what santa brought me this year.

We generally just buy gifts for the kids, but this year Robin and I spent a few bucks on ourselves for Christmas.  She got a set of indoor herb garden planter thingies, and I got this:



That’s a Lamy Studio Limited Edition Violet, with an extra-fine 14kt. gold nib.  Pelikan 4001 Violet ink is a perfect match for that pen, and I just happen to have a nearly full bottle of it in my desk drawer.

Shiny, no?

(Also: much easier to assemble than a play kitchen.)


10 thoughts on “what santa brought me this year.

  1. scotaku says:

    Oh, that is freaking beautiful. I thought that car pr0n, or kitchen pr0n was the ne plus ultra of lust-inducement. Is it wrong to say that I want to touch your pen?

  2. Robert says:

    It’s a handsome pen, but I find that, for myself at least, I don’t like a polished metal gripping area on a pen, as it tends to slip and shift; I prefer the grip area to be plastic or soft rubbery polymer. I also don’t like “ergonomic” gripping areas, which is my main objection to the Lamy Safari and the Shaeffer Prelude.

  3. wombatoverlord says:

    That is a very nice pen. I have a couple of Lamys myself, but I use them very rarely – I find the XF nibs to be a bit too firm for my taste, and anything broader than that gives me a line I do not care for. Do the nib characteristics change at all with their high-end pens?

  4. Al Terego says:

    That violet ink is really going to look awesome after partaking of the fruits of Robin’s “herb garden”.


  5. MarkHB says:

    Good kit is it’s own reward.

  6. Nice. If there’s such a thing as pens envy, I’ve got it now

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