a quick poll to make you think this is some sort of democracy.


7 thoughts on “a quick poll to make you think this is some sort of democracy.

  1. TimP says:

    I choose “vile abomination”; while it’s not actually that bad, I prefer the old one.

  2. Me not you says:

    What Tim said. But, Marko, I just read it, you live here.

  3. wrm says:

    (*) It kinda sucks, but I can live with it. It’s your blog, and you write well enough that I’d read it even if you had dark purple text on a black background with yellow roll-overs.

  4. Michael G. says:

    I do read your blog through an RSS reader, but sometimes I want to read the comments, and that’s when I see your blog in all of its glory. So count me in for RSS + vile abomination.

  5. Carteach0 says:

    Wheres the choice of ‘Meh….’ ?

    It works as well as the old one. Go with what you like!

  6. Scotaku says:

    It’s really neither here nor there, but what’s irksome is that the text doesn’t lie along the lines of the page. I may have to adjust my browser’s font leading, and that means tinkering.

  7. Jake says:

    While we’re tweaking the theme, can we change the mobile-phone interface so I can view more than one entry at a time without having to click on each one individually?

    On a mobile phone, accessing a page is significantly slower and clunkier than downloading the contents of that page, and furthermore, one can parallelize and start reading the page even as it downloads but cannot pre-fetch an unaccessed page.

    So it would be nice to get the most recent N entries in one click, where N is comparable to the default non-mobile view.

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