administrative notes.

The Monday Search Term Safari will resume next Monday.  I totally forgot to do one yesterday, and when I went through the blog stats this morning, there wasn’t really anything good in there that hasn’t been snarked upon before.  Let’s give it another week to refill the search term supply, so I don’t bore everyone to tears by making fun of the same thing for the umpteenth time.

Also: I’m currently working through my email backlog. If you have sent me an email in the last two or three weeks, I’ll probably excavate it today at some point and reply.

Lastly, today is trash day. Remind me to take the trash down to the road by noon. Seriously.  There are diapers in there and stuff.

Update: The garbage is by the road. I repeat, the garbage is by the road. Jacques has a red pencil. That is all.

8 thoughts on “administrative notes.

  1. AJD says:

    Dude, it’s almost 9 am, have you taken out the trash yet?


  2. Tam says:

    Trash, bro. Noon is looming on the horizon.

  3. Chuck says:

    Marko, dude, diapers are starting to smell. It’s 11:17 , It’s a long walk to the road, trash time.

  4. Jay G. says:

    Only 12 minutes to get that trash out, Marko…

  5. Tam says:

    Think he’s regretting his request yet? 😀

  6. Al Terego says:




  7. AJD says:

    Going by the urgency of his update, I’d guess that he’s going to opt NOT to ask for reminders next time.

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