monday search term safari LXXXIV.

teflon spray for snowblowers

Our snowblower repair dude suggests spraying some cooking spray onto the auger and impeller to keep the snow from sticking to the metal blades.  I suspect teflon spray would work, too. 

why is literature written in present tense

Some literature is written in present tense.  Properly used, it’s an effective way to get the reader pulled into the story, and convey a sense of immediacy.  Badly used, it reads horribly like a transcribed subway conversation.

better to buy alphasmart neo without battery

They sell the Neo with a rechargeable battery pack, but I’ve never really seen the need for it.  I mean, the thing lasts for the better part of a year on three AA batteries, so why bother with a charger  you have to pull out of the desk drawer maybe once per season?

"company laptop" fired porn downloading

Your company gave you a computer to do, you know, business-related work on it.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that unless you work in the adult entertainment industry, looking at porn isn’t strictly a business-related activity.

ibm clicky model m usb cable

The Model M works with a PS/2-to-USB converter, but not all of those work equally well.  I’ve had good luck with the model sold by Radio Shack, catalog number 26-723.

munchkin wrangler piccadilly

Piccadilly notebooks make up 75% of my notebook stash.  Moleskine clones at less than half the price + conveniently stocked by my local Borders = a shelf full of them in my office.

ship caudill came to america on

That would be the RMS Copycat.  The Caudills then settled in the region of Plagiary, which is somewhere in Appalachia.

j-frame vs lcp for pocket carry

As an LCP owner who has carried many a J-frame in the past, I’ll say that the LCP makes a much better pocket gun.  It’s considerably flatter, lighter than even the Scandium mule kicker models, and less obvious in the pocket because it lacks the fat cylinder in its middle.  I loves me some J-frames, but for that particular job, the LCP is as good as it gets.

do russians shovel their driveways

Russians don’t have driveways, silly.  It’s a well-known fact that in the Soviet Union days, people had to wait 20 years for their Ladas and Dacias, so when they finally got to take delivery, they didn’t risk exposing the car to weather.  Instead, they’d just put their cars under their arms and carry them into their houses at night.

swords don’t run out of ammo

And guns don’t require a trenchcoat for concealment.  Also, the guy with the gun has a reach advantage over the guy with the sword, and will look less like a fucking loon in court.  Seriously: sword and knife are lethal force implements, and while carrying one may be less restricted than carrying a gun in some places, pulling one on a person is just like pulling out a gun.  You go all Highlander on some fool, said fool would be justified to draw a gun in self-defense.


Is Monday Morning! Is Search Term Safari!  With my recurring obligation out of the way, I shall now tackle my second cup of Go Juice, and write me some fiction…


10 thoughts on “monday search term safari LXXXIV.

  1. Is first commenter!

    Seriously, I’m almost shocked there are so many out there touting the sword as superior to a gun.

    I am joyful for this; for it allows for much snark from The Wrangler.


  2. karrde says:

    Isn’t Teflon spray what will make bullets go through bullet-resistant vests?

    Saw it in a movie once.

    They must want a snow-blower that will punch pellets of frozen slush through bullet-resistent vests.

  3. Reese says:

    “do russians shovel their driveways?” After living in Ukraine for two years, I rarely saw a shoveled sidewalk in winter. Unfortunately, if someone was shoveling, she was 70 yrs+ and was using a flat piece of press board attached to a broom handle.

    • Shrimp says:

      In Soviet Russia, driveway shovels you!

      Well, that was at least as funny as anything Yakov had to say in thirty years of comedy.

  4. NYEMT says:

    “RMS Copycat. Heh.

  5. Shootin' Buddy says:

    The RMS Copycat was the same ship that transported the works of Sidney and Harrington.

    Caudills settled in New Plagaria which derives its name from Plagaria where Sidney and Harrington were wearing kilts and scribbling about arms and civilization.

  6. Shootin' Buddy says:

    Oh, almost forgot, Sidney and Harrington were descended from lost Wroman legions of Cato.

  7. Joat says:

    You can get new buckling spring keyboards with USB cables:

  8. ASM826 says:

    There are reasons that swords became relegated to ceremonial use after the development of firearms. Considering those reasons before deciding to carry a sword as a self-defense weapon might be worthwhile.

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