-series pen, or a Lamy 2000, both of which are superb writing instruments.


There you go: the bloated post-Thanksgiving edition of the MSTS!  Now back to the oars with you, Propulsion Specialists galley slaves!


22 thoughts on “monday search term safari LXXVII.

  1. Tam says:

    …so head on over for some Haggis porn.

    And thus is a future Monday morning’s entertainment at ensured… 😀

  2. pdb says:

    spike strips for my lawn

    I suspect this person is beset by ATV riding individuals with scant respect for property rights.

    When clan pdb lived in Soviet Canuckistan, we had many midnight snowmobilers pass between the house and the *sigh* maple tree not twenty feet from the house. I always wanted to borrow a farmer’s spike harrow and bury it in the snow there, but sadly the law was not with me.

    Like skateboarders and other lawn encroaching riff-raff, maybe they shouldn’t be shot on sight, but they ought to be fair game after the second warning.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      It wasn’t legal to keep your anvil between the house and that maple tree? I mean, what better spot for an anvil than in the shade of a tree?

      • Windy Wilson says:

        “Under the spreading Chestnut Tree, the village smithy . . .”
        And what IS to keep you from parking your farm equipment in an unused and unseen corner of your yard?

    • Tam says:

      Like mailbox vandalism and “TP-ing” trees, bored suburban youth will commit a form of vandalism called “trenching”, where they drive through the victims yard, preferably spinning their wheels enough to fling divots (or “brodies” as they were called in the suburban Atlanta of The Breakfast Club era.)

      The weapon of choice is probably a Honda Civic now, instead of a Camaro, but I’d assume the homeowners are just as irate.

      • NYEMT says:

        A half-dozen or so lawn rakes will do the job just as nicely, and WAY cheaper than spike strips.

        And there’s no law against leaving your yard tools lying around. Despite your spouse’s protestations to the contrary. 😉

      • KD5NRH says:

        Dodge 1500, according to my surveillance cameras.

        I’m still considering a nice decorative border around the yard, done in 3/4″ rebar and random scrap metal.

    • The Other Jay says:

      There is generally no law requiring you to take down your clothesline during the winter months.

  3. Patrick says:

    Well, you’re currently the top hit for haggis porn.

  4. “I mean, the world is positively littered with silicone-enhanced peroxide blondes who just get uncontrollably horny at the sight of a plumber’s crack, right?”

    God, I hope so!

  5. By the way, “Parker 51 time” is aviation slag for a false logbook entry.

  6. crankylitprof says:

    Haggis porn is TEH HAWTNESS.

  7. Jenny says:

    “I mean, what better spot for an anvil than in the shade of a tree?”

    nice allusion. Bravo. 🙂

  8. George Smith says:

    When I had my S&W M629, it was loaded to .44 Special specs in .44 Mag once fired brass. I found this to be a lot more comfortable than the hotter loadings … and thus used and fired more at the range.


  9. Sigivald says:

    “spike strips for my lawn” might perhaps be a somewhat broken way of looking for a lawn aerator?

  10. Ritchie says:

    When I was staying with the folks in El Paso, I was instructed not to park at the curb overnight, as they sometimes found tire tracks on the front lawn in the morning. This was on a side street several blocks from the main drag, middle of the block. Gotta know the territory.

  11. will says:

    How dare you say Dirty Harry loaded his .44 Magnum with specials! How can you blow some punks head clean off with a special next in line?!

    • TCK says:

      I prefer to think that Harry was specifically referring to target shooting in that scene (Magnum Force), rather than his duty and off-duty loads. Don’t tarnish the image!

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