fat windbag says what?

Professional douchebag Michael Moore is threatening to boycott Connecticut to protest Senator Joe Lieberman’s position on the “ZOMG we have to borrow a trillion RIGHT NOW and spend it, or we’ll go bankrupt!!!1!!One!!” health care bill.

As the advocate of the blue-collar worker that Michael Moore makes himself out to be, it’s interesting that he’d want to collectively punish the service industry of an entire state for the vote of one of its senators.  Much like international sanctions, boycotts don’t have much of an impact on the people in charge.  (Lieberman will not feel a boycott of Connecticut in his wallet, for example.)  The people disproportionally impacted by boycotts and sanctions are always the poor schlobs at the bottom: the hotel and restaurant workers that get laid off for lack of business, the cab drivers, and so on.  International sanctions don’t do a fat lot of good to keep Robert Mugabe from eating well, but they sure contribute to the malaise of Zimbabwe’s population.  The ones at the bottom always get hit the hardest, and the ones at the top always feel the effects of sanctions and boycotts last, if at all.  Think about this for just a second: the man wants to put low-wage people out of work by the thousands just because their senator doesn’t vote the way Michael Moore wants.  Can you imagine what he’d do with the hammer of government power if you put him in charge?

Of course, Michael Moore’s concern for Joe Sixpack is about as genuine as Mugabe’s concern for his population.  The man’s raking in millions with a movie about the evils of capitalism, which ranks pretty high up on the hypocrisy scale, and his greasy ball cap and scruffy beard are supposed to convince us that he’s just One Of The Working Class.  (In his world, he is merely enjoying the well-earned fruits of his labor—bringing enlightenment to the masses at ten bucks a pop for a movie ticket—while someone who figures out how to make a widget for X dollars and then sells twenty million of ‘em for X+10 dollars is a plutocratic exploiter of the working man.) 

In 1980s East Germany, people like Michael Moore were the mid- to high-level Politburo apparatchiks who enjoyed benefits inaccessible to the workers and peasants.  Michael and his ilk see themselves as philosopher-kings who should rightfully enjoy a few perks for the hard and important work they do for the common good, and they think the only reason socialism hasn’t ever worked is because the right people haven’t been in charge.  Yes,  private individuals can ruin a company through excessive pursuit of self-interest, but that kind of stupid is limited and self-correcting.  (The current economic troubles were greatly amplified by throwing warehouses full of public money around to save companies that were “too big to fail”.)  Only government power can ruin an entire country, because there’s no corrective mechanism for people who have a force monopoly, the power of the purse, and Really Bad Ideas.

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16 thoughts on “fat windbag says what?

  1. perlhaqr says:


  2. robnrun says:

    Lieberman is one of the few politicians I can respect; I frequently don’t like his politics, but I have the impression that he at least tries to read things before he votes on them.
    Pity I am on the wrong side of the CT river and am ‘represented’ by the other senator.
    But even if I didn’t respect him, Moore’s fulminations would only make me want to vote for Lieberman, just out of spite. Very irrational to be sure.

  3. Jay G. says:

    Now, now, Marko…

    You’ve gotta cut FW some slack here. How’s he going to make any money making anti-government agitprop when it’s his guy sitting in the captain’s chair? He’s going to have to after those eeeevil capitalists again – except that they’ve all been bailed or bought out by the .gov by now.

    Gonna be lean times (pun intended) for Michael Moore now that 0bama has started implementing his soft socialism…

  4. Fred2 says:

    You know, I wonder if Sen. Lieberman give other can give other states the cooties, I’m sure he could raise money that way.

  5. Skip says:

    I could be all wrong here, [Makers Mark?] but doesn’t Moores production company reside in Canada?
    Taxes? Helping his brothas?
    [Hic], just sayin’.

  6. ATLien says:

    No corrective mechanism? I disagree. It’s called ultraviolence, and sometimes the government needs to feel it.

  7. MarkHB says:

    Michael Moore is in the same box as Rush Limbaugh: People who will say anything to make sure the money keeps rolling in. They know full well that they barely have a tangential relationship with reality in their media output: but it keeps making them Thick Wads of Lovely Currency, so why change tack?

    AKA “Bulbous Parasite on the Public Consciousness”. Yet another case of “both these sides are broken, so I take my own side”.

    Doesn’t stop squillions of people listening to either of ’em (or their lower-profile less-successful mini-mes), but there you go – if you can go “Hey, this guy’s talking crap!” on your own recogniscance – congratulations, you own a functioning mind of your own! Otherwise… well… Congratulations! You have the Majority on your side!

    • Jay G. says:

      The big difference is that Rush isn’t making millions claiming that capitalism is evil. It’s called hypocrisy, and Moore has it in spades.

      Now, Limbaugh going on welfare, yeah, that’d be comparable. Hell, his bout with prescription drug abuse earned him HEAPS of scorn from conservatives throughout the nation.

      Yet Moore moves his production company to Canada to avoid US taxes and there’s nary a whisper of condemnation…

      • MarkHB says:

        Oh there is, there really is. I’ve been saying for years that Moore makes me want to scream – for the most visible and noisy critic of the previous administration to be a lying, manipulative cockbite who distorts, exaggerates and misleads all the Gh0d damned time is just hideous. Not to mention counterproductive.

        But to be honest, I don’t see a difference – either a media figure is truth-oriented, or they see facts as irrelevancies to be ignored when they get in the way of The Product. Both fall into the later category, and therefore are jackasses. I guess my point is there more I look at government, media, and particularly media discussing government the more I realise that there’s no “side” I could align to without feeling like I need a shower.

  8. Kristopher says:

    The good idea fairy always makes a bee-line for clods in positions of state-granted authority.


    The damage caused is always incredible.

  9. BryanP says:

    Just to be clear, he doesn’t speak for all fat windbags. We’re quite a varied group. O_O

  10. perlhaqr says:

    You OK up there in the great white north? This level of radio silence isn’t normal.

  11. Tam says:

    Yeah, post something, dude. We’re jonesing out here.

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