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holding gun in mouth

I call that the “Martin Riggs carry”.  Seriously, though: you probably should invest in a decent holster instead.  Your mouth makes a poor retention device, and if your gun falls out, chances are that you’ll fumble to catch it, and shoot yourself by accident in the process.  (Really Serious Safety Tip #1992: NEVER TRY TO CATCH A FALLING GUN.  Most guns have drop safeties, and won’t discharge in a drop.)

alphasmart neo sunlight

One of the strong points of the Neo is the LCD screen that actually becomes more readable in direct sunlight.  I use the Neo in the sunny backyard on occasion, where the direct sunlight makes a laptop screen difficult to read, especially the new screens with the glossy finish.

who is marko kloos

He’s one of God’s own prototypes.  Some high-powered mutant never even considered for mass production.  Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

25 acp self defense tactic

With all the silly jokes about .25ACP (“If you shewt someone with it, and they find out, they’re gonna be pissed, harr harr!”), it’s worth to point out that the teensy .25 will put you into the grave if that little pill intersects with a vital organ, and that this caliber is probably responsible for more gunshot fatalities than most other calibers.  It’s a commonly used caliber in small, cheap pistols common in rough neighborhoods.  While a large part of the .25s self-defense value comes from the fact that nobody wants to get shot with anything, the self-defense tactic is the same as for larger calibers: don’t do stupid things in bad places, run away from trouble…and only if you absolutely have no other option, shoot until the threat is stopped.

munchkin wrangler rocks!

Clearly, you are an individual of refined and discerning taste.  Contact me for an Application for Employment As My Minion form.  I offer competitive pay (competes well with freelance writing rates), free water-based snacks, and three whole vacation days per year.

airborne beret british

Military history fact: the maroon beret that’s now the de facto worldwide standard for airborne units was introduced by British General Frederick Browning in 1942.  The color was chosen by his wife, the novelist Daphne Du Maurier.

astra constable hollow point problem

“Doctor, it hurts when I do that.”  “Then stop doing that.”

Seriously: if your Astra Constable doesn’t work well with hollowpoints, use ball ammo.  Reliability is the most important factor in a defensive firearm, and truth be told, I don’t feel too bad about carrying ball in the calibers below 9mm Luger.  They all go too slow to reliably expand the bullet most of the time, anyway, and I take penetration over expansion any day of the week, especially with the small pills.

“liver for sale” indonesia

Here’s an interesting read for those of you who think that we need to ban the sale of organs, lest the eebil rich peepul take advantage of poor brown folk:

Two years ago, I posted a few paragraphs on the subject of selling one’s organs, without any indication that I am in the market for a new kidney or liver.  Go and have a look at the comments on that post, and count up all the offers for kidneys from aforementioned poor brown folk.  (I didn’t delete those on purpose.)

The ban on organ sales only accomplishes two things: it generates waiting lists for donor organs (and thereby kills the people who die before their name floats to the top of the list), and it denies the willing sellers a way out of poverty.


There’s the MSTS for today, fresh off the search term section of this here Interblogs thingie.  (Guess what the most popular search term is right now?  If you guessed “a certain Jersey Shore hooker”, award yourself a pat on the back.)


30 thoughts on “monday search term safari XCI.

  1. AT says:

    Really, as to the joiseygoil, it’s not a pat on the *back* they’re searching for…y’need PICS, man!

    Oh, and “Application for Employment As My Minion”? Don’t know what created this vacancy, but I hope MarkHB’s okay.

  2. Really Serious Safety Tip #1992: NEVER TRY TO CATCH A FALLING GUN

    Especially Glocks. It’s really easy to grab at it, have one’s finger go in the trigger guard and <Blammo!

    • Tam says:

      Especially Glocks.

      Especially any gun.

      Just don’t. Guns and knives = Let them fall.

      • Kristopher says:

        Bheh … using yer foot to prevent a knife from hitting the floor …

        Some habits are just plumb dangerous …

  3. j t bolt says:

    I wouls posit that the .30-06 or 7.62x54r or 7.62×39 or &c. have killed more than the .25acp, but I imagine the unspoken caveat that ‘of the pistol calibers outside a battlefield or genocide’ the .25acp may very well be a leader compared to most other pistol calibers.

    Damn, did I just pick a nit? Sry.

  4. Bob says:

    .25ACP never gets any respect, however the links below make interesting, if gruesome, reading. Most of the “hard work” was done w/ .25 ACP (7.62mm) German Walther #2’s….

  5. Kristopher says:

    I think the #1 mankiller pistol round in the US is the .22lr … but I’m sure .25 ACP is right up there.

    A quarter-inch hole drilled through one’s body does little good.

    One other fun small caliber self defense factoid … a person with a half dozen small caliber chest wounds now has diminished lung capacity, and cannot keep up with you if you run away … even on a wheelchair.

