that better be the tastiest tomato ever.

Comrades! The first vegetable harvest from our AeroGrow indoor garden is in!

After months of loving care and cultivation, let me present to you the bounty from our tomato bush:

We will feast tonight, and split a very small tomato salad.

(We made the mistake of not pruning the tomato bush.  The next batch will be more numerous, hopefully.  The lettuce, on the other hand, is flowing out of the AeroGrow nicely.)


5 thoughts on “that better be the tastiest tomato ever.

  1. BobG says:

    I’ve been using an Aerostar for fresh herbs during this winter and spring, and have been very happy with it.

    • Marko Kloos says:

      Robin has two, and they work very well for herbs and lettuce. The tomatoes will be better, now that we know to prune. It was a good investment.

  2. Windy Wilson says:

    That one tomato looks much nicer than the ones we used to get from the back yard. Is this its good side or is that a benefit of growing it using the Aerogrow?
    Do tell how the tomato salad turned out, though, my homegrown tomatos have always had tremendously tough skins.

    • BobG says:

      Tough skins can be caused by a couple of factors.
      1. Some varieties are bred that way, to keep them from splitting.
      2. Stress. Inconsistent watering can cause it, so can high temperatures or long hours of direct sunlight.

      • Windy Wilson says:

        Direct sunlight! That’s it. The yard had a southern exposure and the tomatos always went into the sunny areas.
        Inconsistent watering could also be a factor, but my mom was pretty regular about watering stuff.

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