portrait of the artist having crackers with a donkey.

Bringing you a world exclusive here at The Munchkin Wrangler, here’s Quinn’s first public artwork.  According to the artist, what you see here is a little boy named Quinn sitting down for a bowl of crackers with Eeyore.

Quinn reads and writes now, and even though his spelling is phonetic, it’s surprisingly accurate, and often amusing.  When he wrote his first words unprompted and unassisted, just because he wanted to express himself, I felt like saying “You have taken your first step into a larger world, young padawan.”


3 thoughts on “portrait of the artist having crackers with a donkey.

  1. Al Terego says:

    Pretty creative…beyond the art and spelling, you know there’s a story there; fruit of his papa’s loins and all. Before you know it, they’ll be ripping off Quinn’s cracker stories and signing some made-up former Eagle scout’s name to them.

    Hate the legal pad thing; readable but kind of harsh and antiseptic. But that’s just me.


  2. Wow. You can tell it’s Monday morning. I’m still a couple cups of Go Juice behind, so it didn’t occur to me the magnitude of the writer’s son writing.

    Congrats are in order!

    In related news, The Little Girl shot a pistol for the first time this past weekend. Daddy’s new Buckmark brought much happiness to the Tweaker Clan.


  3. hmmm says:

    Quinn must be quite the kid, if his company can make Eeyore smile.

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