  6. Phillip C says:

    When I’m down to a .22 or a .25, I consider it part of a hand-to-hand defense. Get as close as I can, stick it under a chin and pull the trigger as fast as possible. If nothing else, explosions next to the face are a good way to distract someone. 🙂

  7. Antibubba says:

    25 acp self defense tactic

    Any barrel stuck an inch from your face is going to look huge…

  8. John Stephens says:

    My understanding is that the small calibers are more lethal than the larger ones. The state of the art in emergency medicine is such that if you make to the ER, you’re probably going to live. .357s and the like will put you into shock, and you’ll stay peaceful until the EMTs arrive. The small stuff allows you to keep running and/or fighting until you bleed out (the most common mechanism of death in gunshot wounds.

    • Robert says:

      “The small stuff allows you to keep running and/or fighting until you bleed out”

      Which is a problem if you’re trying to STOP someone from running after you/fighting you. 😉

  9. brotio says:

    It was Jeff Cooper who wrote the, “…and if they find out…” joke the first time I saw it. I agree that getting shot with any bullet would be unpleasant, but that’s still a funny joke.

    • Tam says:

      It’s a funny joke, but too many people take it seriously.

      That leads to the kind of gear queer mindset where somebody believes he’s bulletproof to anything .449″ or smaller because he’s carrying a mighty .45.

      • Caleb says:

        At the risk of redundancy, I carried a .25 for years. In the time I carried it, I skinned it exactly one time, and I’m pretty sure that Sumdood wasn’t thinking “oh that’s only a .25 it won’t hurt” when he saw the muzzle come up.

        • Al Terego says:

          You “skinned it” once? Huh. In more than thirty years in relatively high-risk retail, plus my role as primary protector of self, wife, kids, etc…I never had to draw down once, and I’ve carried that entire time.

          I’d be interested to know the context of that encounter, and have there been others?


        • Caleb says:

          Here’s the short version of the story: I was leaving work, Sumdood rolls around the corner and demands my keys and wallet, I throw a cup of starbucks at him while pulling the Jetfire out of its pocket holster. Sumdood decides that retreat is preferable to getting ventilated and beats feet. Full details here.

        • Al Terego says:

          Good story, good outcome.

          Question is, under the conditions you describe, why you? Could have been random, but even a druggie almost always chooses his target.

          While I’m sure my um, ample presence and gruff visage have worked in my favor, I’m also a big fan of heads-up eye contact…not in a challenging manner, mind you, just conveying a sense of “I’m aware of you; tread carefully.”

          But I’m sure awareness and body language have been covered in the classes you’ve taken…so the question remains, why you? And though one instance could be random, if there have been others a self-appraisal is in order. Because it’s good to handle a challenge successfully, even better to not have to.


        • Kristopher says:

          Yep … the ninja coffee attack!

          Well, it worked.

        • Rick R. says:


          A guy dressed as Caleb dresses, carrying a Starbucks coffee cup can realistically be predicted to be distracted, disarmed, and distressed at the very thought of a stressful encounter.

          Thus, easy meat.

          Unfortunately for Sumdood, despite appearing like a fairly typical hoplophobic yuppie while levaing work, Caleb was actually prepared, and utilized his environment effectively.

        • Al Terego says:

          My point exactly, Rick…and if the young man looks like “easy meat” to one jackal, it’s just a matter of time ’til another one tries to cut him from the herd.

          And while what I know of Caleb says he’s quite capable of dealing with a threat, anything can happen in such an encounter, and the best defense is not having to defend at all.

          So while Shootin’ Buddy would no doubt vociferously oppose such a move, maybe it’s time to trade the khakis and button downs for jeans and tees whenever possible.

          Of course, some judicious OC’ing would render all of that moot.


        • Rick R. says:

          Well, OC and “dressing more aggressively are solutions, except when work calls for a particular style of attire is is not “gun enthusiastic”.

          Taking yuour reasoning even farther, we could all ensure our absolute safety by walking around in nothing but mall-ninja style fatigues, with urban combat boots, a flashlight equipped 1911 in a Serpa thigh holster, and a Black Rifle slung across the back any time we leave the shelter of our home.

          Even if true, this is a sub-optimal solution for the overwhelming majority of people. I, for one, am simply not willing to live like that.

          Additionally, it still wouldn’t fix problems of poor target selection — much like Somali pirates in things the size of some bass boats attacking large grey warships, some predators pick the wrong target, despite any warning signs.

          Al, the fact that YOU have not needed to draw in “more than thirty years” doesn’t mean that anyone who DOES end up drawing is inferior, or has automatically erred in presenting themself as helpless, as you seem to imply. It indicates that YOU (through a combination of luck, appearance, attitude, etc.) have been fortunate enough to not be faced with a potentially lethal threat. And that’s ALL it indicates.

          Don’t get me wrong, Al — I’m NOT implying you ARE some sort of mall-ninja, or even dress like one.

        • Al Terego says:

          Nor would I imply that your inferences, while ignoring real-world factual percentages as to armed confrontations, indicate anything other than a willingness to make inferences while ignoring real-world factual percentages as to armed confrontations, Rick.

