the 2009 munchkin wrangler digest.

I started the annual digest thing last year, and it was fairly well received, so I’ll make it a recurring feature from now on…sort of like the Search Term Safari, only fifty-two times slower.

(Feel free to swipe the format for your own blog, and consider it a meme. I got the idea for the “First Post of the Month” from Elizabeth Bear, and cobbled the rest together myself based on what I thought people might find interesting.)

First Post of the Month (with first line excerpt):

January: and then it was oh-nine. “What are we going to call this decade in the future?  The Oughts?”

February: twenty-five things about me. “I’ve been tagged with this meme multiple times both through the blogosphere and Facebook, so here are Twenty-Five Things About Me that I’m certain you’re just dying to know.”

March: parker’s fabulous “51”. “Every once in a while, someone engineers a tool that performs its function so well that it stands out from all the other comparable tools in its field, and earns the title of ‘classic’.”

April: my reward awaits. “Here’s a picture of the stack of books sitting on the corner of my desk:”

May: break out the red banners. “Today is May Day, the international Day of Labor, which all the little Communists celebrate by not going to the jobs they don’t have anyway.”

June: staggering across the finish line. “I used my low-level Apprentice Carpentry skills yesterday to fashion the old center drawer of my desk into a matching stow-away keyboard tray.”

July: canada day. “Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north!”

August: a good day to burn some powder. “It’s Sunday! It’s Northeast Blogger Shoot Day!”

September: words to sentences to paragraphs. repeat until finished. “I’ve got nothing but work on my mind today, so all you’ll get this evening is a quick list of writing-related bullet points, the better to put you into a deep sleep with.”

October: notes from a sunday. “We have a very good friend staying with us this weekend, so Castle Frostbite has been abuzz with all kinds of social activities.”

November: first of novembah. “Happy November! Today marks the first day of NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month.”

December: the wordsmith and his hammer. “The typewriter in the picture above is Cormac McCarthy’s Olivetti Lettera 32.”

Top Five Posts of the Year:

  1. guilty gun pleasures: the three-eighty. (4,388 views)
  2. a vote for gun control is a vote for thunderdome. (3,210 views)
  3. major caudill hits the big time. (2,838 views)
  4. gender’s got nothing to do with it. (2,579 views)
  5. the alphasmart neo: a long-term review. (2,524 views)

Top Five Search Terms of the Year:

  1. munchkin wrangler
  2. pretty girls
  3. alphasmart neo
  4. sig p232
  5. midget porn

Top Five Referrers:

  1. View from the Porch  42,263 referrals
  2. The LawDog Files  16,007 referrals
  3. SayUncle 6,618 referrals
  4. A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver  3,886 referrals
  5. Xavier Thoughts 2,749 referrals

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  1. You’re doing something right obviously. Just look at your #5 search term.

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