upper cryogenica, late april.

We’re just a few days away from May.  This is the scene outside, circa two minutes ago:

And that, friends and neighbors, is why people in northern New England don’t usually put the snow shovels away until they can smell the burgers on the grill for the Fourth of July cookout.


6 thoughts on “upper cryogenica, late april.

  1. Mr Fixit says:

    Is there a new format for the blog?

  2. Old Windways says:

    My brother just called me last night to ask if I wanted to go skiing at Jay Peak in Vermont, apparently they are expecting a foot of new snow this week. Reminds me of one spring not too long ago when there were several Vermont ski areas competing to stay open the longest. They were able to keep the chairlifts running and skiers turning into the beginning of June. Such is New England.

  3. Louise says:


    the smell of burgers on the grill and freshly mown grass was my backyard last week!
    We are in the mountains of Vermont (hippies!)
    and were blessed with 6 inches of what I like to call Mother Natures’ Bitch Slap.
    Or as I commented this morning while gazing out at the whiteness……….
    “I shaved my legs for this?”

  4. Skip says:

    I sincerly hope you find the Goreman under that .

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