          By your logic, every individual must either present himself in public as (your words here) “distracted, disarmed, distressed, hopolophobic yuppie, easy meat” as you say Caleb does, or a demented, delusional camo commando desperately hoping someone will look at him crosseyed so he can play Rambo; which of those categories do you fall into?

          Probably neither; ’cause there’s lots of middle ground, and that’s where most folks who carry, and most folks in general, actually are sartorially; their normal everyday attire is in the dress/casual to comfy/casual range. And that jibes quite well with the *fact* that most folks are never confronted with a potentially life-threatening confrontation.

          So do some research, Rick, as to just what percentage of folks who carry have *ever* been forced to put the muzzle of their piece of iron in the face of a piece of shit. Not that they shouldn’t be trained and prepared to do so, but neither should they unnecessarily increase their chances by how they dress and look …unless of course that is actually their *aim*.

          The old saying holds true as always; best way to win a gunfight is don’t get in one. If that means dressing down on the commute and keeping your head up and eyes open as you traverse parking lots, etc., that beats the holy fuck out of slinging lead around a public place any day of the week.


        • Rick R. says:

          Actually, AL, what really set me off was your apparant disbelief that someone may have had a serious social encounter, when you have not been so forced in your thrity years of experience — with the implication that it must somehow be Caleb’s fault.

          No, statistically, BOTH of you fall into the same area of statistical significance — i.e., damned near inconsequential. (Anyone can just have the bad luck to be in the wrong place ONCE.)

          Fact is, MOST people, including cops, will never have to shoot anyone (although cops, by the nature of their job, are almost CERTAIN to end up having to point their weapon at someone).

          Your response to me indictaed that you place ENTIRELY too much enphasis on manner of dress — as if Caleb was in a short red skirt “just asking for it”.

          No, I would posit that attitude, not attire is the best way to avoid being profiled as a victim. Whereas YOU put all the weight on how he was dressed.

          However, despite how one may be dressed or carry oneself, there is always the possibility that the mook that enter’s one’s life that day may simply be very bad at his job, and may well miss ALL warning signs that THIS target has teeth. After all, in any profession, there is a certain percentage that are simply bad at their jobs, or who are suffering a bad day. Crime is no different than catering in this regard.

        • Al Terego says:

          To quote yet again your first response to my comment:

          “A guy dressed as Caleb dresses, carrying a Starbucks coffee cup can realistically be predicted to be distracted, disarmed, and distressed at the very thought of a stressful encounter.

          Thus, easy meat…appearing like a fairly typical hoplophobic yuppie…”

          Tell me again, Rick: who exactly put total emphasis on mode of dress/appearance?

          “Anyone can just have the bad luck to be in the wrong place ONCE.”

          Absolutely…and it’s that one-in-more-than-a-million chance that we all prepare for. And that is why I asked Caleb -twice- if there has been more than one such occurrence, in which case taking a close look at manner of presentment is advisable.

          But since you have missed or misapplied what has been said, as in ascribing your own broad assumptions and reckless inferences to me instead of yourself, I don’t think you will accept my original comments in the spirit of genuine concern they were intended to reflect. Oh, well.


        • Rick R. says:


          I mentioned his outward appearance — NOT becuase I felt that Caleb dressing like a normal person was “wrong” nor that it made him more vulnerable — but to illustrate that Sumdood was operating off bogus visual clues. (I didn’t think I needed to point out that a competant criminal looks beyond that.)

          Please remind me again, which poster made the following two comments?

          “. . . maybe it’s time to trade the khakis and button downs for jeans and tees whenever possible. ”


          “If that means dressing down on the commute. . . ”

          So, anyone who HAS to dress in a manner that doesn’t automatically indicate they are “dangerous” due to job limitations, needs to carry a change of attire for the walk from the office building to the car?

          That’s fantastic, Al — you’ve managed to find a pacifist method of viable self defence! We’ll all just dress like bad asses, and no one will EVER attack us!!!

          Now, do I need to roll a pack of Lucky Strikes in the sleeve of my tee shirt, or will any brand of cigarette do?

          As interviews with convicts have established, the overwhelming majority of them choose victims based on ATTITUDE, not ATTIRE.

          Caleb managed to run into Sumdood who managed to screw that part of teh thief profession up.

          I’d be willing to bet that if he had been wearing ripstop khaki cargo pants, ankle high urban boots, a FLETC polo shirt, and a Safariland ball cap, Sumdood likely would have done the same thing.

          CLOTHES WILL NOT KEEP YOU SAFE. If they did, then we could all sell our guns and travel about unarmed, secure in the notion that Sumdood will see our “warrior attire” and know he should leave us alone.

          As Sumdood obviously missed the readiness of his intended target. (Of course, it’s possible Caleb just reacts that quickly. But then, if Caleb WASN’T aware and alert before the encounter, and managed to switch gears from Condition White to combat that quickly, then we all need to sell our spare guns and move to his neighborhood so we can study at the feet of the Guru.)

      • Phillip C says:

        That reminds me of a story about a sci-fi book critic who walked into a Japanese short sword during a mugging because he couldn’t comprehend a world where both laser beams and swordplay existed. Death through lack of imagination.

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