spring, the springing of.

…and Castle Frostbite was released from its wintery enchantment, a full month ahead of schedule.

Dogs and kids, getting reacquainted with that green and brown stuff that covers the planet underneath all the snow:


Storm damage in the back yard, from the big ice storm that came through a few weeks ago.  That will be a lot of firewood in the spring, when I fire up the chainsaw.  The big tree in the background is was a hundred-odd feet tall.


The snow berm in front of the kiddie bedroom and office, built 100% manual labor free by our amazing self-clearing Sarnafil roof:


Its counterpart in front of the kitchen, on the other side of the house:


And finally, the front of the Castle, now accessible without heavy snow-moving equipment:


Man, that is some glare coming off that white roof in the sunlight.  Also: Mr. Snowblower out front was seriously underworked this year.  I only had to call Sears Home Repair Service once.  (Blessed be the 3-year warranty we bought with it.) 

Yes, before you New Englanders chime in—I know that we can still get a foot or two of snow before we can safely break out the shorts and swim trunks.  All things considered, however, it has been a mild winter, and it certainly feels like spring now.  I am greatly looking forward to all the clean-up work I have to do around the house once all the snow and ice are gone.  There’s a lot of dead wood to saw and chop, fences to be straightened out, and general spring maintenance to be done.  The garage will require some Superfund-grade scrubbing with Clorox, too. 

How has your winter been?  (Did you southern folks have fun with all the snow that decided to head your way for the winter this year?)


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  1. EmmaPeel says:

    I wish we’d had a mild winter. We’ve made it up to our normal temperature once, maybe twice, last month. So far, we’ve only done it once this month. January was pretty miserable too. And rain, we are inches above what we are used to. We’ve been measuring inches per week instead of per season.

    Your spring day looks much more inviting than ours have lately. I am looking forward to the Equinox on Saturday.

  2. anonymous says:

    Man, only in the Great White North could you hear the term “feels like spring” and see it illustrated with head-high “snow berms”…

    As for the South, well, in central Fla we didn’t see the snow, but it has been unusually cool for an unusual number of days…a very nice thing for those of us who generally sweat right through “winter”.

    The midwestern ‘birds who flock here for the season were seriously displeased; you’d think it was intentional on the part of their Southern hosts from all the bitchin’ and moanin’ we heard about it…but eff ’em, it’s been lovely for the indigenous folks here.


  3. Andrew C says:

    We’ve had an extremely mild winter in southern Idaho. We only have 60-70% of our normal snowpack – water shortages are likely this summer.

    On the brighter side, my “spring” starts today – first kayak trip of the yearthis afternoon! It’s 60 and sunny out – of course, the water’s still under 40 degrees. Here’s hoping for no swims!

  4. The Other Jay says:

    This winter provided a very satisfying moment. “You two! Up! Outside! Shovel the driveway!”.

    As a current Texas resident with former residences in Alpena, MI (85″) and Muskegon, MI (96″), it was deeply heart-warming to provide my teenagers with that particular growth experience.

    True, one day of 12″ is not the winter-long slog, but we take the nuggets that we can.

  5. tommy says:

    Here in NC, they thought I was silly for getting a car with AWD. Until I was the only one that was able to reliably make it into work over the snow.

    Then they laughed at me while they were sitting at home drinking hot cocoa in their jammies.


  6. Did it my way says:

    No snow in my part of Florida, but colder than normal this year. Had to wear socks, and sometime long sleeve shirts. The pain we bear.

    See Ya

  7. Phillip C says:

    It’s been nice the past few days, but this morning was chilly. By about noon, I had gotten down to my t-shirt and was still sweating. Of course I was running network cable under a house and up into the second floor, but still, the weather was nice.

    I’ve been here in central FL about an hour’s drive north of Orlando for quite some time, and I only remember one winter that was worse than this, back in the mid 80’s. (Year, not temperature.)

  8. worst winter EVR in D.C, at least since I’ve been alive.

    Then again, Bam! last week was warm, the weekend was rainy and >50 deg F, and today it is Spring.

    This was the first year I put a sock of salt on the roof to get the ice dams to melt.

  9. Phil says:

    Not quite as much snow as we’d anticipated nor as cold as we’d thought, but temps were well below normal and stayed there; we didn’t get a winter thaw (like we usually do). We’re finally into spring here- the grass is beginning to green up and some trees and bushes are beginning to show first signs of budding.

    And with all the snow in the upper midwest this year, we’re beginning to steel ourselves for a rerun of 1993. I live extremely close to the Missouri River and not far from the confluence with the Mississippi River, and thankfully am on high ground. Life down low may get a bit damp this spring.

  10. Tam says:

    February blew goats here in Indy. Made it into the onto the top 10 charts for “Coldest” and “Snowiest”.

    That just made putting the top down on the Zed Drei while running errands today all the sweeter. 🙂

  11. perlhaqr says:

    It snowed here in Albuquerque two days ago. The day before that, I had to wear light colors and sunscreen. Oh, New Mexico, you variable wonder…

  12. LittleRed1 says:

    Cooler and snowier than the 30 year average out here on the steppes, but not bad. Got over two feet of snow (cumulative), plus a few more snows that didn’t stick. We need the moisture, so no one was complaining – too much – but the bills haven’t all come in. We will probably get one more wet snow, high winds, flatten the flowers and fruit trees storm before Easter, though. It’s regional tradition.

    When I moved here 20+ years ago, we got below zero F in winter and we seem to be trending that way again. Oh rapture, bliss, unbounded joy.

  13. Dr. Feelgood says:

    We’ve been in the 50s and 60s for a couple of weeks now, but we’re supposed to have an arctic front bring a few inches of snow during the coming weekend. I’m bumping my Saturday projects to Thursday.

    The winter wasn’t bad–a touch colder (22.4º) than normal (24.7º), and a bit more snow (47″) than average (35″). This was our first winter in the house, which made it much nicer. I didn’t have to brush my car or scrape ice at all. Shoveling the driveway got to be a chore, but we never saw more than 5″ of snow in any 24-hour period; so as long as I stayed on top of it the labor was relatively pleasant.

    My only winter-related headache came early when the groundwater temperature dropped and the PVC discharge pipes for my sump pumps shrank enough to slip out of their rubber couplings while we were out for the day. The pump ran until the motor burned out, all the while pumping ground water out of the sump and spraying it around the basement floor. Fortunately it’s unfinished and I got home before the water was too deep. I’ll be replacing all of those couplings with threaded unions during the coming dry season.

    Phil, I live on the Mississippi upriver from you and so far the rise has been steady and gentle. Perhaps a gradual thaw this year will help keep river levels down. 2008 was a beast for us.

  14. guy says:

    You’ve probably talked about it before but every time you post pics like this I’m a little shocked at the low pitch they built into your roof.

    Though I guess, more pitch = more attic to insulate.

  15. Paul says:

    First day of spring and we are getting snow (again) in north Texas…

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