ask, tell, don’t give a rat’s behind.

QOTD comes from Jay G., regarding the proposed repeal of the ill-conceived and harmful “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy:

If troops can’t handle the gay cooties, then perhaps the problem lies not with the homosexual soldiers, but the homophobic ones.

Ah, but Jay….didn’t anyone ever tell you that as a gun-toting Conservative NRA member type, you’re supposed to hate you some queers?   There you go again, ruining the stereotype for the other kids.

UPDATE” LabRat has the definitive last word on the issue of The Military vs. Gay Cooties.  Slam dunk, case closed, well done.


49 thoughts on “ask, tell, don’t give a rat’s behind.

  1. Tam says:

    Well, this will let us see if the GOP has learned any lessons or if they’re still willing to shed voters just to keep the God Squad happy.

  2. LabRat says:

    When you think about it, the way the policy itself is structured assumes just that; if the problem were presumed to be the gay soldiers, it would be a flat-out disqualifier instead of a weird, murky “okay but you have to lie”.

  3. ditto says:

    I used to room with a guy that was gay while at sub school. He hit on me from time to time but didn’t fare too well.
    I couldn’t care less if someone is gay or not. Do your job well and we will get along fine.
    Hell, I might even go drinking with ya.

  4. ASM826 says:

    I roomed with a gay Marine for 6 month in Japan back in the day. I won’t repeat it all here, but it is the subject of my post today.

  5. One of my brothers is gay. No other person in my life has introduced me to more hot, sexy, willing women.

    GIs need to wise up.

  6. Paul Michael says:


    “don’t ask don’t tell” was started by a socially liberal President (Clinton).

    But who cares? Lets blame the “homophobic” conservatives for that one too. /sarcasm

  7. Marko Kloos says:

    In all fairness to Slick Willy, DADT was a marked improvement over the “No Gays In Uniform” policy the military had in place until then. To make it sound like the policy wasn’t a liberalization at the time is a bit disingenuous. It was what was politically possible at the time, because the rank-and-file social conservatives in Congress (of both party affiliations) completely dug in their heels at Clinton’s push for open service of gays.

    Trying to claim that the majority of opposition against GLBT equality laws doesn’t come from Conservatives is even more disingenuous, by the way.

  8. Al T. says:

    What was the German Army policy? In the world of 1980’s US Army Infantry units, it was pretty simple. Don’t touch (assault) anybody, keep your sex life private and do your job.

  9. Al Terego says:

    My comment at VFTP:

    Every person who desires to serve their country should be given that opportunity. Activists however, of any persuasion, have no place in the military. Find a way to exclude them, their agendas and diversions, and I can’t see how any fair-minded, freedom-loving person could disagree.

    But wait…I wonder how gays will view one of their front-burner issues being reduced to a few sentences in the SOTU essay of a bright-eyed, pure-minded activist as just that; a diversion to further a purely political, and amazingly crass and cold, agenda.

    This one has backfire (heh) written all over it.

    Al Terego

  10. Rusty P Bucket says:

    Hi all~ I am a gun loving NRA nut that thinks homosexuality is a strong indicator of mental illness. I have seen th e intrenet pictures and the news clips about gay rights parades and no, you cant tell me that some mewling faggot in a diaper, waving a great big rubber dink around – is mentally healthy. People like that don’t have their poop in a group and no amount of libertarian turd polishing will change that. They need medical treatment a helluva lot more than rights!

    Blow Job Bill’s policy was actually the best way to handle this, in the military your attention should be on your job and nothing else. IT is not too much to ask of a non-psychotic homo to keep his sexuality to himself and his mind on the job.

    • Jay G. says:

      Fred Phelps called. He wants his lithium back.

    • Kristopher says:

      Scared of gays, there? Why fear them? Afraid they might tie you down and give you a surprise hairstyling?

      Or are you afraid you might be one yourself? Not that confident a heterosexual, are you?

      Ya know, you’d feel better of you just owned up to your sexuality … all those references in your post to sex toys and poop are a cry from your own subconscious.

      • Rick R. says:

        Hell, if they’ll tie me down and FIND some hair on my head to style, I said, “Bring on the Broadway, Baby!”


    • Nick says:

      “Seen the internet pictures,” huh? I’ve seen those too, when I was curious about my own sexuality. Didn’t really do anything for me, but it sounds like they stuck with you. Wonder why…

      Oh, and for the record, I’m a “gun loving NRA nut” as well, and you’re making the rest of us look bad.

