please to be perusing the writenings.

I updated the long-neglected Fiction section of this here Interblogs thingie with the stuff I’ve been putting out for public consumption recently.  More to follow.


4 thoughts on “please to be perusing the writenings.

  1. og says:

    Dude: Sweet.

    I just hope you don’t give away all the ice cream. I’ll buy a book from any blogger I read.

  2. Me not you says:

    I read Lucky 13 a while back, and chapter 1 of Terms as well. I’m waiting for the chance to read more of Terms. Very enjoyable, looking forward for more. Meanwhile, I’m going to read Bettered Life and your archived bloggings.

    Hope the snow melts soon!

  3. Kaerius says:

    So… once again I ask, when will I be able to get my grubby mitts on a copy of terms of enlistment?

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