monday search term safari XCII.

munchkin wrangler writing music

For background music while writing, I like movie soundtracks, because they don’t distract me with lyrics.  When you think about it, they’re pretty much designed to evoke a mood without pulling your attention away from what you’re seeing/doing.

hunting in africa with .50 beowulf

The .50 Beowulf is a low-pressure round utilizing a heavy bullet, 300 to 400 grains.  It’s designed for stopping power and barrier penetration at relatively short ranges, and the ballistics are comparable to a standard pressure .45-70.  It’s not a terrible round for big game, but I can think of many better ones, and I sure wouldn’t try to use it on dangerous game.  The whole point of the .50 Beowulf is to squeeze a big pill into the magazine well of an AR-15, and launch it at a safe pressure for the AR’s gas system…and an AR has no place in the gun case if you’re packing for an African safari.

my roof is fucked

Then, very soon, the same status will apply to your checking and savings accounts.  For some weird reason, a new roof is wicked expensive.

i leave my beretta jetfire uncocked

That’s the way it’s meant to be carried: hammer down on a loaded chamber.  (That’s why the hammer spur has the thumb-friendly shape.)  The safety on a Jetfire only blocks the trigger, not the sear, and I wouldn’t rely on it for cocked-and-locked carry.

utah firing squad rifle types

I hear that Utah uses lever-action rifles in .30-30 Winchester.

why are lcp’s called elsie pea

Sound out the letters:  Ell Sea Pea.

nvidia ion without fan

The ION has no fan.  The ION needs no fan.  The heat sink for the chipset can get a little warm to the touch, but the whole thing draws less than 30 watts under full load, and 3-4W when idling.  My ION rig is pulling home server and HTPC duties behind the TV, and it’s always on.  Despite the lack of a fan, there aren’t any heat issues, even when playing 1080p content.

how to write a good military novel

Same way you write any other kind of good novel: come up with interesting characters, and put them in interesting situations.


We’re light on content and low on snark for today’s MSTS, so I’ll throw in a completely unrelated bonus picture of two randomly selected neighborhood kids:


10 thoughts on “monday search term safari XCII.

  1. Tam says:

    Jeez, Lyra’s growing like a weed. Is she doing y’all’s taxes yet?

  2. kneil says:

    Maybe its for the dual core Atom rather than the Ion chip set, but I’m pretty sure my little Acer r3610 has a (completely silent) fan.

  3. Kristopher says:

    What, no searches for naked midgets on tricycles shouting “Verboten!” ?

  4. >”It’s not a terrible round for big game, but I can think of many better ones..”

    Imagine a beowulf cluster of .50 caliber guns on that safari…

  5. joated says:

    Great looking kids! Sure look like they’ve had about as much winter as they can take, however. Sure could use some of that famed New England sunshine. Someday…soon(?)…maybe… 😉

  6. Gerry N. says:

    When I re-roofed my magnificent abode, I got half a dozen estimates from licensed, bonded, yada, yada roofing companies. Then I asked a good friend who is a high end finishing contractor if he knew any competent roofers who were out of work. Several showed up, climbed onto my roof, measured and inspected. One week later, to the day, my house had a new roof on it, 30 year Glasbestos Shingles, complete resheathing with 7/16″ OSB. All permits, building dept. inspections, waste disposal, in order. Cost: $3758.53. Cheapest bid from roofing contractors: $14,000. I paid cash, and got a written receipt. The honcho grande of the crew lives three blocks away and comes over to check things out every month or so. We have a beer when he does. He likes my favorite, Deschutes Brewery’s Obsidian Stout. We are also now pretty good fishin’ buddies.

    To be fair, my roof is a bog standard 4:12 hip roof, no gables, valleys or any other cute fancies. Just two flat surfaces intersecting at the ridge. There are things to be said for simplicity.

    Gerry N.

    Gerry N.

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