what better judge of a man than his own child?

Here’s a piece of reading that will make your day, unless you have a lump of coal for a heart:

David Parker’s eulogy for his father, Robert B. Parker.

Like his, my intimate relationships are abiding, loyal, deep and passionate. Like him, I think that what one does, one should do well. If we like eating we should eat well, we should cultivate our senses, we should dress well and learn what suits us, we should play at things that matter and not be idle or trivial. We should travel and know something of the world, we should learn another language. We should view all things, except romantic love, skeptically. We should puncture piety, challenge orthodoxy, we should be secular. We should be cultured without being effete, erudite without being pompous, smart without being glib. We should follow our own law consistently. People we love should know that we won’t let them down. We should be funny.

It’s poignant, touching, and full of love.  If at some point in the future my children think of me half as well, I will consider my life well-lived.


6 thoughts on “what better judge of a man than his own child?

  1. williamthecoroner says:


  2. Brandon says:

    After reading the whole thing, it appears that Robert B. Parker lived life to the fullest.

  3. RevolverRob says:

    Truly a stunning eulogy, I can only hope like you Marko, that mine is half of that.

    Really brought more than one tear to my eye reading it.


  4. Fred2 says:

    I think it depends on age.

    When you’re young, dad is a god.
    Then he’s a moron
    Then he’s man
    Then he’s a man with some wisdom
    Then he’s not the man he was.
    Then you really miss him when he’s gone.


  5. Jason says:

    My favorite author… By all accounts a great man.

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