    • perlhaqr says:

      Do you just like being abused, chamberpot? As the punchline goes, “You’re not here for the hunting, are you?”

      • Rusty P Bucket says:

        Just better upbringing I suppose fellers.

        I don’t like democrats, child molestors or lawyers either and I am happy and secure in my ignorance I suppose.

        Whether I am right or wrong about queers is irrelevant. If you want to serve your country then serve it and shut the hell up about your sex life. Ol’ blowjob B ill got that one right. All that matters in the military or the workplace for that matter is the job. Anything that interferes with the team effort, wheteher its homophobia or homosexuality isn’t any good to anyone.

        Funny how you libertarians feel free to tell others what to do and think, isn’t it?

        • perlhaqr says:

          When they’re wrong? Yes.

        • Adam says:

          “Funny how you libertarians feel free to tell others what to do and think, isn’t it?”

          Give me ONE example of a libertarian here telling you what to do.

          Think, sure. You don’t do it, so telling you to think anything in particular is a futile exercise in and of itself.

        • ibex says:

          “If you want to serve your country then serve it and shut the hell up about your sex life.”

          You mean military service should be for singles only? No flaunting of one’s sex life, that means no wedding bands, no showing your buddies pictures of your kids, no mushy reunions at the airport with one’s wife or girlfriend, no inviting your buddies over for a BBQ unless you hide any trace of your SO first and no being-all-in-your-face-about-it in general.

          Hey, don’t ask, don’t tell, right?

    • Rusty P Bucket says:

      And by the way, I am not a queer or a lawyer or a democrat either.

      • MarkHB says:

        Rusty, in a way you comfort me. Because I post like you do when I’m blind-drunk, and the pressure of being someplace I hate doing jobs I hate really gets to me.

        And you do it stone cold sober, and happy.

      • MedicMatthew says:

        Oh, so you’re a child molester? I mean, you compared me democrats, child molesters & lawyers yet you only deny being a queer, a lawyer and a democrat. There is obviously some self-loathing going on there and by process of elimination that only leaves one option for you.

    • Connie says:

      Since when did internet pictures and news clips about gay rights parades paint accurate portraits of people? As if that type of exposure somehow makes you an expert on homosexuality (as opposed to the rest of us who might have actually gotten to know gays on a personal level)? Give me a break. Anybody who is that angry at a group of people he barely knows has some serious issues.

      You say you have better upbringing than some of the others here, and yet you’re the one spewing out hateful names like some bratty third grader on the playground. I don’t know whether to feel irritated or sorry for you.

      • MarkHB says:

        Connie, I think you can safely write him off as a troll. All point-scoring, no content.

        If he’s not a troll, then I just wish his brain was different – but that’s OK too. He’s old, I’m in my 30s – I can just wait a while and he and his ilk will go away of their own accord.

        • Anonymous says:

          “He’s old…just wait a while and he and his ilk will go away of their own accord.”

          And the weak shall inherit the earth, eh?

          Nevermind that your confessed substance abuse and other apparent frailties may give old RPB an edge in the run for the longevity money between the two of you equally obtuse and clueless fucktards…

          But how dare you disrespect and dismiss entire generations of individuals who provided and protected your capacity to spout such blithefully, blissfully ignorant bigotry?

          If anything, it is your ilk, Chicago, Ilk to be more exact, that pose the greatest threat to the freedom, prosperity, and posterity of all proud Americans.

          You owe your elders and betters sincere apology and contrition. Will it be forthcoming? I doubt it.

          A Proud Older American

        • perlhaqr says:

          My elders created this shit-tacular nanny-state and half socialized economy. They can go fuck themselves. As for my betters, find someone who actually qualifies and I’ll apologize to them… though they won’t demand one, since they’ll know exactly where I’m coming from.

        • Rusty P Bucket says:

          I sure won’t hold my breath, old fella!

          Libertarianisn has been sorely twisted over the decades, and when you strip away the morals and ethics – this is what is left: mostly childish kids that cant think critically for themselves, defend an arguement without getting pissy, and a rely mostly on sharp pr ofanity to mask a dull wit. They are less than the mud on my shoes.

          There are a few uneducable ‘fuck tards’ here, but I pride myself on being a good judge of character. Most of thse kids will grow up, they’ll see the folly of their ways and grow beyond them.

          Darwin will get the rest, Ha ha!

