another random poll.

Hive mind! I require your aesthetic judgment!


These are the three new colors of the Pelikan M205 fountain pen.  Which one of these looks handsomest to you?  (I’ll make it a poll, for drive-by voting convenience.)


25 thoughts on “another random poll.

  1. David says:

    The African-American one!

  2. SemperGumby says:

    You don’t see a whole lotta white fountain pens…

  3. wolfwalker says:

    I don’t like any of ’em. I prefer blue or green — a nice rich navy blue, or a deep forest green.

  4. maddmedic says:

    Red….Now if it was red and black that would be great. Black is boring, oh crap is that racist!! Okay how about white is boring also!! There that evens it out!!

  5. Robert says:

    I like the fact that the grip area is plastic rather than polished metal on this model. It’s warmer to the touch and doesn’t tend to slip the way that metal does.

  6. MarkHB says:

    Red. Noncolours and all colours together are bland. Then again, I own a pair of pink jeans, so my taste can be either classified as “Questionable” or “Offensive” depending on how… straightlaced you are.

    But hey, you know… gummint stuff trends to black, white or grey. Or magnolia. Screw the boring colours – I’d rather burn out the odd retina than bore people to death.

  7. Al Terego says:

    It’s gotta be the black one…brown or olive drab would be even better. Because as Breda says and Tam agrees, “Germans are boring.”

    Wouldn’t want to stir up any krautish excitement with the red one, that could trigger mass surrender of any French folks in your neck of those N’Hampshire woods.


  8. Eric says:

    Black, like my Montblanc.

  9. TimP says:

    I went for the Black, but the white might be better depending on what the plastic looks like in person, partially because it’s more unusual.

    (I don’t like the red, for some reason bright colours make the pen look cheap to me)

  10. Connie says:

    The white is purty. It’s different but not too loud. Classy. 🙂

  11. Colin says:

    Black, no doubt about it.

    Now we need to vote on ink color…..

  12. I prefer the black pen. Looks classy to me, kind of like a tux. And Colin, since you mentioned it, I prefer the blue-black mix for ink.

  13. Mark Alger says:

    I don’t suppose “all three” is an option?


  14. Caleb says:

    The red one looks faster. 🙂

  15. Al T. says:

    If I’m actually paying good money for a pen (or flashlight), I want it to be pretty visible for recovery purposes. Would (and has) suck badly to drop an OD pen in the back yard.

  16. mike w. says:

    Black. It looks very elegant.

  17. Papa Whiskey says:

    Go with the black. At least until they offer something even more tactical.

    • TimP says:

      This leads to an important question: “Would a tactical fountain pen need to include a rail for mounting a torch (so you can write in the dark)? And would this make it a better pen?”

  18. og says:

    The red one is the color of the blood of the nimrods you will annoy by your writing.

    Of course the black one is semi-tactical.

  19. Mark B. says:

    The little black number, Marko — goes with everything and is appropriate any time of day or night.


  20. RevolverRob says:

    I typically end up with “basic black” for fountains, but I like the red! It’s bright and colorful and just generally seems more cheery to me.


  21. Anon says:

    Question: if black and white are the “new colors”, what the hell were the old ones?

  22. joated says:

    The text of the post asks which is “handsomest” while the poll asks about “most appealing.” Two different things.
    Handsome would be the black: serious, sleek, debonair.
    Appealing would be red: sporty, racy, attractive, full of flair.

    The white is cold and icy IMHO. Brrrr.

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