teaching the padawan.

Overheard in the playroom just now:

Quinn (playing with plastic egg): 

Look! I’m throwing my egg.


You throw eggs?





He’s like a little Jedi master of mayhem, and now he has an apprentice learner.  Generous with his (bad) advice, he is.


4 thoughts on “teaching the padawan.

  1. NYEMT says:

    Well, SOMEone’s got to teach her the important stuff.


  2. You ain’t seen nuthin’, yet…;)

  3. Jay G. says:

    Just wait. They’ll reach a point where they’ll do the yin/yang route on ya.

    Right now I’ve got TheBoy playing badcop and BabyGirl G. playing goodcop. I’m “stupid, mean, and fat” according to TheBoy, whereas I’m the “best daddy EVAH” according to BabyGirl G.

    9 AM is too early for bourbon, isn’t it?

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