where they take your money for cutting your dog.

Thanks for all the concern for the doggue.  She’s doing fine, and is currently sleeping by the stove, hopped up on pain meds.  It was an outpatient procedure, nothing emergency-like.  She had fatty growths on her elbow and between the pads of one of her front paws, and those needed to be excised surgically.  The procedure also necessitated a four-hour drive to the doc in question, and the handing over of a sum that was in spitting distance of a brand new MacBook (albeit the lowest rung on the ladder.)  The things we do for our pets…

While we were waiting for den Hund to be serviced, I took Quinn and Lyra over to Rudely’s for some lunch.  Quinn was quite impressed by the artful display of ice cream sundaes on the menu, and actually flagged the waiter down at one point to inform him that he would indeed have the sundae shaped like a snowman, thank you very much.  (They did get ice cream, but the rather more portable scoop-in-a-sugar-cone.)

The Tuesday Search Term Safari will follow later this morning, once I’ve had a bit of time to further dilute the blood in my caffeine stream.  I declare today an in-service day, as I am quite comfy in these slippers, and short of an emergency where one of the kids starts bleeding from the eyes, I won’t be leaving the house.


2 thoughts on “where they take your money for cutting your dog.

  1. Good on the dog.

    I knew someone who was a 2nd grade teacher. Whenever one of her charges said that “it’s an emergency”, she would say: “Is your hair on fire, if not, sit down!” It got to the point that she could quiet her class by pointing at her head and saying, loudly: “Hair?!? Hair!?”

    “Bleeding from the eyes” works, too.

  2. Gerry N. says:

    I was/am the oldest child of seven. Along about #3 my mom would only respond to pointed bone ends protruding through skin, MASSIVE bleeding or silence. Screaming and yelling elicited almost no response. She would shut the door if it got too loud.

    She held that any kid who could make that much noise wasn’t that badly hurt. All else was taken care of by applying tincture of iodine. We soon learned combat first aid and self reliance.

    Gerry N.

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