smart people reviewing dumb movie.

The Atomic Nerds take on Pocahontas in Space Avatar in a two-prong approach:

LabRat offers a cerebral perspective on the philosophical failings of Jim Cameron’s White Guilt in 3D, while Stingray opens up a can of review whoop-ass that makes the most caustic review at Rotten Tomatoes read like the transcript from a five-year-old’s Winnie the Pooh tea party.

Go read, but heed my warning and put all beverage containers out of reach before reading Stingray’s review, because I will not be held responsible for soaked keyboards:

LabRat vs. Avatar

Stingray vs. Avatar


8 thoughts on “smart people reviewing dumb movie.

  1. Al Terego says:

    Huh. Them being from where they’re from and you being from where you’re from, you probably don’t want Siskray and Ebrat doing a review of that last twitter post of yours…

    Al Terego

    • Tam says:

      Betcha this foreign-born immigrant could criss-cross AZ ten times without being stopped for ID. I wonder white that is?

      Because those dumb racist hicks in AZ aren’t having a big problem with illegal krauts right now? I’m riffing here… :p

      (And yes, while there are fair-skinned blond Mexicans who speak nearly accentless English, there’s not a big bunch of those walking across the border side-by-side with their Mestizo fellow citizens because, unlike Arizona, Mexico really is racist and ruthlessly classist.)

    • LabRat says:


      What Tam said. And I’d add to that, there really are a lot of native-born hispanics in both AZ and NM (many of which in northern NM come from communities that were established before the anglos arrived), the police know it and everyone else does because that is How Life Is In The Southwest. It’s not speaking English that tends to get legal citizens ’round these parts hassled far more than race.

      • Al Terego says:

        Just seemed ironic, that in the midst the Atomic Duo’s rant on Jimmy’s fawning apology for all things white and European, that little blurb pops up in the right corner of my eye…

        It seemed to suggest not employing the convenient color coding method in the search for *illegal, criminal* aliens, so as not to be labelled with a big ol’ R.

        Of course that would mean finding an alternative method; some sort of logical, logistical numbering system perhaps, to help with, uh, “routing”? Or how about a big wall to divide East from West, er, I mean North from South of the border? Wonder if those kinder, gentler, way more PC methods have ever been employed? Oh…right.

        Well, guess we’ll stick with the current audio/visual methods…better to be slapped with an R than an N, I guess.


        • Rick R. says:

          Are you implying a physical barrier is somehow wrong, Al?

          What would be wrong is if Mexico put up a wall to keep Mexicans IN, not the US putting one up to keep undocumented foreign nationals OUT.

  2. dave says:

    I’m 3 paragraphs into Stingray’s, and by God I’m laughing my ass off already.

  3. staghounds says:

    The Filthy Critic Vs. Avatar:

    “Jesus, you smell like a gay brothel in a sweat sock. Avatar’s plot is virtually identical to Ferngully, a shit-for-brains, message-heavy kids’ cartoon about pixies who must stop loggers from destroying their rainforest. One human pretends to be a pixie and falls in love with the pixies and discovers how precious their world is. That is the plot of Avatar, except this new mega-production isn’t handled as maturely as the kiddie movie, and it has a shitload more carnage.”

    “The movie treats the natives as simpletons, idiot savants full of pure goodness and new-agey magical powers, the same way guilt-ridden white people of limited intelligence think of American Indians. Cameron gives them the ability to see into the hearts of others. As far as I know, the only people who believe nonsense like that are folks with shit to hide. “

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