a weekend of gizmos and gadgets.

I scored some epic loot this weekend. 

On Friday, a package arrived with this in it:


That’s a Pelikan M400 fountain pen, in the White Tortoise color pattern.  Robin doesn’t care for the tortoiseshell striped celluloid barrel, but I think it’s purdy-like, so there.  It’s not the brown Torty, but it was #2 on my list, and someone had this one up for trade on the Fountain Pen Network classifieds, so I made an offer that wasn’t refused.

Then, on Friday evening, Robin ordered some stuff on Amazon, and then informed me that in addition to a Razer Naga gaming mouse for herself, she had purchased one of these for me:


That would be a Mac mini.  It’ll be my first new desktop Mac since, oh, 2001 or so, and I’m pretty stoked about it.  The ION box I put together works fine, but it’s not a Mac, and this box will handily outperform it while taking up even less space.  (Ever seen a Mac mini in person?  It’s ridiculously small , like five or six CD cases stacked on top of each other.)  The ION shoebox will go back behind the TV to serve as a media center and household file server, a job for which it is eminently well suited due to its big hard drive, low power consumption, and fanless design.  When I had it hooked up to the TV before, we were watching iTunes flicks off the hard drive and playing World of Warcraft on a 32” screen, which is good fun. 

So yeah, I made out like a bandit this weekend.  Now I just need to wait for the Big Brown Truck of Happiness to bring me my new Mac mini.  This time, I’ll try not to compulsively refresh the tracking information at UPS every three hours. 


8 thoughts on “a weekend of gizmos and gadgets.

  1. joated says:

    “This time, I’ll try not to compulsively refresh the tracking information at UPS every three hours. ”

    Only every three hours? You’ve got better control than I.

  2. Carteach0 says:

    There is nothing like a new toy to light up the inner child.

    The fact that we mostly buy them for ourselves now… irrelevant.

  3. Eric says:

    I can tell the difference between the FedEx and UPS trucks by their exhaust note…

  4. falnfenix says:

    Interesting factoid about the Mini: it was built with an eventual CarPC application in mind. Apple saw that in-car entertainment installers were building PCs for cars, and wanted to provide an option other than Windows/Linux. I don’t think it’s actually been used much in that arena, but that explains the size. It’s the same size as a single din head unit. 🙂

  5. jbrock says:

    Ooohh, Pelikan M400. Nice score! Likewise for the Mac. Enjoy the new toys.

    Tempted to go nosing around on FPN … (but not until a bit of tuition reimbursement shows up).

  6. BryanP says:

    I don’t do Mac’s normally, but a friend of mine has a Mini doing duty as a media center hooked up to his LCD TV. If I buy a Mac at all, it would be a Mini for that purpose.

  7. Sigivald says:

    faln: That’s a new one on me. Source?

    Marko: I had one of the G4 Minis and really liked it. This latest revision of the Intel one is really, really impressive.

    Dual-heading support, FireWire 800, lots of USB, and it’s the size of a big paperback?

    What’s not to love?

  8. JohnO says:

    I have a mac techie question that my research has failed to solve. I have a g4 powerbook whose battery was working fine. I left it in my backpack for a few days and it ran down to zero. Now the computer won’t charge the battery at all. I’ve reset the PMU and the PRAM, but the battery indicator stays at zero.
    Anyone seen this before? I’m taking it to my local mac repair shop later this week, but I’d rather find a free(er) solution.

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