giving the people what they want.

Back to the old theme for now.  Not because the Nays outnumbered the Yeas by two to one, mind you, but because I’m the boss ’round these parts, and I can change things around at my whim.  Yeah, that’s it.

(Actually, reader and fellow NE Bloggershoot attendee Scotaku put his finger on the property that bugged me about the Notes theme: the text didn’t line up with the lines on the background paper.  Also, I prefer serif fonts for readability, and there’s no way to change the font on the other theme.)

So we’re back to the boring, efficient Teutonic-like scheme that you all have come to know and love.  (Except those of you who use RSS readers, that is.)  I’m kind of itching for a change to keep things fresh, but so far I haven’t found a theme that is clearly superior to the old standby.


7 thoughts on “giving the people what they want.

  1. Robert says:

    Sans serif fonts tend to read better on computer screens than serifs, actually. Several studies have shown that while serifs enhance legibility in print, they can actually cause illegibility on-screen, particularly for smaller font sizes. Here’s a good article on the subject:

    I do prefer the overall design of this theme, though. It’s nice, simple and clean. The other one hurt my eyes.

  2. Any gross readability benefit gained by eschewing serifs is more than offset by the fact that big Is and small Ls are indistinguishable by human eyes. 😉

  3. Al Terego says:

    Toldja early on that legal-pad thing was f’r shit…but didja listen? Nooooo…you hadda bring the commoners in for a vote. Next time, just ask me and I’ll vote their proxies; that seems to be the trendy thing.

    But I realized I was also missing that benevolent visage on the right, and it still ain’t there…was it gone before the first change and I’m slipping so fast into Alzheimer’s that I didn’t notice, or did you just delete it now?

  4. whamprod says:

    Didn’t the other template have a .css file you could hack to make the default font into whatever you wanted it to be? It should have been an easy enough hack. I agree on the notepaper background by the way.

  5. Tam says:

    The only thing you need to keep fresh is the content.

    When your books get published in dead tree format, are you going to sneak into readers’ houses every few months and dye the pages? :p

    I’ve used the same stupid Blogger template for five years now, just like my grandmother and my grandmother’s grandmother used on their blogs.

  6. RevolverRob says:

    I like this format, because it does give me a wickedly bad headache like the previous format did. It’s also why I like Tam’s format.

    I seem to be particularly sensitive to these types of things, but black text on a neutrally colored background is required. Excessive lines and distracting things (like the notepad was), are particularly bad at inducing nausea.

    So, I’m glad to see the old format back in place.


  7. Gerry N. says:

    I like reading this format. It’s the content, like Tam says, that keeps it fresh, not the “paper” its printed on.

    On the other hand, it is your blog so please yourself, I’ll read you anyway.

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