barely made it to the first marker.

Hooray! Winter’s back in the Snow Belt, where it belongs.

I cleared the driveway for the wife in the morning with Mr. Snowblower, and scraped it just about down to the hardpack.  Then I left at eight o’clock sharp to run some errands with the kids.  When I returned two hours later, I couldn’t get up the driveway again, in forward or reverse.  Now I need to time the next snowblowing pass for the wife’s return from work, lest I have to wrestle that huge lump of somewhat-self-propelled steel up and down the driveway three times in a day.

White death! You have returned! Oh, how much we have missed you.  Did you have fun playing with the locals in Pittsburgh and Dee Cee?


8 thoughts on “barely made it to the first marker.

  1. David says:

    That right there’s bizarro! I’m about an hour North of you and we got nothing but rain. We have less snow than we did this morning. It ain’t natural, I tell ya!

  2. joated says:

    Get ready for the next one. Should be there in a day or two.

    I find it easier to make several passes when it’s going to be really deep. My machine rebels when I try to force it to do more than an 8-10″ layer on one go.

    Take the kids outside to make igloos and remind them that this could be their home if they act up. 😉

  3. julie says:

    Not good 😦 … although I’ld take it over our weather which was 42C today …. I think snow would be a nice change.

  4. Earl Harding says:

    I’m an hour or so south of you and got nothing but rain.

    The gods of winter must favor you.

  5. jimbob86 says:

    “When I returned two hours later, I couldn’t get up the driveway again, in forward or reverse. ”

    How do you say “tire chains” in Duetsch? “Riefen ketten”?

  6. . says:

    Well, your state institutions are certainly more prepared for white death than are those in the mid-Atlantic region!!

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