monday search term safari LXXX.

why does hollister play loud music

They play loud music to drive out the parents…who will hand over the plastic to their fiscally less restrained offspring, and say “I’ll be over at Waldenbooks.”

fisher mustelids anatomy

The fisher cat is a member of the weasel family, all of which share a general anatomy layout that can be loosely described as “fur-covered Slinky”.

what is 5.56x 45mm

That’s the metric designation for the .223 Remington, and also the proper name for the military version of that caliber.  There are subtle differences in chamber dimensions between them.  5.56x45mm is NATO standard for rifles these days.

For those who are curious: metric caliber designations are <diameter of bullet> x <length of cartridge case> in millimeters.  If it’s a rimmed round, there’s an R after the case length, so the .357 Magnum is a 9x33mmR (or just 9x33R) in metric-speak.

are introverts assholes

If they are, at least they usually keep it to themselves.  An extroverted asshole is generally much more of a nuisance.  “Movie Talker Guy” is a classic Extroverted Asshole, as is “Loudly Yakking Cellphone Dude at Starbucks”. 

slap my wife

Like my wife would say…”you gotta sleep sometime, pal.”  (Let’s hope you’re just trying to kink it up in the bedroom, and you’re not an actual wife-slapping type.  Spouse/partner abusers rank on the biological scale somewhere between deer ticks and the common shithouse fly.)

s&w model 10 for a carry gun

There’s nothing wrong with carrying a good S&W Model 10.  I have a three-inch model riding along with me quite frequently.  It’s a mature design that had the bugs worked out of it when the first Roosevelt was in the White House, and as far as guns go, it’s as reliable as they come. 

russian snow blower

A “Russian snow blower” is a babushka with a shovel.

why does my akita make snorting sounds

Because he observed you doing something stupid, and he wants to express his contempt?

(Seriously? I have no idea.  Maybe one of the Akita-owning readers can chime in on this one.)

snl little johnny human torch

That’s one of Irving Mainway’s cheap and dangerous Halloween costumes.  “Johnny Human Torch” is a bag of oily rags and a lighter.

the munchkin wrangler, best intro fountain pen

Someone actually looked up my opinion on starter fountain pens.  Well, my recommendation usually includes the Lamy Safari ($25), the Pilot 78G ($15), or the Waterman Phileas ($40).  All of those are very good writers for not a whole lot of money.  They’re gateway drugs, though…if you don’t watch out, you’ll find yourself shopping for $300 Pelikans and vintage Parkers a few months later.


And that’s it for this morning. Most of you are undoubtedly still sleeping off your holiday food stupors.  For those who have to put in some time at work this week: get to it!  All those trillions of dollars of government debt aren’t going to pay themselves off, you know.


20 thoughts on “monday search term safari LXXX.

  1. crankylitprof says:

    True story: in the course of a clearance investigation, a couple of investigators talked to neighbors, friends and family. One of their questions (to three different people) was if there was any suspected domestic violence. The kids’ preschool teacher snorted, and said, “If there was, he’d better make the first punch count, because when she got up, she’d fuck up his worldview permanently.”

  2. Al Terego says:

    Man, I really thought there’d be an entry on the “take my kidney, please, and if you have a spare mil that’d be great” (aka parts is parts) controversy after the recent activity there.


  3. “If they are, at least they usually keep it to themselves.”

    THAT line made my day- thanks!

  4. Robert says:

    You mustelid definition should add “and foul-smelling musk glands.”

    My own favorite starter fountain pen is the Parker 45, which has a semi-shrouded nib and is a great writer for its low price line. I know you have the 51 but have you ever tried a 45, Marko? They are readily available on eBay.

  5. jbrock says:

    Spot on regarding the fountain pens. I started with a Phileas a couple of years ago, and still have a fistful of Lamy Safaris lying around. I’ve become partial to the Sailor line, though, and have recently been ogling a Bexley Imperial …

    So yeah, fountain pens can be addictive, especially to anyone with a tendency to geek out. I’ve got more invested in pens than in my computer …

    And you sure get a lot of hits for fisher cats. 🙂

  6. LabRat says:

    Akitas are expressive dogs. It depends on the individual dog and the context, but most of the time with ours the snort does indeed mean the dog thinks something, or you, is stupid. Some I have known snort to indicate suspicion, though. (Ours huff loudly for that.)

  7. If the Akita’s snorting a lot, though, it could be “reverse sneezing” – which means the person probably needs to clean their house. 😛

  8. TimP says:

    I just ordered a Pilot 78G from eBay. If I get adicted I’m blaming you. 🙂

  9. Sennin says:

    “and foul-smelling musk glands.”

    That would make it a fur-covered Stinky Slinky.

  10. og says:

    I use the Pilot Varsity pens all day. I like them, they can withstand a trip through the washer (but not dryer) and all I have to do is pick them up and use them. Also, nobody borrows them.

    I have a handful of old Sheaffers, a Conklin, a couple wierd no-names, but the Pilots give me decent paper feel with zero maintenance. I almost never write with anything else anymore. If I sat at a desk all day and wasn’t surrounded by knuckleheads I might take one of the old Sheaffers and ultrasound and ink it up. Mostly I’d probably cover my chest with ink every day.

  11. T.Stahl says:

    For those who are curious: metric caliber designations are x in millimeters.

    Not necessarily.
    It’s correct for cartridges like…
    9×19, 9.3×62

    For others it’s x , like…
    5.56×45, 6.5×55, 7.62×51

    8×57, well, it could be rounded up from 7.92 or rounded down from 8.20.

    And to confuse matters even more there’s the 4.73×33/4.92×34 with is either land diameter x case length or bullet diameter x chamber length.

  12. Justthisguy says:

    I still have some Sheaffer cartridge pens I bought when I was a kid, 40 or so years ago. The cartridges are Godawfully expensive, if you can find them at all, so I reload the cartridges with Quink, and one of my dear dead Mom’s insulin syringes.

    Oh, T. Stahl? You have a lot of nerve showing up on an American blog so soon after the anniversary of the Battle of Princeton, you Hessian, you, let alone making our eyes glaze over with esoteric details of cartridge dimensions! Ppffvdbbbt!

  13. Justthisguy says:

    P.s. I dunno if they even still make Quink. The jar of it I have is one I bought a decade or two ago. When I see the level in it go down from evaporation, I add some water and some alcohol.
    That seems to work.

  14. Gerry N. says:

    My brother had a habit of slapping his wife around when he came home Sat. nights, usually drunk. About two years ago she’d had enough. He came home, and smacked her. After he went to bed she went after him with our mom’s old lefse pin. He missed over a month of work and required more than 175 stitches to close wounds.

    He quit drinking and they’re happy as pigs in a poo pile now. Lefse pin therapy can be very effective. And yes, one has to sleep eventually.

    Gerry N.

  15. Kaerius(SWE) says:

    That’s priceless Gerry, a real wife-beats-abusive-husband-with-rolling-pin story! 🙂

  16. fast richard says:

    russian snow blower

    A “Russian snow blower” is a babushka with a shovel.

    A babuska with an actual shovel is a rich capitalist. A trip to Kiev a few years ago was the only time I’ve ever seen homemade snow shovels, usually scrap plywood attached to a piece of lumber or iron pipe.

  17. Owen says:

    Kiev would be a Ukrainien snow shovel, would it not?

  18. ravenshrike says:

    I think the slap my wife thing is from some british tv/comedy skit. Not sure though

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