monday search term safari LXXXI.

victorinox bundeswehr

The Bundeswehr issue knife is a custom version of the Victorinox “Trekker”.  The modifications for the Bundeswehr are serrations on the front half of the blade instead of the rear half, and olive drab scales with the German federal eagle on them.  I have one of those bouncing around in my on-the-go satchel (“It’s not a purse!”), but it wasn’t issued to me, as they introduced those knives long after my time in the Bundeswehr.  Instead, I got mine at that fantastic arsenal of democracy called eBay.

s&w model 64 3 inch

The 64 is the stainless steel version of the Model 10, and rather desirable in the three-inch barrel length.  A 3” K-frame is pretty much the bestest ever fighting revolver, and I can think of no better gun to schlep around myself.  Points well, recoils very little, and always goes boom.

walther ppk cocked and locked

The PPK has a safety lever that automatically decocks the hammer.  You can’t therefore carry it cocked (hammer back) and locked (safety on).

desantis speed scabbard review

Good rig.  I have a black Speed Scabbard ensemble for the aforementioned 3” K-frame, with “Second Six” speedloader pouch worn right in front of the holster.  Rides high and close to the body, covers the gun snugly, yet offers a fast draw.  The slightly bell-shaped holster mouth makes one-handed reholstering a snap.

.44 magnum derringers for pocket carry

Derringers are not a good choice for concealed carry—they are very heavy for their size, offer only two rounds, need to be cocked by hand between shots, and often aren’t safe to carry loaded because the cheapie models don’t have firing pin safeties.  A derringer in .44 Magnum is downright stupid—it weighs as much as a loaded J-frame Smith (which is a much better choice), and kicks so hard that you can measure the shot recovery time in “Hours +however long it takes to find the gun after it flies out of your hand”.

how to conceal two katanas

Gosh, I don’t know.  How about you do a little experiment?  Take two broomsticks, and carry them around everywhere you go without people noticing them.  If you can make it through a week without being stopped by police, thrown into the Rubber Ramada, or proned out by the Fashion Police, you have found a way to walk around with two concealed swords.  (Friendly tip: Step away from the PlayStation, go outside, and talk to a girl.)

how many batteries do alphasmarts use?

Three AA batteries, which you have to change once a year or so.

"unvaccinated infant" how to socialize

Way the fuck away from other infants whose parents had the good sense to not turn their kids into walking virus bombs.  And the first person to chime up with “If the other kids are vaccinated, why worry?” will get beaten with an Epidemology textbook.  Hang out with some other anti-vaxxers, and have yourselves a flu party, or whatever you call your little virus fairs.

Disclaimer: above tongue-lashing does not apply if your infant has a medical condition that prevents them from receiving the vaccine.  (Parental Ignorance is not a medical condition.)

ruger deerslayer vs marlin 1894

The Deerslayer is semi-auto, the Marlin is a lever cranker.  The Marlin holds twice the number rounds, and wins on style points.  I also appreciate the lever gun’s “shoot one, load one” ability that allows you to continuously top off your gun, so I’d prefer the Marlin.  Both are good pistol-caliber rifles, though.

fun remark on .25acp

I know it’s almost considered mandatory to make fun of the little .25ACP.  “If you shoot someone with it, and they find out, they’ll be pissed!”  Truth is, a .25ACP can kill you just as dead as a .44 Magnum if the bullet intersects something vital.  Lots of people have been put into the ground with the teensy .25ACP, and underestimating any bullet coming from any firearm is a grave mistake.  (See what I did there?)

how do you attach a bayonet to a 4 mk1

The same way you put a detachable-type bayonet on any rifle equipped for one: you slip the piece of the bayonet with the barrel-diameter hole on it over the muzzle (or fit the rail-shaped opening in the butt of the bayonet over the rail near the muzzle), blade facing towards the pokee, and slide it down the barrel until it locks into the bayonet lug the manufacturer thoughtfully provided for just that purpose.  Make sure the bayonet locks into place, lest you lose your stinger after the first use.