        • Tam says:

          mostly childish kids that cant think critically for themselves, defend an arguement without getting pissy, and a rely mostly on sharp pr ofanity to mask a dull wit.


          Irony, thy name is Rusty P. Bucket…

        • MarkHB says:

          It’s my privilege to know some older Americans whose boots I’m not worthy to polish.

          They generally don’t post anonymously. *shrugs* What can I say? Respect is not given away. Not for no cause, not for cause of simple seniority, not because of a group affiliation. Respect is *earned*.

          You don’t just get it ’cause you’re been around a while.

      • Black Ice says:

        “Since when did internet pictures and news clips about gay rights parades paint accurate portraits of people?”

        No, he’s right. I saw some internet pictures of gun owners the other day, and I now know that they’re all racist redneck yahoos who live in broken down trailers, drive Rebel-flag-festooned 4×4 pickup trucks and see their sisters as prime breeding stock.

        It’s amazing how much you can tell from a few pictures, when your mind is shallow enough.

  11. Shootin' Buddy says:

    Al, up until maybe 10 years ago homosexuals could not become officers, but now it’s not even in the radar of any of the German services from what I understand.

    If excluding gays was such an “injustice” why did Obama wait until now? This is nothing more than politics but necessary as Obama needs the gays now.

    We’ll see how the services testify before Congress. Mikey Mike was certainly blase about it. I think the services are ready for it.

    • Tam says:

      This is nothing more than politics but necessary as Obama needs the gays now.


      It’s not that Obama needs teh gays (which are a minuscule, if active, voting bloc) it’s that Scott Brown needed the independents. But the GOP is too stupid to realize that, and so it will continue to rearrange its gay cootie/stem cell deck chairs.

    • Rick R. says:

      Actually, the services are ready for ANY lawful order they receive.

      It would be nice if Congress would end the law prohibiting homosexuality in military service (which has been, in one form or another, on the books from the beginning.)

      Then it would be a lawful order to tell them to stop shoving gay servicemembers in the closet or out the door.

      But the LAW, not military regulations, are what prohibits gay service. And the Obamessiah cannot just order the Joint Chiefs to ignore the law.

  12. Wild Deuce says:

    We have become so smart, wise and enlightened that we are now hopelessly blind.

    The decline continues.

    • Tam says:

      What is the sound of one hand clapping?

      Into the abyss.

      See? I can write cryptic zen poetry, too!

      • Wild Deuce says:

        There was nothing cryptic about what I wrote and it certainly wasn’t poetry. It was merely a lament and an observation.

  13. MarkHB says:

    Good show. One more step towards actually thinking of Americans as Americans, not slicing the place up into a squillion artificial distinctions between “Real American” and “Not Real American”.

  14. […] Let them do their jobs with as little chickenshit as possible. Between Labrat, Tam, JayG and Marko, I really didn’t need to say anything.   It does bother me, I tend to be conservative, but […]

  15. MarkHB says:

    Here’s a thing. Alan Turing. Incredibly smart man. Hugely motivated patriot. Father of the modern electronic computer. Saved uncountable lives in World War II, broke countless German codes, and managed to reverse-engineer the Enigma Machine once one had been stolen from the Germans.

    Imprisoned, fined, and finally hounded into suicide because he was a bit gay. Fancied percy over pussy.

    What a shocking crime. Rusty, Anonymous – you are obviously right. This man should never have been permitted to serve his country. What a fool I have been.

    • anonymous says:

      But…he’s one of those who had outlived his usefulness and creating this fucktacular economy, correct? Maybe he took your advice that it was time for your contemporaries to take charge and decided to go gently to his Rewards, hmmm?

      And if not, there may be others who will be so hurt and hounded by your crass generalizations as to do the same.

      Clueless double standard, thy name is MarkHB.
      (thanks, Tam)


  16. MarkHB says:

    You really have an astonishing reality failure going there.

  17. anonymous says:

    Hurtful and confusing to be unjustly and unnecessarily labeled and libeled, isn’t it?

    A taste of one’s own medicine so readily and thoughtlessly spooned out to others can be humbling and curative, if you let it.


  18. Rick R. says:

    Does anyone truly doubt that APOA is just another Rusty sock puppet?

    Troll 101 — have slighly more articulate “untraceable” persona ready to back up your primary.

    • anonymous says:

      While I’m sure you have the ins and outs of trolling down, before attempting derisive commentary as to articulation, it would be advisable to take some refreshers in Spelling 101, Reading 101, and perhaps the fine art of snark.


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