the future, in our pockets.

Pockets 003

Here are the contents of my pockets as of right now.  They contain a small pile of small gadgets that bring me enjoyment:

  • An oilcloth-covered notebook.
  • A thin media player that is also a pocket computer, complete with web browser and WiFi, loaded with my entire library of CDs, a hundred e-books, and a dozen full-length movies.
  • A watch with a night light.
  • A knife with a locking blade.
  • A flash drive that holds all the stuff I’ve ever written, with enough free space to hold everything I’m likely to write in my lifetime a few thousand times over.
  • A fountain pen with a retractable nib.
  • A very small .380 pocket pistol that’s about the size of a pack of smokes, and almost as light.
  • Two reloads for the very small pocket pistol.

Just in the pockets of my jeans, I can carry around a notebook, a fountain pen, a miniature computer, a folding knife that turns into a fixed blade at the press of a stud, and a respectably powerful pistol along with nineteen rounds for it.  That’s a tolerable basic set of tools for utility, communication, entertainment, data storage, creative expression, and self-defense.

I have to say that living in the future is pretty damn cool.

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  1. Fjolnirsson says:

    Very cool. From time to time, it’s good to stop, and really think about where we are, relative to technology of even 50 years ago. I can only wonder at the things my daughter will take for granted that you and I would consider the wildest of fantasies today.

  2. Tam says:

    Yeah, but where’s your flying car?

  3. Anon says:

    Nice, but futurestuff? Not so much the critical components.

    My knife, watch, and gun are all about as old as I am and as capable as any new iterations.

    My notebook and pen ain’t old, but their input software is somewhat limited anyway (yeah, the gray mass has lost some RAM), and I can communicate and entertain myself well enough with them.

    The high-tech stuff? Eh. Cool, but my “utility, communication, entertainment, data storage, creative expression, and self-defense” needs are covered by the 20th century stuff.

    Now about that Jetsons car…

  4. Mo says:

    Dang, thought I could resist the LCP for a while more… Your posts probably just sold a Ruger…

    GREAT blog!

  5. Jason says:

    Details on the holster and knife?

    • Marko Kloos says:

      The holster is a Blackhawk pocket holster, size 1.

      The knife is a CRKT Lake 111. I usually carry the trusty Kershaw Blur in red, but I just got the CRKT at the gun shop today, and I was carrying it around to get a feel for it.

  6. Ritchie says:

    Now that I think about it, I realize that the major components of the 1911 I’m wearing now (1917 frame, Remington-Rand slide) are older than even myself. Maybe it is time to update. And I hear there are now even musical instruments that operate electrically. Dr. Franklin would be fascinated.

  7. Skip says:

    Pocket knife and keyes in right pocket.
    Money and second set of keys [to lock the truck with the engine running] in the left pocket.
    Wallet in back.
    Kimber Gold Match with two mags in a clam shell shoulder rig [winter].
    Fancy cell with stuff I don’t know how to do in a shirt pocket.

  8. TimP says:

    What? No torch or firelighting equipment? 😛

    The retractible fountain pen sounds neat though.

  9. Glamdring says:

    What kind of phone device is that?

  10. Dixie says:

    1) You actually found spare mags for the LCP?

    2) How do you keep them from rattling around? Pouch inside the inner pocket?

  11. Al T. says:

    Hmmm. I’m sort of surprised you don’t have a fire making tool in there. While you could short out a battery or load an empty primed 9mmk casing with tender, something like a small lighter would round out your urban survival kit.

  12. Chris says:

    I have a similar pile of stuff. The gun is a j-frame 38, the knife is a CRK Sebenza, the watch a Seiko “Orange Monster”, and no writing implements as my handwriting is terrible. On my keyring, I have a small LED light and a zippo-style lighter the size and shape of one of those pill-safes people use.

    I just got an iTouch the other day. Wow. What a device. I’m very impressed with its capabilities. There’s enough free wifi in Northern Va to keep me connected as often as I need.

  13. MarkHB says:

    I’m mildly stunned by the fact that my laptop ($1,400 from Best Buy about 15 months ago, under $900 now) has a monitor that kicks the pants out of my old Sony 21″ glassware in terms of resolution, and evolves the same computing smash as the whole renderfarm used for Babylon 5 series 3. A terabyte’s under $100. iThingies and their Android and Pré kin are just knee-wateringly delightful.

    The future rocks.

  14. Colin says:

    In my lifetime, I’ve gone from NO connectivity to 300 baud modems, 56K modems, ISDN, DSL, cable internet, and finally FiOS.

    Tomorrow I’m going to call and upgrade my FiOS to either 25 or 35 Mb/s, down and up. Sigh, what a choice I have to make…

  15. Chris says:

    Mark, the current state of PDAs is amazing. I’ve carried one in one form or another since 1998ish. First a PalmPilot Professional, then a Casio E-125, then a Palm Treo 600 (smartphone), then a PalmOne Centro (smartphone), and most recently an iTouch.

