tuesday search term safari IV.

alphasmart neo fro 7 year old

It’s a fine tool for a kid to learn typing on, because it’s so simple and robust.  You can practically drop-kick a Neo without breaking it.  I would have reservations about handing Quinn a laptop or netbook, but I’d have no issue with letting him use a Neo.

how to put a round in chamber of beretta

I could be glib and say “grab the rear of the slide and pull it back all the way”, but you may have one of the smaller Berettas with the tip-up barrel.  There’ll be a lever on the left side of the frame by the trigger guard…push it forward, and the barrel will pop up for easy loading. 

A tip: if you’re at all unsure about the safe operation of your gun, please seek hands-on instruction from a qualified individual.  Guns are tools, but very unforgiving ones if handled carelessly or ignorantly. 

what the fuck are you looking for

That’s what they call the Tourist Information Booths in New Jersey, I believe.  It’s also the proposed name for the Joisey Search Engine.

will 380 pistol work on pit bulls

Well, people have killed steers and whitetail deer with .22LR, and I hear that eskimos have taken polar bear with the same round, judicious shot placement, and a giant set of clanking steel balls.  Any centerfire round can kill a mammal if the bullet is placed well.  That said, the smaller calibers leave less room for error.  Can a .380 kill a pitbull? Yes, especially if you shoot it more than once.  Would it be my first choice if I had to shoot an aggressive pitbull off my kid?  Nope.  Is it better than harsh language?  Absolutely.

"the way of the gun" single handed reload

One of our heroes in “Way of the Gun” reloads his Colt 1911 one-handed by yanking the magazine out with his teeth, and putting the gun upside down between his legs to slap in the new magazine. 

Gun trivia #1: the Series 70 Colt 1911 pistols used by Parker and Longbaugh are actually chambered in 9mm, presumably for reliable performance with blanks.  You can see the distinctive indented 9mm 1911 magazines during that same reload scene when Parker reloads his gun one-handed. 

Gun trivia #2: it’s actually much easier to load and manipulate a revolver one-handed if you have a handicap, because you don’t need to cycle a slide.  The pop-up barrel Berettas mentioned above are a little easier on one-handed folks, but not by much, because you still need to fill the magazine on occasion, a tricky operation with just one mitt.

cleaning safari of all traces of porn

In order to clean your browser of porn, fill a bucket with Lysol, and submerge your laptop in it while the browser is on the screen.  In addition, your computer will smell fantastic afterward.

6.5mm bullet would need joules to penetrate

I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, but from that search string, my guess is “JFK conspiracy theory research”.  There haven’t been many high-profile assassinations performed with a rifle in 6.5mm.

pulse rifle caseless casings

The coolest movie firearm in the history of movies, the M-41A pulse rifle from Aliens, was a functional Thompson M1 submachine gun at its core.  The blanks used in the Thompson component were most decidedly not caseless, as can be seen in several scenes where the ejection port is clearly spewing out a stream of brass.  (The scene where Vasquez makes her last stand in the ventilation shaft comes to mind.)

dead rat beside snapped trap

You gave it a wicked fright with that trap, and it died of a heart attack.

pvc membrane roofing

It cost a chunk of change, but we love our Sarnafil PVC roof.  No leaks, and I haven’t been up on our roof once this winter to push off the snow.  The PVC acts like a giant Slip-‘N-Slide if it gets even just a little wet, and the roof basically clears itself.  Also, the house stays cooler in the summer, because the white PVC reflects a lot of sun. 

why are my kids manners bad

Think about this for a second: how do kids acquire manners?  They’re not absorbed through food, nor imparted by osmosis.  If your kids have no manners, it’s because you didn’t do a good job imparting and teaching manners.  Cut them some slack for being little kids, of course, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to insist on “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome” every time you hand them a glass of milk or a plate of food.  Both my kids used those phrases consistently when they were two years old, so I know it’s not unreasonable.  Teaching them a bit of manners will make their lives (and yours) much easier in the future.  When people gauge someone’s suitability as a friend or employee, for example, “rude” and “impolite” are seldom near the top of the list of desired personality traits.


That concludes your Tuesday Special Edition of the Search Term Safari.  Collect ‘em all!


8 thoughts on “tuesday search term safari IV.

  1. Joanna says:

    When people gauge someone’s suitability as a friend or employee, for example, “rude” and “impolite” are seldom near the top of the list of desired personality traits.

    Unless they’re hiring for a New Jersey tourism office.

  2. Ian Argent says:

    Thanks for the impromptu sinus irrigation…

  3. Windy Wilson says:

    How old is your PVC membrane roof?
    How is it wrt ultra violet light?

  4. Holly says:

    Maybe the rat was mortally wounded by the trap, managed to wiggle out, but then collapsed from the struggle? That’s my best guess.

  5. Kristopher says:

    Fastest and most reliable one hand reload is to drop the empty pistol and draw a second pistol.

  6. T.Stahl says:

    dead rat beside snapped trap

    I actually witnessed such a case of sudden death while I worked as a caretaker during the first years of my studies.
    At first we had the problem that those beasts ate the bait with the trap snapping. Then I had the idea of combining a baited trap with poison, which indeed worked.
    During those times we found different kinds of dead rats. One was wedged in the V of tilted window, trying to get out of the cellar. One lay beside a snapped trap with apparently a heart attack…

  7. Tom says:

    Listen people.

    No one from New Jersey says “Joisey”

    The only exception being people from Jersey City. But, they are of course referring to their city when they do so, and not the state.

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