monday randomosity.

A few quick notes:

  • Yes, I know the Monday Search Term Safari is late.  Busy day, and all that.  I’ll post it tomorrow morning instead, as a Tuesday Special Edition.
  • No matter how your day went, it probably didn’t involve hauling a clogged porcelain throne two towns over to the Lebanon landfill for disposal.
  • On a related note: if a certain little boy were to clog a toilet by flushing down various toys, would it be permissible and ethical for the Daddy of said little boy to total up two hours of plumbing work at $75 per hour, and then subtract that total from the little boy’s college fund to spend on booze and shiny things?
  • I’m a little behind on answering email, but I’m getting around to the backlog, so if you sent me something, expect a response (where applicable) soon.
  • Pocahontas in Space” did not snag Best Picture or Best Director, which is a good thing, because James Cameron’s ego would have grown large enough to acquire its own weather system,  along with three different time zones.
  • Thanks for all the kind feedback on “Lucky Thirteen”.  The market for Military SF short stories is kind of limited, but I may just shop that one around a bit.  There may be some more fiction-y goodness in this spot in the near future. 
  • Squirrels are dumb.  Mr. Savage Single-Shot recently claimed kill #15, and they just keep coming.  At fifty yards tops, even that ratty old rifle with the cheap-ass Wally*World BSA scope will yield headshots nine times out of ten.  The little bastards started taking apart the insulation above the ceiling by the entrance door, and I had to step up the extermination efforts.  Now there’s a Kill on Sight policy for tree rats around here, and it takes me about five seconds to put a round into the chamber and crank open the kitchen window once I spot a bushy red tail.  Yeah, they’re cute and all, but I’d rather not have the house burn down because they start chewing on the wiring, and the scattered bits of insulation on the patio don’t put me into a conciliatory mood, either.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print tonight, folks.  Look for the Tuesday Search Term Safari tomorrow morning, and more substantial stuff later this week.  For now, I’ll refresh this here Rum & Coke, and see what’s happening in the World of Warcraft.  See you all bright and early tomorrow…


13 thoughts on “monday randomosity.

  1. Jay G. says:

    You need a hired gun (Proud motto: “Will work for the chance to kill squirrels) I have a wide variety of implements with which to kill the little bastards.

    Up to and including .44 birdshot

    • Marko Kloos says:

      You’re welcome any time you care to come up here for a while and zap some tree rats. I have beer and .22 ammo in bulk.

      (I really need to get another bike, so we can combine the squirrel culling with some riding. The NH back roads are fabulous for moty-cycling.)

      • Jay G. says:

        If I’m not mistaken, my Winchester 1906 breaks down into two pieces that will fit in the saddle bag of my Harley…


  2. John says:

    Re: Plumbing

    Been there, done that.

    Since he’s a bit young to work off the $75 in domestic servitude (i.e. snow shoveling, lawn mowing, etc.) I think you are fully justified in your alternate plan.

  3. anonymous says:

    “…kill #15…”

    So how’s the whole “eat what ya kill” thing going?

    “…if a certain little boy were to clog a toilet…”

    First off, what they hell did he clog it with that you gotta rip it up and hall it to the dump (heh)…or could it be an opportune time to upgrade :)? Secondly, punishment has to be connected to the crime to be meaningful…if he flushed toys maybe more of them should be “flushed”.


  4. Keep at the reds- they are the most (home/garage) destructive critter I’ve encountered here in the woods.

    I’ve got them to the point of “infrequent observation”, but it’s a never ending battle.

    A fun tool for the job is a Savage 24- 22lr over 20ga. Top tube when they’re on the ground, bottom for running tree work.

    BTW, you can call them by rubbing two nickels together between finger & thumb, try it!

  5. NYEMT says:

    Um – yeah. Careful with the wiring thing. Not only am I an electrician by vocation and a firefighter by avocation, I’ve had personal experience with red squirrels and electrical material in both my house and my garage. There’s something in the plastic coating on Romex cable that rodents ADORE, and in addition, red squirrels will eat anything, whether they actually LIKE it or not. Little bastards.

  6. Tam says:

    Roseholme Cottage being under occasional assault by the bucktoothed pests, here’s something I’ve found that works: Get some hot sauce… and I don’t mean “Tabasco”, I mean something screamingly hot, like Dave’s Total Insanity Sauce …and apply it to the places they are gnawing with a BBG brush. They will stop chewing there unless the sauce gets rained off.

    • Dr. Feelgood says:

      And as a bonus, they’ll be pre-seasoned when you finally do pop and pot the buggers.

  7. Mike says:

    The ultimate in respect is seeing squirrels nests all around your property, but none on your property. The little tree rats have honored my property line. You must earn their respect, grasshopper!

  8. lenf says:

    15? You lucky dog. The fun is just starting. I’ve been shooting squirrels on my property for five years. I stopped counting two years ago at 70 or 80, I don’t remember. In the last year I guess I’ve shot maybe two dozen and it’s getting to the point that they are scarce. There’s a couple still around. There are no stupid ones left. Any movement at all, a car in the driveway, a door or window opening, or walking anywhere sends them hiding. Not running, hiding. May usually brings in a new crop of juveniles that haven’t learned yet and likely never will. So keep shooting. And as far as eating goes, I haven’t eaten one. I leave them where they fall and they are gone usually within 24 hours, rarely as long as 48. Sometimes there’s a little fur left, but no other trace. I have only seen one large bird that I couldn’t identify eating on one. can’t imagine what’s happening to them.

  9. Windy Wilson says:

    I have nothing but admiration for those of you who shoot the squirrels that threaten hearth and home like that. Around here the dog tends to keep them out of the back yard, but they run across the roof with impunity. Nothing inside yet, thankfully.
    If they were to begin to do damage, I know the neighbors would object strenuously to the authorities about any shooting, and I’d probably be compelled to go into binding arbitration with the squirrels to arrive at some compromise unenforceable by me.

  10. Will says:

    I’ve had some success at retrieving items inadvertently flushed by various renters, without removing the commode. I use a very short snake designed for it. Has a length of metal pipe, with a rod inside. Crank handle at the top, and a short spiral wound spring cable with the belled end. The pipe has a curve that is rubber covered at the bottom end. The pipe is maybe 4 ft long. The handle can be pulled up to bring the bell to the end of the curve, to start. No idea where to get this thing, and I don’t recall a name on it. It’s not kept here, so I can’t look right now. Maybe tomorrow.
    I’ve captured hair brushes, hair clips, disposable razors, combs, and other junk that lives on the top of the tank or the edge of the sink. Maybe even a toy. Get the impression a lot of them have something to do with hair?
    Unfortunately, stuff that goes down the sink drain requires taking apart the p-trap. (grumble…)

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