the springing of spring has been temporarily suspended.

This is our driveway this morning:

I am sorry to say that I am responsible for this.  You see, I put the snowblower into storage on Monday, which was practically asking for it.  So, if you live in the NH/VT Upper Valley: sorry. I take full responsibility, and pledge to not put that snowblower away next year until I smell the burgers at the Fourth of July cookout.


20 thoughts on “the springing of spring has been temporarily suspended.

  1. Eric says:

    Looks like you live at the corner of Currier and Ives.

    That will teach you not to put the snowblower away!

  2. Rob the Semi-Anonymous says:

    And *that* is why I will never move north of I-10.

  3. Bruce H. says:

    Yeah, that’s why I carry my coat whenever I leave the house until the first week in June.

  4. Lissa says:

    Damn you, Marko! And your influence goes farther than just NH and VT. ‘Tis YOUR fault we went from 72 degrees to 42 degrees!

  5. Fred2 says:

    Think of it as a major set back for the mosquito-americans & blackfly-americans; you’re feeling better already aren’t ya?

    And look at the bright side, if you put away the snow blower in July, then you only have to wait until late August to take it out again: no reason to drain and summerize it.

  6. NYEMT says:

    Yep. No doubt about it – it’s your fault.

    Lucky it didn’t do that on Easter…those eggs woulda tore up the snowblower sumpin’ fierce.

  7. Tennessee Budd says:

    Should hit the high 80s again today. I still want to move to Florida, but this’ll do for now.

  8. anonymous says:

    Eric said:

    “Looks like you live at the corner of Currier and Ives.”

    Funny, and true too…it’s beautiful.

    Enjoy it; you could be stuck here in Fla where it’s been hitting the eighties for a month and the pollen covering everything has you thinking there’s been a volcanic eruption over here, too…


  9. Tam says:

    And here you thought that sympathetic magic was bullshit…

    Hey, why don’t you go wash your car? The resulting rain will melt the snow.

  10. Mopar says:

    Well, THAT explains why I had to drive 20 miles in 4 wheel drive tonight going down through Crawford Notch.

  11. Mopar says:

    And it’s STILL snowing…… love it!

  12. LittleRed1 says:

    ‘S OK; you’re not the only one. Out here on the steppes I watched someone load three flats of tomato plants into the back of their Junior-League-mobile two weeks ago. Yup, we had a hard freeze four nights later. Folks, stop tempting the weather gods – don’t plant your ‘maters ’til the mesquite blooms. Sheesh!

  13. Tam says:

    Yup. My neighbor here in Indy tells me that Mother’s Day is the local cue for the wise gardener.

  14. Jay G. says:

    Gee, it’s 80 here and sunny… Of course, we had to drive 1,300 miles for it…

  15. Borepatch says:

    You probably burn a lot of stuff, generating Greenhouse Gases, which warms the earth and causes excess snowfall. Or something.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve got reliable reports of you burning propellant contained in brass cylinders, any way …

  16. Weer'd Beard says:

    “Hey, why don’t you go wash your car? The resulting rain will melt the snow.”

    Wait, I don’t get it. My truck gets washed whenever it rains…no other time.

    Hey, Marko just give it a few days it’ll vanish, the magic of New England!

    • Tam says:

      Hey, Marko just give it a few days it’ll vanish, the magic of New England!

      So far, I’ve heard the “don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes…” line used in:
      The South
      The Midwest
      The Great Plains
      and now New England.

      Someday I hope to hear somebody claim that the weather in their region is predictable or constant.

  17. Goatroper says:

    Look on the bright side. Perhaps that’s why you’re so arcticulate.

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