    My iTouch has more capability and better graphics than my first 3 computers (286, P75, P2-450).

  16. MarkHB says:

    Chris, I started with a Palm III and adored the platform for about a decade, before reluctantly moving to the WinCE (apt!) platform, then finally an iThingy. I occasionally miss Grafitti, as I’d built up major-league muscle memory with it – nowhere near as fast as typing, but a heck of a lot faster than widdy on-screen keyboards for my sausage-fingers. That said, the time-management, project-tracking and connectivity functions are just hawesome these days. Oh, who am I kidding? I can play Peggle on my gorram iThingy! That just rocks!

    • So I here the iPhone doesn’t even come with a todo list as stock. I’ve worn that silkscreen off of that button on my old Palm.

      I’ve got a 3 year old PDA “hacked” to use original graffiti in my pocket right now and I sometimes I feel like the guy who says “my flintlock will keep shooting as long as the world is made out of rocks!”

      • MarkHB says:

        Heh. The screen on my Palm IIIc broke, and it spent about four years on a shelf ’til I happenned across a new screen on the cheap. I made the necessary repairs, reassembled it and happenned to push a button…. revealing about 55% battery charge remaining, after 4 years on a shelf. They don’t make’m like they used to – come to that, just being able to swap the AAs in the even earlier models was Just Fine.

        • Chris says:

          I have yet to break a PDA screen, though I did manage to put a nice .5″ scratch in my Casio’s screen. Even so, the darn thing sold for more than $100 when I sold it after 3 years. Now that I’ve said that, I’ll promptly drop my iTouch and turn it into a paperweight. :/

          As for battery life, I too miss the AA capability, but I don’t know of any replaceable battery that would fit my iTouch (it’s thin!). My Casio would go a week of regular use on one charge and I could get through a full weekend of normal use on my smartphones (happens when you forget a charger). My iTouch’s battery life seems much shorter, but that’s probably because I can’t resist playing with it.

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  18. aczarnowski says:

    I’m desperately trying to resist geekily itemizing the contents of my pockets for the world to skip over. My collection runs pretty much along the same lines, though my phone/computer/tricorder is also my watch and notebook. And I carry an LED light on the flash drive.

    I’ll probably toss a lighter into my laptop bag next to the CR123 flashlight after TimP’s comment. Not as good as “on my person” but, hey, I can’t carry a rifle with me everywhere either…

  19. Any reason you carry the loaded mag with the horned floorplate and the reloads with the plain ones? I’m finding the little pistol wants to leap right out of my hand without the tiny bit of extra grip.

  20. john b says:

    hit my site, Marko just started the Gollum meme again……

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  22. Thanks, Marko. After Jay followed suit, I also emptied my pockets –

  23. j t bolt says:

    I need to thank you for turning me on to Pilot Varsity extra fine disposable fountain pens. I’ve like the idea of fountain pens, but have been disappointed with the execution of the disposables, and unwilling to take the leap on a more expensive REAL pen with the poor experience under my belt. The Pilot is a joy to use. And now my interest is peaked to try other, nicer pens.

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  25. Glamdring says:

    So why I Touch vs I phone? The Touch doesn’t have mobile web access does it? Just Wifi?

    • Marko Kloos says:

      That’s correct.

      I don’t own an iPhone because a.) the cell phone signal at Castle Frostbite is Very Spotty Indeed (and there’s no 3G coverage), and b.) I’m not hot on being locked into a contract with AT&T, so I can pay out the nose for access to their overburdened data network.

      The iPod touch does most everything the iPhone does, and I have a cheapie Verizon around for making calls. With Skype on the iPod, I can even make VoIP calls wherever I have a WiFi signal. Now I just need someone to build a coast-to-coast WiFi hotspot…

    • DJK says:

      iPod Touch is the Bees Knees, methinks.

  26. BlueNight says:

    Don’t forget the pockets themselves.

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  28. Glamdring says:

    Marko for the ebooks on your I Touch what ap are you using to read them? Did it come with one for ebooks?

    I have been using Mobipocket on my PC and plan to use it on my smartphone when I get the 4GB memory card for it. Should be able to put all the ebooks I have so far on the phone and the computer.

    I have to say I like ebooks for most things. They are a lot easier to move and don’t wear out like real books do. Also like the fact that I can have lots of reference material (medical, survival, car, etc) all in my cell phone.

    I am also curious about what full length movie watching is like on that type of screen.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      I use a free app called Stanza. There are others available, too, including a Kindle app.

      Watching a full-length movie: it’s obviously not a 42″ flat panel, but the 3.5″ display works really well when it’s just six inches from your face as you’re lying in bed.

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  31. DJK says:

    Get yourself a ScottEvest jacket or other garment and you will be able to carry all that stuff times about 40.

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