how to teach manners to 1 yr old baby

That’ll be a bit tricky, as language is a large part of manners, and kids that age just don’t have the ability yet. Start by reinforcing—tell them to say “please” every time they want something, and tell them “Say ‘thank you’” every time they receive something.  Sooner or later, they’ll use those phrases on their own.

pictures of thirty foot snow

We don’t quite get that much snow here.  The biggest snowpiles we have around here are the piles they push together in the WalMart parking lot out on West Leb.  Up here, they just clear the snow with earth-moving equipment, and shove it into huge piles at the edge of the parking lot.  Right now, they’re maybe fifteen or twenty feet high, or as Lyra says, “a big pie of snow.”

what is a collective right?

Something that exists only in the fevered minds of statists and collectivists of all stripes.  Rights can only ever be individual, and there’s no right you gain magically just by joining a mob, no matter how shiny their badges are.  Government agencies have delegated powers, which is a whole different sort of thing.  A right is something inherent to an individual, and a group never has any rights beyond those of its members.


There’s your Monday morning entertainment!  Now back to the salt mines with you, and don’t forget to tune in next week for another installment of the MSTS!  (Exhortation void in case of power outages, Internet problems, a sudden appearance of Kate Beckinsale on my doorstep, or Acts of Dog.)


15 thoughts on “monday search term safari LXXXI.

  1. Tam says:

    The same way you put a detachable-type bayonet on any rifle equipped for one: you slip the piece of the bayonet with the barrel-diameter hole on it over the muzzle…

    *stares in stumped puzzlement at her 98k*


  2. BobG says:

    Re: ruger deerslayer vs marlin 1894

    Another advantage to the lever-action is that you can use 44 specials; there are times you only need a light load rather than the 44 mag.

  3. WharfRat says:

    but…but…but I am a girl, and I’d love to find a way to conceal a couple of swords. No use in a gunfight, but really good for scaring off creepy people by making them think I’m crazier than they are.

  4. Blackwing1 says:

    If it were me, “a sudden appearance of Kate Beckinsale on my doorstep” means that I’d ask her if she’s having car trouble, and would like to step inside to warm up. Then my wife would ask her if she wanted a cup of coffee while waiting for the tow truck…

  5. Chris says:

    Speaking of kids and manners, we’ve been working with our 16mo for the past few months and she’s doing great. She frequently says “please” and “thank you” without being prompted (though she also needs prompting from time to time). It’s so darned cute when she does. 😀

    The older one has pretty good manners as well. We get all sorts of compliments on her manners while out in public. Of course, at home and away from the public eye, she can be a PITA, but we work to reinforce the good behavior with positive and negative reinforcement. 🙂


  6. Rick R. says:

    Actually, the No4 MkI is a bit different than most modern bayonets — more like an old socket bayonet than the modern “shove it down until it clicks” style of the M16, AKM, G3, etc.

    You put it on with the blade rotated around the bore axis (what, about 45 degrees?), shove down against the catch spring, and then rotate to align the blade below the bore.

  7. joated says:

    Entertaining and informative as always. (But, as a profesional writer, you should be shot for that “grave” comment. A real groaner.)

  8. eric says:

    I’ve got the 1894 but in 45 LC to go along with my sweeeet New Model Blackhawk.
    I have personal experience with the .25. Yeah, it’ll kill you quite nicely thank you very much.
    Grandparents are the bane of any attempt to teach children manners. Yes, I am a grandfather. I take a perverse pride in undoing all the work my daughter puts into this endeavor. It’s called payback.

  9. Will says:

    I’ve read about a defensive use of a derringer. Old guy (70’s) in a barbershop down south couple years ago. IIRC, it was a .22 MAG. Two BG’s. Both dropped instantly. One DRT, second survived. He went for it when the victims were told to get down on the floor. The first, (head shot) standing next to him, was the survivor.

  10. Tam says:

    I’ve read about a defensive use of a derringer.

    I read about somebody winning the Powerball, too, but that doesn’t mean I’m heading out to buy a ticket.

  11. jim says:

    Good information here. I enjoyed reading this and can’t wait for more. Keep up the good work.

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