cheese, but not the kind you usually find in this spot.

It’s not often that a hunk of cheese will have me writing up a blog post.  (Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about cheese.)

I usually don’t care for aged cheeses, since they go against two of my avoidance categories for cheese: they’re generally hard and smelly.  We had guests over last weekend, and Robin instructed me to pick up a good cheese platter type aged cheese, so I got a hunk of Rembrandt Extra Aged Gouda.

Well, we never opened it last weekend, so I got it out to add some cheese to the kids’ lunch the other day, and sliced off a little piece to try for myself.  Good thing I did, because this is now my favorite cheese ever.  In fact, it’s the best cheese I’ve ever tried.  It has a great consistency–not creamy like young gouda, but also not too brittle.  The flavor is sensational.  It has a nutty sort of taste,  very rich and creamy, with a sweet finish.  There are calcium lactate crystals in the cheese that give it the occasional crunch, which rounds off the texture very nicely.  Like I said, I don’t usually care for extra aged cheese at all, so I was blown away by this one.

I got this chunk of cheese at BJ’s, and it’s not cheap at ten bucks for half a pound, but it’s well worth the money.  Shave off really thin slices, and sit down with a good Italian red wine, and you will be in cheese heaven for a little while.  If you like good cheese, and you have a BJ’s nearby, you should see if they carry this one, and bring home a piece or three.


12 thoughts on “cheese, but not the kind you usually find in this spot.

  1. Tam says:

    I wonder if they has it at the Fresh Market?

  2. Brass says:

    I’m pretty sure my local Costco carries that brand. Although, I think you have to buy a 2lb block.

  3. Rusty P. Bucket says:

    God may have invented milk and honey but men invented wine and cheese!

    Don’t let smelly cheese fool you, some of the worst stinkers are actually pretty good but they can bung you up if you eat to much of them.

  4. Fred2 says:

    He doesn’t like aged cheeses…

    I’m speechless.

    Heretic! Apostate! Infidel! Maybe all three.

    Well, ok, since he likes this one we shant have to send in the cheese police. For Now.

    Seriously there’s a dutch deli and pastry shop in my neck of the woods that has 8 kinds of Gouda, ranging from “new” Gouda which is creamy and soft, to extra aged (we’re taking years), un-pasteurized, farmer Gouda which has the consistency which my friend described as “close to crystalline” – which it wasn’t, but it was hard.

    A vertical tasting was arranged

    Wow. I preferred the less- than-ancient one, but it really brought home that “pasteurization” is flavour murder, and it quite amazing how exactly the same cheese changes over time.

  5. Blackwing1 says:

    Trader Joe’s carries an aged Gouda, either that exact brand or a reasonable replica thereof. Much more reasonably priced at around $6.99/lb.

    There’s a local brewery called “Surly” ( that makes a fabulous brew called “Furious”:

    STYLE: American India Pale Ale
    MALT: Pale Ale, Golden Promise, Aromatic, Medium Crystal, Roasted Barley
    HOPS: Warrior, Ahtanum, Simcoe, Amarillo
    YEAST: English Ale
    OG: 15º Plato
    ABV: 6.5% v/v
    COLOR: 27 ºL
    IBU: 99
    AVAILABILITY: Cans and Kegs Year Round

    When opened it has that pine-needle aroma of more hops than you think you’ll like, but after the first sip, you just keep going back. Pretty soon you find your glass is empty, and the aftertaste keeps you wanting yet another one.

    Combine a Surly “Furious” with a good aged Gouda and you’re in heaven. The hoppy goodness cuts the cheesy creaminess, leaving you ready for your next bite/glug.

    Ummm…beer and cheese.

    • Jake says:

      do they distribute outside the Minnesota area? I went to the “find a liquor store” feature on their website, and it told me to drive many hundreds of miles!

      • Blackwing1 says:


        Sorry, I dunno where they distribute their stuff. I get mine at the liquor store about 6 blocks from my house, which is in South Minneapolis…and only about 5 miles from the brewery.

  6. Weer'd Beard says:

    “I got this chunk of cheese at BJ’s, and it’s not cheap at ten bucks for half a pound, but it’s well worth the money.”

    Good cheese is like good scotch, or good cigars, they can be REALLY spendy, but well worth what you might at first consider an outrageous price.

    The wife has bought some cheeses that really crank the ‘ol grocery bill, but damn once she gets done with that block in the kitchen, I’m ready to buy more!

  7. LittleRed1 says:

    I prefer the hard cheeses. It has as much to do with “mouth feel” as with the flavors, and yeah, the good ones do put a bite in the old grocery budget. But as a once every few months treat? Mmmmm.

  8. John Farrier says:

    My favorite cheese is Port Salut — a creamy French semi-soft cheese that goes great on crackers. Terribly expensive, though.

  9. Ken says:

    My taste in cheese is fairly pedestrian; a Cheddar or Muenster of good quality will usually serve. I might give that Gouda a try, though.

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