monday search term safari LXXXIX.

model m katana marko

In a duel between a katana-armed swordsman and a geek armed with a Model M, it would be a pretty even fight.  The katana guy has the reach, but if the geek manages to connect just once with the Model M, the fight will be over on account of skull fracture.  Also, if the Model M is used to block the katana, that Japanese super-steel is going to shatter like the bathroom mirror at Mariah Carey’s place.

make sentence using the word squeak

“I squeaked by with a C- in English because I can throw a pigskin, and Coach called my prof to make sure she wouldn’t fail me, even though I only turned in two papers that were 1/4 the required page count, and written in crayon to boot.”

swords dont run out of ammo

That’s a very minor point in favor of the sword, but it’s greatly outweighed by the gun’s ability to kill from a distance, and the fact that the gun requires far less training and physical strength to be used effectively in self-defense.  If the ammo thing counted in real life, you can bet your ass that the Army would issue katanas instead of M4 carbines and Berettas.

how i quitted dirt bikes

You felled on your head one day, and the doctor telled you to quit that shit?

munchkinwrangler “carry a knife”

Yes, I carry a knife, and I don’t quite get why some people don’t.  It’s a terrifically useful tool that has the added benefit of being able to serve as a credible self-defense implement in a pinch.  I don’t lead a particularly martial or dangerous lifestyle, but I use my pocket knife ten or twenty times per day for various tasks that would otherwise send me running into the kitchen or to the toolbox.  (My everyday carry knife is, and has been for the last six or seven years, a red Kershaw Blur.  This information is for those of you who need accurate information for that effigy of me you’re putting together in your basement.)  I also occasionally carry a Victorinox GAK (German Army Knife) for when I walk around on the property, because the GAK has a handy little saw and other tools built in for spur-of-the moment quick fixing tasks.

gun on apache

The AH-64 Apache is armed (among other hardware) with the Hughes M230 “chain gun” automatic 30mm cannon.  It’s a really big gun that can break a lot of stuff, up to and including armored vehicles.

dead silent mini pc

The new super-compact HTPC systems built on mini-ITX mainboards are usually whisper-quiet.  So’s Apple’s Mac mini…mine is very much dead silent, even when I play World of Warcraft and tax the video chip.  It has a fan in the back of the case–you can feel the warm air being expelled out of the rear vents–but I can’t hear the thing at all.

japanese word for d’oh

I don’t know what it is, but you can bet your ass it was uttered by Admiral Nagumo at Midway, when his carriers got jumped by an American surface force, forty-five minutes after Nagumo had ordered his anti-ship armed reserve aircraft to be switched over to land attack ordnance instead.

nvidia ion here fit a graphics card

The purpose and beauty of the ION system is the combination of a low-power CPU (Intel’s Atom) with a credible 3D graphics chip (nVidia’s GeForce 9400M), thereby greatly improving the capabilities of the otherwise rather anemic Atom (which is the processor found in netbooks.)  Therefore, the ION boards don’t have provisions for a graphics card slot, because it would increase power consumption greatly, and take up much more space.  In the ION combo, the Atom is the bottleneck anyway.  Even if you could replace the 9400M with something more powerful, the weak processor would hold you back.

And there’s your allotment of ice cream for the morning.  Go forth and be productive, comrades! The collective counts on you!


12 thoughts on “monday search term safari LXXXIX.

  1. perlhaqr says:

    I’m under the impression the Mac Mini is entirely lacking a fan, and that’s a.) why it’s so quiet, b.) why it’s so critical not to stack things on top of it.

  2. Ken says:

    For more on Nagumo and Midway, I recommend (without reservation) Shattered Sword, by Parshall and Tully.

  3. John Farrier says:

    Yes, I carry a knife, and I don’t quite get why some people don’t.

    I don’t because it’s illegal in many of the places I frequent, including my workplace.

    • Robert says:

      That sucks for you. It’s legal for me to carry my little Spyderco Native pretty much everywhere, including my work place, which happens to be a University campus. I’ve even used it to sharpen pencils in art classes on occasion.

    • Until last year, my company banned “weapons”, undefined and with the strong insinuation that it was meant to include pocket knives.

      Last year, the policy was made much more specific, including the explicit statement that knives up to four inches are acceptable. I was shocked; it’s my understanding that very few offices go that far to reassure their employees that they aren’t being treated _entirely_ like children.

      Barring asinine laws and company policies, I don’t get why so many people still don’t carry pocket knives. How do you go through life without even the second most basic tool known to humanity?

      • bluntobject says:

        Until last year, my company banned “weapons”, undefined and with the strong insinuation that it was meant to include pocket knives.

        How’d they enforce that — did they strip you naked and dope you up with Thorazine for the whole work day?

        • Heh.

          I don’t know that it was ever “enforced”. Like all weapons policies, I expect it was simply there because some lawyer-drone figured the policy had a slim chance of bolstering the company’s case in a liability suit should anybody go on a rampage. And since adding a “policy” is largely free, for them there was no downside. Hence the absurdly broad policy, which would presumably also ban pencils and chairs.

          “Not our fault; we _said_ he couldn’t have it.”

  4. Sigivald says:

    Perl: Nope. And you don’t stack on top because that kills the wireless signal, since the antennae are on top under the plastic cover… the rest of the chassis, being solid metal, would be a problem for the RF.

    They sure are quiet, though.

    Marko: Tiny nitpick – not all netbooks use Atoms, though that’s by far the most common.

    The CULV Celerons are in a few on the top end, and there’s the AMD Athlon Neo and VIA Nano…

  5. kris says:

    I glanced at the photos you have on the Flickr – you must be incredibly tall! lol 😉

  6. Gerry N. says:

    “Yes, I carry a knife, and I don’t quite get why some people don’t.”

    I have carried a knife since my Father gave me my first one on my sixth birthday. I am now 65. I have on my person at any given time, A Benchmade Williams and McHenry Axis, a first generation Leatherman tool, and a Victorinox Super Tinker.

    If I’m dressed, I’m carrying a knife. And a gun, for that matter.

    Gerry N.

  7. Gene says:

    I think the Japanese word for “D’oh” is the same as the English word for “Schadenfreude”.

  8. Kaerius says:

    Japanese for D’oh would most likely be “Shimatta”.

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